[taken from Chapter 3 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

WILLIAM WATSON CHRISTIAN (b. 1799, d. 1893),

the youngest son of Thomas Christian of Ballachurry, Andreas, a member of the House of Keys and captain in the Royal Manx Fencibles, and Eunice Ann, eldest daughter and heiress of John James Murrey, of Ronaldsway was born in Ramsey and educated at Whitehaven. He was called to the Manx Bar in 1820 and was a member of the House of Keys from 1829 to 1848. In this latter Year he was appointed governor's secretary and Clerk to the Council, anti he held these offices till 1851 when he became water-bailiff, with a seat in the Council. In 1852, the waterbailiff was appointed coroner for the holding of inquests for the whole island, and so he performed these duties, till they were transferred to the high-bailiffs in 1866. Between 1845 and 1867, he was captain of the parish of Andreas, and it may be noted as remarkable that he was the only captain of a parish in the' present century who has had a lieutenant under him. In 1858, he was made a magistrate, and, in addition to these various functions, he performed those of a member of the Highway Board for nearly thirty years. He was, in fact, a most painstaking and useful official and an excellent lawyer. He practically resigned all his public duties in 1867. He had a most placid and kindly disposition, with the courtly manners of the old school, and he was distinguished by his great knowledge of insular affairs. These qualifications rendered him a charming and interesting companion to the very last, notwithstanding his great age.


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