[From History of IoMSPCo, 1904]


" the record of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company is unmatched in the whole of shipping industry."

Such was the statement quoted in the Preface.

Our readers will, after a perusal of the foregoing pages, be able to form their own opinions on this question. Whatever conclusion they may come to, we feel sure they will agree that it is a record of which all Manxmen may well be proud. Whilst, no doubt, the expansion of the Company has followed the growing prosperity of the Island, it is no exaggeration to say that the provision by the Company of such a rapid and reliable means of transport to and from the shores of Ellen Vannin, has been an important factor in promoting that prosperity.

For three-quarters of a century the staunch vessels of the Company have weathered the storms and fogs of the Irish Sea. It has scarcely lost a life; it has never lost a letter.

To forecast the Company's future is, of course, impossible, though we can, at least, confidently predict that difficulties of one kind or another will always have to be grappled with; that competition will become keener; and that to be not only abreast of the times, but in front of them, will be more than ever a condition of success.


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