[taken from Chapter 7 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

JOHN MURREY (d. 1770),

a son of John Murrey and Susannah Patten, a first cousin of Bishop Wilson's wife and grandson of John Murrey of "Murrey's Pence " (see Chapter IX.), was born in Douglas. He went to England when quite young, and became a member of the English Bar. During the reign of George the First, he was appointed ambassador at Constantinople, and held that office till after the accession of George the Third. He died at Venice, in his sister Elizabeth's+ house, on his way home from Constantinople, and there he left three silver boxes marked respectively, " George I.,"George II., " and "George III., " containing the seals of his appointments as ambassador under those sovereigns. Two of these, together with his portrait, and that of his sister, are now in the possession of Mr. J. C. Crellin, of Ballachurry. He married the Dowager Lady Wentworth, but had no children*. He had an estate called Landican in Cheshire.

+ John Murrey's sister's husband, Joseph Smith by name, was British Consul in Venice. It may be mentioned that he and his wife made a collection of of books and articles of veritu which were sold to George III. for £20,000. They are now In the British Museum. The catalogue of these books is at Ballachurry.

*A descendant has informed me that John Murrey did in fact have a daughter, Catherine, from his relationship with Catterina Podrimolli, during his time as Consul in Venice. Catherine subsequently married Count Felice Lombardo


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