[taken from Chapter 3 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

 EDWARD CURPHEY FARRANT (b. 1830, d. 1890),

the second son of William Farrant, of Ballamoar, Jurby, and Susannah Eleanora Curphey, of Ballakillingan, received his education at King William's College. On his father's death, in January, 1852, he was selected as a member of the House of Keys, at the early age of 21, being, as far as is known, the youngest member who ever sat in that House. But notwithstanding his youth, his marked ability soon brought him to the front. Though one of the three members who voted against the measure dissolving the self-elected House of Keys, he allowed himself to be nominated for Ayre Sheading, at the first general election in 1867, when he was returned at the head of the poll. He was in the same position at the elections of 1875 and 1881, finally retiring, owing to failing health, in 1887, being then the oldest member of the House, having sat in it for 35 years, during the greater part of which period he had been one of its most prominent members. An excellent speaker, he was able to convey his meaning clearly and forcibly, and to season his, sometimes trenchant, utterances, with a keen and subtle wit. Though a strong opponent of many of the schemes, especially as regards harbour works, of Governor Loch, whom he thought wanted to expend more than the Insular exchequer could afford, his opposition was always so courteous that it in no way interfered with the personal regard that the governor entertained for him. He was an active and enterprising agriculturist, to whom the island owes much for the improved stock which he introduced, and a. kind and generous friend to the poor, who, especially in the parish of Lezayre, of which he was captain, derived much benefit from his efforts in aid of the voluntary system of Poor Relief. The Speaker of the House of Keys, in referring to his death, said: " I am sure we shall all agree and join in saying that he set up for himself a very high code of morality in public and private life, and he ever acted up to it... . In every way, socially and generally, his loss will be deeply felt."


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