[From History of IoMSPCo, 1904]

Illustrations of Vessels - pages 17-34

Mona's Isle I
built 1830
Mona I
built in 1832
(from a drawing of her as a tug)
Mona I
Queen of the Isle
built 1834
Ben-my-chree I
built 1845
Visit Queen Victoria to Douglas Bay Aug 1847
early fleet
"King Orry" (I) in harbour "Mona's Queen" (I) "Tynwald"(I) "Ben-my-chree" (I)
Tynwald (I)
built 1846
Douglas (I) built 1858

Bell of steamer "Mona's Isle" (I)

Ware jug with inscription
Success to the "Mona's Isle"

Non-IoMSPCo Vessels

Manx Fairy (Ramsey Steamer) built 1853
Ellan Vannin (Castletown Steam) built 1854
Race between opposition steamers "Queen of the Isle" and "Monarch"


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