[From Train's History, 1845]




The temperance movement, like all other movements, has its press, having already established at least half a dozen periodicals, besides numerous separate publications in behalf of the eause. London, Bristol, Ipswich, and Glasgow appear to be the principal seats of publication on the mainland of Britain ; but from none of these towns is there such a mass of temperance literature issued periodically as from the Isle of Man. The National Temperance Advocate, issued from the Douglas press, seems a well managed affair, and according to its own account, has a circulation of 10,300. Its price sent by post, is only three-half-pence.-Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, new series, vol. ii, p. 350. The Odd-Fellows' Chronicle, also mentioned in the above article of the Edinburgh Journal, as being published in the Isle of Man, has a circulation of 10,000 ; and the Truth Seeker, of 4,000. The old established papers have a more limited circulation.


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