[From Thwaites' Directory, 1863]



Adelaide ter. Woodbourne rd
Albert street, Buck’s road
Albert terrace, Windsor park
Albion terrace, Windsor park
Alpine terrace, Strathallan park
Atholl square, Shaw’s brow
Atholl street, Prospect hill
Atholl terrace, Peel road
Auckland grove, Windsor road
Auckland terrace, Windsor road
Back lane, Well lane
Back Stanley ter., Victoria road
Back Strand st.,Cattle Market st
Ballaquayie, Victoria road
Barrack street, John street
Bath street, Parade street
Bellman’s court, Back Strand st
Bigwell street, North Quay
Bond st. (New), Market place
Bridge The, North Quay
Brisbane street, Sidney street
Broadway, Castle Mona road
Buck’s road, Prospect hill
Burnt Mill hill, Crescent
Caley’s court, Barrack street
Callow place, Finch road
Cambrian place, Micklesgate
Cambridge terrace, Windsor park
Castle hill, Victoria road
Castle street, Strand street
Castle terrace, Castle Mona lawn
Castle Mona lawn, Castle Mona rd
Castle Mona road, Castle street
Castletown road, South Quay
Cattle Market St., Gt Nelson st
Chapel row, Market place
Chapel row, Duke lane
Chester street, Frederick street
Christian road, Finch road
Church street, Lord street
Church St. (Upper), Atholl street
Circular road, Buck’s road
Clarence ter., Castle Mona lawn
Clater lane, Fancy street
Coroner’s road, Castle Mona road
Corran’s court, John street
Crescent, Castle Mona road
Crescent hill, Crescent
Dalton terrace, Windsor road
Derby road, Woodbourne road
Derby square, Windsor park
Derby terrace, Castle Mona road
Douglas Head, Fort Anne road
Drinkwater street, Hope street
Drumgold street, Duke street
Duke lane, Duke street
Duke street, Market place
Drury street, North Quay
Eastfield, Rose mount
Edgerton terrace, Rose Mount
Edward lane, Well road
Edward terrace, Finch road
Esplanade, Castle Mona road
Fairy ground, North Quay
Falcon terrace, Victoria road
Fancy street, Lord street
Finch hill, Finch road
Finch terrace, Finch road
Finch road, Prospect hill
Fort Anne road, South Quay
Fort street, Duke street
Fort William, Fort Anne road
Frederick street, Strand street
George St. (Great), Gt. Nelson St
George St. (Saint), Atholl St
Goldie St. Upper Church St
Goldie ter. Upper Church St
Gt. George st. Gt. Nelson st
Gt. Nelson street, Drumgold st
Guttrey gable, Duke street
Hanover street, Lord street
Harbour head, The Bridge
Harris’s buildings, Atholl street
Harris lane, North Quay
Harris terrace, Finch road
Heywood place, North Quay
Hill’s street, Prospect hill
Hope street, Goldie street
Joy terrace, Strathallari park
James street, Market place
John street, King street
John Street (North), Cattle Market Street
Kelly’s court, Barrack street
Kewhey’s lane, Strand street
King street, Duke street
Knutsford place, back of Castle Mona lawn
Laburnum terrace, Castletown rd
Lawn terrace, back Castle Mona lawn
Lord street, Duke street
Love lane, Woodbourne road
Marion terrace, back of Castle Mona lawn
Market place, foot of Duke street
Merina terrace, Finch road
Mona Street, Buck’s road
Mona terrace, Finch road
Mount Falcon, Castle hill
Mount Havelock, Finch road
Mount Pleasant, Finch road
Mucklesgate, Duke street
Myrtle street, Buck’s road
New Bond street, Market place
North John st. Cattle Market st.
North Quay, The Pier
North street, King street
North View, Woodbourne road
Nunnery grounds, Castletown rd
Old Post Office Ln. Post Office pl.
Osborne terrace, Windsor park
Oxford street, Sidney street
Parade street, North Quay
Park View, Castletown road
Peel road, end of Atholl street
Pier The, North Quay
Post Office Lane (Old), Post Office pl
Post Office place, James street
Prospect hill, Great Nelson street
Prospect terrace, Woodbourne rd
Quay North, The Pier
Quay South, The Bridge
Queen’s place, Parade street
Queen street, North Quay
Quines’ corner, North Quay
Rose mount, Woodbourne rd
Rope Walk road, Woodbourne rd
St. Barnabas square, Fort street
St. George’s pl. Upper Church St
St. George’s street, Atholl street
St. George’s ter. St. George’s st
St. George’s walk, Prospect hill
St. Thomas’s walk, Castle Mona road
Seneschal lane, St. Barnabas sq
Senna road, Finch road
Shaw’s brow, Church street
Sidney mount, Bucks road
Sidney street, Woodbourne road
Society lane, King street
South Quay, The Bridge
Spring gardens, Windsor place
Stanley mount, Finch road
Stanley terrace, Broadway
Stephen terrace, Woodbourne rd
Strand street, Duke street
Strand st. (Back),Cattle market St
Strathallan crescent, Crescent
Strathallan park, Burnt Mill hill
Taubman terrace, Fort Anne rd
Thomas street, King street
Thomas walk (St.), Castle Mona road
Tongue The, head of North Quay
Upper Church street, Atholl st
Victoria place, Victoria road
Victoria road, Broadway
Victoria terrace, Victoria road
Water lane, Duke street
Wellington lane, Well road
Wellington sq., Back Strand St
Wellington street, Duke street
Well road, Strand street
Wesley terrace, Rose mount
West view, Woodbourne road
Wilton buildings, Duke street
Windsor park, Windsor road
Windsor place, Windsor road
Windsor road, Finch road
Windsor terrace, Windsor park
Woodbourne avenue, Derby road
Woodbourne mount, Windsor rd
Woodbourne road, Buck’s road
Woodbourne ter., Woodbourne rd
Woodhouse terrace, South Quay
Woorlsideterrace,Woodbourne rd
Woodville, Victoria road


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