[From Manx Fairy Tales, 1911]


May the chimney-hook and the pot-hooks
Against thee rise in cruel war;
The ladle, the dishes, and the pot-stick,
For the dread attack prepare.

May the pot-stick and the round tables,
Cresset, noggin, and hardware store,
All help to tear, and flay, and skin thee
When fell'd beneath them on the floor.

That if the spotted water-bull,
And the Glashtan would thee take, for all
And the Fynoderee of the glen, waddling,
To make of thee a bolster against the wall

The Fairy of the Glen and the Buggane,
Finn MacCool and all his company;
May they gather together about thy bed,
And in a straw-rope creel run off with thee.

From an old Manx Ballad.


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