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Patrick, in the sheading of Glenfaba, is six miles long and about 3½ broad It is bounded on the east by Marown and Malew, on the south by Rushon and Malew, on the west by the sea, and on the north by German. The parish church is a small ancient structure, situated about one mile south from Peel. The living in a vicarage in the gift of the bishop, and held by the Rev. H. C, Davidson. There are also places of worship for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. The Foxdale mines in this parish afford employment to a considerable portion of the inhabitants ; the rest are chiefly employed in agricultural pursuits.

Bates Rev. Thos. S., St. Paul's, Foxdale
Bawden Capt. Edward, Foxdale
Bawden John, agent, East Foxdale
Bell Thos., agent, St. John's road
Brew Caesar, blacksmith, Foxdale
Bridson John, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Bridson Thos., farmer, Lhea-kerroo
Bridson Thos., grocer, Foxdale
Buzzo Thos., postmaster, Foxdale

Caiue Robert, farmer, Ballavar
Caine Thos., farmer, Ballaspet
Caine Thos., farmer, Barrane
Cairns John, farmer, Ballamoor
Caldwell John, farmer, Eary-cushlin
Callin Wm., farmer, Ballacallin
Callister Daniel, joiner, Glenmaye
Callister John, joiner, Foxdale
Callister Thos.' farmer, Slieauwhallin
Callister Wm., farmer, Ballanass
Callister Wm., farmer, Kerroodhoo
Cameron Evan, Esq., J.P., Glenfaba house
Carran Henry, farmer, Creggan-moor
Carran Thos., farmer, Creggan-ashen
Carran Wm., farmer, Claughbane
Cashin Thee., butcher, Glenmaye
Christian John, farmer, Corn-o-grice
Christian John, tailor, Glenmaye
Christian Thos., farmer, Ballacain
Christian Wm., farmer, Mullin-e-clie
Clarke John, grocer, Foxdale
Clarke JoBiah, publican
Clarke Thos., farmer, Glenrushen
Clarke Wm., farmer, Glenrushen
Clucas Henry, bootmaker, Ballelby
Clucas John, grocer, Foxdale
Clucas Thos., corn miller, Mullin-e-clie
Clucas Thos., tailor, Dalby
Collister Matthew A., schoolmaster, Patrick
Corkill John, blacksmith, Glenmaye
Corlett Thos., farmer, Ballamanagh
Coriett Wm., farmer, Mount Pleasant
Corrin Robert Wm., farmer, Knockaloo-moor
Corris Ceasar, farmer, Ballagarman
Corris John, farmer, Kella
Corrin Philip, butcher, Glenmaye
Corrin Wm., farmer, Glenneedle
Collier Wm., farmer, Ballacottier
Counsell Samuel, Foxdale inn
Cowin Joseph, farmer, Gordun
Cowin Wm., farmer, Mullin-e-cry
Craine Stanley, plasterer, Ballalah
Creer Daniel, farmer, Ballacallin
Creer John, mason, Kionslieu
Cringle John, farmer, Ballachrink
Cubbon Thos., farmer Ballacallin

Davidson Rev. H. C.,'The Vicarage

Duesbury Wm. H. T., Esq., J.P., Ballacosnahan

Ellison Wm., bootmaker, Cronkmoar

Faragher John, Oddfellow's arms, Glenmaye
Fargher Thos.., corn miller, Glenmaye
Fargher Thos., farmer, Ballahutchen

Gawne James, farmer, Ballaquayne
Gell Edward, fanner, Glenneedle
Gell Henry, farmer, Ballalabey
Gall James, farmer, Ballaingauge
Gell Wm., farmer, Ballelby
Gelling Edward, farmer, Ballagarman
Gelling Thomas farmer, Mount Pleasant
Gelling Wm., farmer, Ballavar

Hale John. Waterfall inn, Glenmaye
Halsall Thos., farmer, Ballaspet
Harris Wm.J., agent, Foxdale
Hinds Capt. Wm., Glenrushen
Hudson Chas., farmer, Ballacallin
Hudson Thos., schoolmaster, Foxdale
Hudson Wm., farmer, Creglea

Johnson John, grocer, Ballamoor
Jones Edward, farmer, Ballabenna
Joughin John, farmer, Dorlish-cashin
Joughin Thos., corn miller, Glenmaye

Keig Paul, bootmaker, Ballacarney,
Keig Wm., tailor, Ballacrink
Kelly, Caesar, joiner, Foxdale,
Kelly Henry, farmer, Glenrushen
Kelly John, blacksmith, Foxdale
Kelly Wm., engineer, Foxdale
Kelly Wm., farmer, Ballamoor
Kelly Wm.. joiner, Foxdale
Kelly Wm., farmer, Ballaneghy
Kennaugh Charles, farmer, Ballagey
Kennaugh James, farmer Arrisey
Kennaugh John,, agent, Lower Foxdale
Kennaugh John, farmer, Sliouwhallin
Kennaugh John, farmer, Cronkmoor
Kennaugh John, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Kennaugh Philip, farmer, Ballahigg
Kennaugh Wm., farmer, Loobs
Kennaugh Wm., farmer, Slieuwhallin
Kermeen John, farmer, Ballaquane
Kermeen John, farmer, Ballacarney
Killey James, farmer, Raggatt
Killey John, grocer
Kinrade Wm,, tailor, St. John's road
Kitto Wm. H., manager, Foxdale
Kneen Edward, farmer, Strueane
Kneen Wm., farmer, Ballelby
Knight John, parish clerk, Patrick

Lace Moses, butcher, Foxdale
Lace Wm., bootmaker, Gordon

Moore Chas., farmer, Eary-moor
Moore Philip, farmer, Rheaby-moor

Quane Stephen, farmer, Ballacrink
Quayle Henry, farmer, Ballacraggen
Quayle John, farmer, Ballavar
Quayle John, grocer and postmaster, Glenmaye
Quayle Thos., farmer, Ballagauge
Quayle Wm., farmer, Ballamoor
Quilliam John, farmer, Ballakirka
Quilliam Thos., farmer, Ballahutchin
Quine John, joiner, St. John's road
Quirk James, farmer, Glenrushen
Quirk John, farmer, Kerroodhoo
Quirk John, farmer, Lagg
Quirk John, farmer, Ballacrink
Quirk John, farmer, Mount Pleasant
Quirk John, farmer, Creggen-moar
Quirk Richard, Esq., J. P., Rheaby
Quirk Thos., farmer, Ballacallin
Qui.k Thoi;., farmer, Slieuwhallin
Quirk Thos. W., farmer, Rheaby
Quirk Wm., farmer, Slieuwhallin
Quirk Wm., farmer, Ballacallin
Quirk Wm., farmer, Balladba
Quirk Wm., farmer, Treljah
Quirk Wm. G., farmer, Lhergy-veg

Radcliffe Thos., tailor, Foxdale
Radcliffe Wm., farmer, Thoulough.quay
Remfrey James W., accountant, Foxdale

Shimmin Robert, farmer, Kiondhoong
Skinenr James, farmer, Shenvalla

Taggert Caesar, joiner, Foxdale
Teare Daniel, farmer, Slieuwhallin
Teare Edward farmer, Carn-e-Grice
Teare Edward, farmer, Farey-braid
Teare John, bootmaker, Glenrushen
Teare Robert. farmer, Ballacosnahan
Teare Thos., farmer, Ballacoil
Teare Wm., tailor, Glenmaye

Watterson John, farmer, Ballalabey
Wattemon Samuel, farmer, Kionslieau
Watterson Wm., farmer, Ballacarkey
Watterson Wm., joiner, Foxdale
Williams Captain John, Foxdale


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