[taken from Chapter 7 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


who was one of the Cottiers of Narradale in Lezayre, went to sea at an early age. In 1777, he was second mate on H.M.S. frigate " Lowestoffe. "* In the following year, he became first mate, and, in 1780, master of the same vessel by warrant from Sir Peter Parker, vice-admiral. During this period the " Lowestoffe " had been cruising in West Indian and American waters, England being then at war with America, and, since 1778, with France and Spain also. ROBERT COTTIER had taken part in the capture of several French West Indian islands and in the three indecisive actions fought by Rodney with Count de Guichen, in April and May, 1780, off Martinique. Besides these affairs, the 'Lowestoffe," when he was on board of her, had a sharp fight with a French frigate, but, on seven other French frigates turning up, she made off. Shortly afterwards she captured a French frigate and brig, an American brig, and a Spanish sloop, in all cases after a determined fight. In February, 1782, Cottier was appointed to the command of H.M.S. frigate "Fox." During the whole of that year nothing more important happened than the capture of a French brig. Early in the following year he had a fight with a French frigate, a shot from which killed him. In the confusion which ensued the Frenchman escaped. (Information from Miss Graves.)

* Nelson was third lieutenant on this vessel from April, 1777, to the spring of 1778.


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