[taken from Chapter 9 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


first became notorious in 1843, when she, in company with a man named Garrett, set up what she called a " Garden of Eden " at he foot of Snaefell she declared that she was the Virgin Mary, and that her partner was Elias; that they were the first fruits of the Millennium, and that their office was to try all flesh as to its eligibility for the millennial state. All, however, who could not pass the naked ordeal were to be excluded. She stated that she and her partner would appear weekly on the top of Snaefell in a state of nature till the harvest was ready, when the wheat would be separated from the tares, by the whole of the rest of the island being submerged, but she does not seem to have carried out her intention. In the following year she, with her two sisters, one of whom was called JANE (b. 1801, d. 1871), took up her residence at Laburnum Cottage, Castletown Road, and she assumed the name of Elijah. Here they began to print a number of small pamphlets and broadsides, which were issued from what they called the " Millenial Office, Ballasalla. " They were their own compositors. ELIZABETH died about 1847, when the mantle of the prophet fell on JANE, who carried on these publications for some years longer. Their nature will be sufficiently indicated from the following extract :-

" WHERE is the JEHOVAH EL SHADDAI, the LORD GOD of ELIJAH ? " See 2d. Kings, 2d. Chapter, 14th Verse.

" Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." - See Saint Luke, 10th Chapter, 18th Verse.

" And, Lo. I am with you alway, even to the end of the world. Amen."-See Saint Matthew, 28th Chapter, 20th Verse.

In the Name of the FATHER, and of the SON, and of the HOLY GHOST. In the Name of GOD the FATHER, and of GOD the Son, and of GOD the HOLY GHOST, the most HIGH GOD HELION ELSHADDAI, Whose name alone is JEHOVAU, and through the GRACE, and by the Power of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, I, a Baptised Papist, and a poor unworthy Servant of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, do now command all devils, and ill dimmed spirits, and all evil, wicked and bad spirits, and all Fairies, and all Wizards, and all Witches, and every evil eye, And each, all and every evil bid devilish satanick power and powers of evil -whatsoever Not to hurt, Not to harm, Not to injure, Nor do any devilish evil bad wicked mischief in anywise whatsoever unto thee Margaret G- alias G-, Nor unto thy Husband, Nor unto any one of all your Children,] Nor unto anything that ever did, or that now doth, or that hereafter shall and may both Justly and Lawfully belong in any-wise whatsoever unto thee [Margaret, or unto Thy Husband, or unto your Children, (And now especially) as unto Thy Child Elizabeth Anna C-] so long as the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God. with Power; Liveth and Reigneth God over all, God blessed for evermore. Amen. even so, Lord Jesus, Amen; if it be Thy Holy Godly Blessed Will; for the alone sake of Thy most Holy Atoneing, Redeeming Propituous Blood, and justifying Righteousness, and Holy Sanctifying saving Grace of God the Holy Ghost, the Blessed gift of God the Father Jehovah, To them that believe through saving Grace. Wherefore, none of all the powers of evil shall not again be able to hurt thee [Margaret,l in anywise whatsoever, so long as thou believeth in the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the Son of God., with Power. Amen, Lord Jesus, Amen. For thy great Almighty Name's sake.

May Jesus Help thee [Margaret, and Help all of Them.] May Jesus Save thee [and Save all of Them;] and, O, may Christ the Lord Jesus, both Bless, Prosper, and keep thee, both now and forever more, even forever. Amen. Lord Jesus Christ, our God and only Saviour. Let it be so, according to Thy Promise, and our Faith in Thee; and give us Faith alone in Thee. Amen, Almighty Lord Jesus Christ.

see also pp1184/6 (section L4) of W. Cubbon "Bibliography..." 1939 which has more detailed information, especially on her published tracts.


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