[From Thwaites' Directory, 1863]



POST OFFICE at John Kinley's, Laxey. Letters arrive from Ramsev, at 6.45 a.m., and from Douglas, at 6.30 p.m. Letters are despatehed to Douglas, at 6.45 a.m., and to Ramsey, at 6.30 p.m. On packet days, according to arrival and departure of boats. Money Orders granted and paid, and Post Office Savings' Bank business transacted from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Those marked * are at Laxey

*Baldwin Mr. F.H, Laxey Inn
*Beck John, land steward
*Bellamy Rev. Joseph, Chaplain Christ Church

*Caine Mr. Philip, lodgings,Mount Pleasant
Caine Rev. Thomas, Vicarage
*Casement Mr. John
*Casement Robert, foreman engineer, Mines; h. Alma terrace
*Clague Edw., Master Natnl. Schl.
*Clague Mr. William
*Corlett Thomas, manager Laxey Glen Corn Mills

*Fargher Catherine, lodgings
*Fargher Jane, tea & coffee house

*Kelly Robert, clerk at Mines
Kelly Thomas, gent., Baldrine
Kermode Daniel, joiner
Kerruish Ths., mstr. Parochl. Schl.
Kewley John, joiner, Sea View
*Kewley John, overseer
*Kinley John, post master
Killey Ann, lodgings, Ballagawne
*Kilpatrick Mr. Jacob, Bay View
*Kitto John, Capt. of Mines, and agent to British Life & Accidental Death Insurance Compys.

Lewin Mr. Thos., sen., Ballagawne
Looney Matthias,joiner,Ballagawne

*Rowe Richard, Esq, manager to the Laxey Mining Company

*Skillicorn Thomas, butcher
*Skillicorn Wm. sup mason,Mines (
Skrimshire F. C.,agt.to the Comsrs H.M.Woods & Forests,Cooil Roi
*Stowell-, druggist,

Tate Mrs. Anne Eliz., Ballamenagh
*Tregellas Thos., foreman blacksmitb, Mines


Bridge Inn, John Shimmin
*Commercial Family & Posting Hotel, Robert Gay
Laxey Inn, Margaret Kelly
*New Inn, William Osborne
Queen Commercial and Family Hotel, Charles McConachie
Union, Edward Oates, Lonan


Fayll George, Balla Kaighen
*Kelly Thomas
Lewin Thomas, Ballagawne
*Quiggin William


* Rowe Richd., Laxey Glen Mills: Thomas Corlett, manager
*Moughton John
Morrison Thomas, Agneash Mill


Cain John, Balla Cogeen
Callow John, Intake
Clague Charles, Mulloughour
Clague James, Ballacreggy
Clague Norris, Barruse
Clague Robert, Ballaquirk
Clague Thomas, Ballavarine
Clague Thomas, junr., Ballavarine
Cojeen John, Ballig
Corkill Peter, Baldromma
Cowin James, Ballacowin
Cowin James, Ballaquine
Cowley John, Ballacallister
Cowley Thomas, Ballabeg
Craine Charles, Grawe
Craine Robert, Ballig
Dobson Joseph, Ballamenagh
Fargher John, Cronkechooil
Fargher Thomas, Grawe
Eargher Thomas Edward,
Gravure Fargher William,
Gretch Gill John, Ballagawne
Hampton James, Pool Villa
Gell John, Ballagawne
Gibb Duncan, Balljaen:-Wetherspool, farm bailiff
Gillon John, Howe
Gorrey John and Thomas, Shonest
Hudgeon William, Baldrine
Jelly Thomas, Ballacowin
Kelly James, Lhiaggyn
Kelly John, Balldromma
Kelly Robert, Skinso
Kennish Thomas, Balldooin
Kermeen Robert, Cronkechooil
KermodeThomas, Ballagay
Kerruish John
Kewley James, Balldooin
Kewley J., Cretckveg
Kewley John, Ballacoar
Kewley John, Ballaragh
Kewley L., Grawe
Killey John, Ballacraggan
Killip John, Bullacallister
Kneale Daniel, Balneleeney
Kneale Robert, Ballacrink
Kneale William C. P., Rhaa
Kneen James, Le Kerrow
Looney Thomas, Ballamooar
McNeill Thomas, Gretchvane
Moore James, Ballachrink
Moore Thomas, Ballakilley
Mylrea James, Ballocosney
Mylrea Robert, Brundell
Mylrea Thomas, Ballakilley
Quayle Joseph, Ballamilligen
Quilleash William, Ballaragh
Quirk Thomas, Ballaghlass
Simpson Edw. & Chas., Baldroma
Skillicorn John, Ballaragh
Skillicorn John, Gretckvane
*Stephen William
Stowell Thomas, Close Moar
Tate Ann Elizabeth, Ballamenagh
Watterson -, Balldrine
*Williamson James, senior


Laxey Mining Company: Richd. Rowe, Esq., manager


*Cowin John, Laxey hill
*Cowley Thomas
*Kewley John
*Mylrea Thomas, Alma terrace


Armstrong Ann
*Beck Thomas
Cain Thomas, Ballakennel
*Cain William
*Corrain Thomas, Laxey hill
*Gelling James
*Gelling John
*Grindley Thomas, (and draper)
Harrison John
*Kewley Joseph
*Kewley Thomas
*Marrs H.
*Pascall Joseph
Quine Edward, Baldrine
*Raisbeck Elizabeth
*Tapper Wm., (and Temperance Hotel)
*Williamson Jas., senr., (and spirit merchant, and car proprietor)


*Callow Charles
Carlisle Charles
Clucas Thomas
*Goldsmith Daniel
Kermode John
Quilleash James


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