[From William Cashen's Folk-Lore, 1912]

Illiam y Cashen ta my ennym,
Manninagh Dooie va mee voish y clean,
Ayns my aegid va mee faillit
Son shiolteyr dy hiauill y keayn.


William Cashen
William Cashen


Standing on the borderland between the going out of the Manx and the coming in of the English I have thought it advisable to save all that is possible of the customs, legends, superstitions, and folklore of the Isle of Man, conscious of my inability to do anything except as an addition to Mr. A. W. Moore's Folk-Lore Book, and with the hope that that gentleman will be induced to issue a new edition, and save all that is possible of the sayings and doings of our common forefathers. I pride myself on being a Manninagh Dooie voish y clean. I intend to confine myself as much as possible to the customs, sayings, and doings which I knew and heard in my childhood. If any effort of mine should be of any avail it will be to me a sufficient reward.



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