[taken from Chapter 5 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


wrote a books with the same title as Basil Quayle's pamphlet, which was published, in 1812, by the Board of Agriculture. In this, after giving an account of the island, he describes the state of the Manx landed estates, the buildings upon them, the mode of their occupation, the live stock, &c. He discusses the obstacles to the improvement of agriculture in the island and the best methods of removing these obstacles. The book is a valuable one, and contains evidence of a scientific knowledge of agriculture much above what was usual in his day. In his " preface " he expresses his obligations, among others, to Mr. Basil Quayle, "the former reporter of the board."

* "General View of the Agriculture of the Isle of Man, with observations on the means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the consideration of the board of Agriculture and internal Improvements' (193 pp octave.)


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