[taken from Chapter 9 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

LUKE WHITE (b. circa 1770)

is said to have left the island, about the year 1782, for Dublin where he succeeded in obtaining a situation as assistant to a bookseller. On his master retiring he succeeded to the business, which he conducted with very great success, realising a great fortune by it and by dealings in State lottery tickets. He became a member of Parliament for an Irish county, and three of his sons were in the same position. The youngest of them. Henry, M.P. for Longford and afterwards for Dublin, was, in 1863, raised to the peerage as Lord Anally, of Clonsilla, County Dublin, and Rathcline, County Longford. His son, the present baron, who succeeded in 1873, on his father's death, has residences at Lucan, Dublin, and Rathcline House, Longford.


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