[From History of IoMSPCo, 1904]


DIRECTORS.—The first Directors were Edward Gawne (of Kentraugh), P. Garrett, and R. Banks (of Howstrake). Between 1830 and 1850. We also find the following names on the list: Major Bacon (of Seafield), John Wulff, Samuel Harris (father of the present High-Bailiff), Gavin Torrance, William Duff, Lewis Crebbin, Frank Matthews, James Lewin, Thomas Bridson, John Winram, Richard Quirk (Receiver-General), H. B. Noble (a), Henry and William Gill.

Between 1851 and 1871: William Gell, C. Cleator, James G. Gelling, William Hill, Dr. Okell, W. F.Moore.

Between 1872 and 1891: William Dalrymple, P. Gell, D. E. Gelling, John Dearden, D. Maitland, J. A. Mylrea, John Parkes, J. T. Cowell, J. J. Goldsmith, Richard Barnwell, and James Barnes. The last two names are those of two English Directors who were added in 1888, when the " Isle of Man, Liverpool, and Manchester Company " was bought. The number of the Directors was then increased to seven, of whom five had to be resident in the Isle of Man.

Between 1892 and 1904: Sir W. G. Pearce, Bart., Alex. Bruce, Thos. Stuttard, A. W. Moore, W. A. Hutchinson, Fred. J. Baldwin, and W. A. Waid.

The Company's Rules were altered in 1901 to allow of three Directors being resident off the Island.


(a) The period of the first appearance of the name is given, but many of the Directors survived into later periods.


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