[From T.Quayle Agriculture of IoM, 1812]


Premiums adjudged for the Year 1811 by the Manx Agricultural Society.

I. Cup, value ten guineas ; presented by J. C. Curwen, Esq. the President, for the best managed farm of not less than 50 acres ; to Mr. Bullock, of the Hague Farm.

II. Five guineas,, for best stallion for agricultural purposes; to Mr. John Fayle's Bay Horse, George.

III. Four guineas, for best bull ; to Mr. Dunlop's bull, of the Dunlop, or Ayrshire breed.

IV. Three guineas, for second best ditto; to Mr. Coulthard's long-horned bull.

V. Five guineas, for best crop of clover and vetches for soiling ; to Mr. Dunlop.

VI. Two guineas, for second best. ditto; to Mr. Gawne of Milltown.

VII. Three guineas, for beet and cleanest crop of potatoes to Mr. Coulthard, of Kirk Braddan; being twenty-eight acres.

VIII. Three. guineas, for best and cleanest crop of turnips to Mr. Tweedale of Bemahague; being 12½ acres.

IX. Five guineas for best and cleanest crop of flax, of not less than an acre, saved for seed (not determined).


First Class. Merino Cross.

Three guineas for ram with finest wool, to Mr. Wade. Two guineas for ditto, with second ditto, to Mr. Bennet. One guinea for ditto with third ditto, not awarded.

Second Class.

Three guineas for ram, combining finest wool and best carcase, to Mr. Clucas's South Down.

Two guineas for second best ditto, not awarded. One guinea for third ditto, not awarded. Third Class.

Three guineas to Mr. Tweddle's new Leicester. Report of the Inspectors.

Mr Bullock's farm consists of one hundred acres having 22½ acres of wheat, 29 acres of oats, 5½ acres of turnips, 2½ acres of carrots, 1½ acres of cabbages, 12 acres of clover and 7 acres of pasture.
The wheat crop may be called a fair average; the oats excellent; the potatoes, turnips and carrots very clean and good; the cabbages were nearly gone when the farm was viewed, and may be said to be the only dirty piece of ground upon it; the clover was a fair crop.

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