[taken from Chapter 1 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

HUGH CANNELL (circa 1585-1670)

, is said to have been Vicar of Michael for the extraordinarily long period of 61 years, between 1609 and 1670. In 1626, he was made assistant vicar general, having been previously episcopal registrar, and was nominated by Bishop Phillips as one of a commission for managing the diocese in his absence. But his chief claim to distinction is shown by the following order by Governor Chaloner, which was entered in the civil records in 1658: " Takinge into consideration that Sir Hugh Cannell, Vicear of Kk. Michael, his livelihood, which is but little, and his parish greate, and that he was one of the first preachers in this Isle, and the first that taught the Manks to read the Scriptures in the Manks tongue, and assistant to the late Reverend Father in God, John Phillips Bishop of this Isle in the translatinge of the Bible; I doe by virtue of that power and trust vested and reposed in me by his Excellencie Thomas, Lord Fairfax . . . give and grant unto the said SIR HUGH CANNELL during the pleasure of his said Excellencie, the full sum of ffourteen pounds lawfull money' of England, to be paid halfyearly by even and equal porcons."+ Chaloner's statement that HUGH CANNNELL was connected with him in the translation of the Bible into Manx is repeated in his history of the island, where he says that he assisted the bishop in perfecting ' that most laborious, most difficult, but useful work.... in the space of twenty and nine years."++ This is confirmed by Sacheverell,§ but Bishop Wilson, on the other hand says that the only translation made at that time was that of the, Prayer Book.ll All we can say is that no such translation of the Bible has come down to us. Another work attributed to SIR HUGH CANNELL is a brief account of the diocese which was embodied in a state paper endorsed by Archbishop Laud, in 1634.**

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Entry in Lib Sccacc - Manx Museum microfilm RB445

Bpps Court 28th of August 1658

Takinge into consideration that Sr Hugh Cannell vicar of Kk Michael, his livilhood or living is but little & his prsh grate, and that hee was one of the first that taught the manksn to read the scriptures in the manks tongue and assistant to the late Reverend father in God John Phillipps, Bopp of this Isle in the trans= latinge of the Bible; I doe by vertue of that power and trust, vested & reposed in mee by his Exncy Thomas lord Fairfax the [] noble & gratious Lord of this Isle, give and grant unto the said Sr Hugh Cannell duringe the pleasure of his said Exncy, the full sum of fourteen pounds, lawfull money of England to be paid half yearly by even & equal payments the first half year's payment to be made at the feast of St Michael the Archangel next ensuing the date hereaft ,provided the same bee forth wth enrolled before the Comptrollr; And this my note shall bee a sufficient warrant to the Receiver General for the payment thereof accordingly

James Chaloner


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