[taken from Chapter 5 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

PAUL BRIDSON (b. 1809, d. 1876),

of Virginia, in the parish of Braddan, entered the office of Mssrs. Key &; Matthews, solicitors, at Bolton, when he was 16 years old, but soon abandoned legal studies and came to reside in the island. He was distinguished by his great amiability of character and his intimate knowledge of the genealogies and histories of Manx families. For many years honorary secretary to the Isle of Man Hospital in Douglas, he did much for the welfare of that institution, in which he took a very great interest. He also served in the same capacity for the Manx Society for the Publication of National Documents, from its foundation in 1858 until his death. His only contribution to literature, which was published in a small pamphlet, was an account of a London hospital, where he spent some weeks in 1860.

Family tree given by E. Bridson

John Brydson (of Oristall, Malew) (fl. 1611)
John Bridson (of Oristall Malew)
Paul Bridson = Alice Joyner
(1693-1771)  |  (1710-1755)
  William Bridson = Ann Cosnahan  Thomas Ridgway  = Mary Bentley
    (1735-1799)   |  (1731-1812)   (1738-1816)    |  (d.1803)
        +---------+      +------------------+-----+---- - - -
        |                |                  |
  Paul Bridson = Mary Ridgway     Alice Ridgway = Thomas Harrison
   (1766-1820) |  (1772-1817)      (1784-1856)      (MHK 1819/1827)
        |             |       |         |           |           |
Thomas Ridgway  Mary Ann   Sarah       Paul      John James   Hugh
  (1795-1863) (1797-1872)(1803-1866) (1809-1876) (1811-1875) (b.?1816 emigrated to Australia)

Paul Bridson I was Deputy Searcher Douglas, William and Paul II were both merchants in Douglas. Thomas Ridgway was a cotton bleacher of Horwich Lancs. Thomas Harrison, who married Mary Ridgway's sister, was a partner to Paul Bridson II. Thomas Ridgway, cotton bleacher was Mayor of Bolton 1847/8, married Sarah Mathews, their children were based in Bolton.

Paul II was sent to London where apparently he met Mary Ridgway, he later moved to Liverpool before moving back to the Island.

In Gore's 1790 Liverpool directory a Paul Brideson broker is shown at 3, Old Church-yard with a Counting House 25 Strand St, in 1796 he was at 10 Byrom St with the counting house, still at 25 Strand St., described as Office, Hop and Herring Warehouse, thus it would appear he was dealing in Manx caught Herrings (and possibly exporting hops to the Island for the Manx brewing industry) - this may be Paul II; possibly his uncle Paul (son of Capt Paul was dead by then as the Widow of a Paul Bridson, Martha Kidd is shown in 1790 and her daughter in 1796 at 18 Shaw's Brow, Liverpool).

See Bridsons in Old Manx Families and also In Memoriam by T.E.Brown.


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