[From Thwaites' Directory, 1863]


ONCHAN, or CONCHAN, is an extensive parish, in length from north to south about four miles; and in breadth, from east to west, about five. It is bounded on the north by Lonan, on the south and east by the sea, and on the west by Braddan. The village is pleasantly situated on the main road from Douglas to Ramsey, about two miles north-east from the former. In the parish is some excellent land, and agricultural operations have been carried on with considerable success. A great boon to the farmer is the large amount of sea wreck which is annually cast upon the coast. The principal landed proprietors are-Messrs. J. Aiken, James Bell, J. Bridson, Wm. Cain, S. Callow, Daniel, Edward, and William Christian,


POST OFFICE at John Lawin's, Onchan. Letters arrive from Douglas at 5.40 p.m.; on packet days, 40 minutes after the arrival of the boat at Douglas from Liverpool. Letters are despatched to Douglas at 7.35 a.m.; on packet days, an hour and a-half before its departure from Douglas.

For the names of those persons situated in and near the town of Douglas see Douglas Directory.

His Excellency H. B. Loch, Esq., Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man, Bemahague.

Adamson Lawrnc.,Seneschal,Clifton
Adamson Lawrence W., advocate, Ballabrooie
Allen Capt. Geo., Glenbower Cottg
Anderson Robt., surveyor general, Mountain View

Barber Thomas, vict., Nursery Inn
Bell Hugh, woollen manufacturer, Castleward Mill
Bell James, Esq., Mount Vernon
Bennett John Geo., Esq., H. K. & J.P., Willaston
BodenThos., farm balm,, Lanjagbyn

Cadman Henry, gentleman
Cain Wm., joiner
Caine James, millwright
Caine Miss Margt., Lincoln Lodge
Callow Thos., shoemkr. & shopkpt
Cavendish Adeline, apartments, Quarry Bank Cottage
Cann Jas. C., Esq., Greenfield Hs
Chubb Mrs. Eliz., Hawthorn Villa
Cleator Danl., vict., Half-way Hs
Clucas Thos., joiner,Cronknamona
Cowin John, shoemaker
Cowin Robt.,blksmith., Lark hill
Cowin Robert, shopkeeper
Cow in Thos., miller, Ballacreetch
Cowley John, joiner
Cowley Richard, schoolmaster
Craine Mrs. Isabella, Sea View
Craine John, highway surveyor, Forest Cottage
Cubbon Mrs. Mary, Greenfield Hs

Davis Walter, corn miller,Wellington Mill
Duff Mrs. Esther, Burleigh
Dumbell Geo. W., Esq., banker, Belmont

Fargher James, blacksmith
Forster Geo., woollen manufacturer, Bowring Mill

Garratt Thomas, joiner
Gelling Robt., mstr.Weslyn. Schl., Abbey lands
Gill Jas., millwright, Ballakeighan
Goldie Capt. Mark,Glenehrutchery

Hannah Isabella, dressmaker
Harrison Edward, mason
Harrison Ridgway, advocate, Woodside House
Henshaw John, Esq., Parkfield
Holmes John, clerk, Hill's Cottage
Howard Rev. John, Vicarage
Hoyle George, gent., Ballacain

Jefferson Capt.Joseph,Bemahague
Jones John Geo., gent., Tremode

Kaye Wm., blacksmith
Kewley Mr. James, Ballanard
Penney Wm., keeper Reservoir
Killip John, joiner & millwright, Cronknamona; h. Cold Clay
Kissack Thomas, hatter
Kissack Wm., baker & flour dealer

Lawin John, shopkeeper
Lenin Ann, miller, Corran

Malcolm Alexander M., manager Tremode Mill
Matthews Mr. John, Quarterbridge Cottage
McCarthy Hugh, vict., Manx Arms
Moore Wm. F.,manufactr. of sail cloth, sail twine, &c., Tremode
Murray Col. Henry, Thornton
Nicklin Mrs. Eliz., Glenville

Oates John, miller, Groudle
Ouseley Thos. Jno., gent., Brooksby

Poland Peter head gardener, Nursery grounds

Quayle Saml,,blacksmith., Ballaskelly
Quayle Thomas, mason
Quirk Isabella, shopkeeper

Reeves Ann, shopkeeper
Rutledge Sophia, ladies' boarding school, Hague

Skillicorn James, mason
Skottowe Jno.,agent,St. Catherine's
Spittall Alex., Esq., mercht. & proprietor of Nursery grounds; h.Lawriston
Spittall Jas.,advocate, Summer hill
Stephens Wm., Esq., Eaglehurst
Stephenson Samuel, farm bailiff, Keroodhoo

Thelluson Frederick, Esq., Priory

Wain Wm., Esq.,Villa Bellavestar
Walker Mrs., Astgrove
Wilson Capt. Wm.


Alderoft-, Anamona
Alston James, Ballacottier
Ashcroft Henry Edmd., Ashley Hs
Barrow James, Kerroodhoo
Brearley John, Cold Clay
Broadbent Samuel, Bibaloe beg
Brown Jame§, Grange
Cain John, Ballamenagh
Cain Wm., Ballachrink
Cannell John, Ballasalla
Cannon Charles, Balligg
Christian Daniel, Clyps
Christian Edward, Ballakeighan
Christian Edward, Ballakilmartor
Clague John, Sulby moor
Clague John, Strenoby
Clague Robert, Ballanard
Collister John, Ballachrink
Corkill James, Begoade
Corlett Robert, Ballakeighan<
Cowin Elizabetb, Clyps
Cowin James, Bemahague
Creer John Clyps
Cubbon James, Balargy
Fayle Wm., Ballacashin
Garrett Robert, (and joiner)
Gelling Isabella, Lanjaghyn
Gelling Wm., Glenchrutchery
Graham Wm., Bibaloe moar
Kaneen Daniel, Creig-e-cowin
Kaneen Thomas, Creig-e cowin
Kelly John T., Castleward
Kelly Thomas, Ballacoine
Kewley John, Chrinkechinny
Kneale Matthias, Ballacain
Lewin Robert, Ballerigrey
Maddrell Wm., Cronk
Maxwell Gilbert, Ballanard beg
McHutchin J. G., Ballacottier
Mylechreest Edward, Lark hill
Oates James, Cronkybury
Osborne Joseph, Clyps
Quayle Wm., Upper Sulby
Quilliam Wm., Ballacreetch
Quine John, Balligg
Quine Robert, Arderry
Quine Thomas, Begoade
Quine Wm., Glenchrutchery
Rutledge Richd. Wm., Ormsby, Hague
Scarff Thomas, Begoade
Scott James, Glen Dhoo
Shimmin Robert, Ballacreetch
Steele Daniel, Carr
Waterson John, Tremode


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