[taken from Chapter 7 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


son of John Curghey, of Ballakillingan, was Illiam Dhone's brother-in-law, having married his youngest sister, Margaret. He was a member of the House of Keys, and Captain of the Parish of Lezayre, and took a very active part in the rising of 1651. At this time, his father, then described as " old John Curghie," was captain of the parish, but his son acted for him. After raising the parish, his first exploit was the capture of the fort at Ramsey, and, the next day, of the " loyall fourt " near Ballachurry, in Andreas, where he took Major Thomas Stanley prisoner. From thence he went to Ronaldsway. He then seems to have been present at the siege of Peel Castle under Captain Samsbury Radcliffe, and he was one of those deputed to arrange terms on behalf of the islanders with Colonel Duckenfield.

1 For full particulars about his family see the Manx Note Book, No. 7.


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