[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


MALEW is a considerable parish in the Sheading of Rushen, comprising within its limits the town of Castletown and the village of Ballasalla. It is eight miles long from north to south, and about four miles broad from east to west, and is bounded on the east by Santon and the sea; on the south by the sea; on the west by Arbory ; and on the north by Marown and Patrick. The northern portion is mountainous and barren : the southern level and fertile. The name is derived from St. Lupus (Ma Celtic for Saint), the patron saint of the church. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the crown, and held by the Revd. H. S. Gill There is a small chapel of ease about 5 miles north of Castletown. The Wesleyans have chapels at Kerrow Kiel, Ballamoda, and Ballageary; and the Primitive Methodists at the Clougher.

Allport C., grocer, Ballasalla

Barr Robert, wine merchant, Windmill house
Bell M., publican, Ballasalla
Bickerstaffe Chas. B., schoolmaster, Ballasalla
Brew Wm., farmer, Kerrowmoor
Bridison James, farmer, Filldraw
Bridson John, surveyor, Ballasalla
Bridson Robert, bootmaker, Ballachrink
Bridson Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Bridson Wm., farmer, Ballakewin
Burrows Richard T., farmer, Creggans

Caine Robert, butcher, Ballasalla
Caine Wm., farmer, Ballacubbon
Clague Robert, harbour master, Derby haven
Clague Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Collister John, joiner, Ballasalla
Collister Robert, farmer, Ballagilbert
Collister Wm., farmer, Ballajirey
Cooil Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Cooil Wm., farmer, Windmill
Corrin Richard, blacksmith, Grenaby
Corrin Thomas, farmer, Raggee
Costain John, farmer, Ballasalla
Cregan Thomas, farmer, Redgap
Crellin John, gardener, Derby haven
Crellin Thomas;, tailor, Grenaby
Crellin Wm., gardener, Ballasalla
Cretney Wm., farmer, Tolabay
Carry Wm., blacksmith, Ballasalla

Dodd Michael, farmer, Ballasalla

Fargher Frederick, farmer, Derby haven
Fargher Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Fargher Thomas, farmer, Church farm
Fargher Thomas, Oddfellows' Arms, St. Mark's
Fargher Wm., farmer, Cooil.cam
Fowler Henry D. J. P., physician, The Sycamores, Ballasalla

Gale John, farmer, Balladuggan
Gawne Mrs., farmer, Ballasalla
Gawne Wm., stationmaster, Santon
Gelling George and James, joiners, Ballasalla
Gelling Mrs., Harp Inn, Cross four roads
Gelling Wm., farmer, Ballasalla
Gell Revd. Hugh Stowell, The Vicarage
Graham Mr. John, Ballasalla
Gray Wm., gardener, Ballasalla

Hudson Philip, joiner, Silverburn
Hudson Robert, gardener, St. Mark's

Joyce James, gardener, Billown

Kaighin John, parish clerk, Ballasalla
Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Ballawoiral
Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Karran Edward, farmer, Hango hill
Kegg John, baker, Ballasalla
Kegg Robert, mason, Ballamoda
Keggin Wm., bootmaker, Ballamoda
Kelly James, farmer, Barrule
Kelly Miss, grocer, Derby haven
Kelly John, farmer, Rheaist
Kelly John, farmer, Kerlee
Kelly Robert, grocer, Derby haven
Kelly Thomas, grocer, Derby haven
Kelly Thomas, blacksmith, Cross four roads
Kelly Wm., farmer, Ballacharry
Kennaugh Henry, farmer, Ballatrollog
Kennaugh Robert, farmer, Moaney moor
Kennaugh Thomas, bootmaker, Ballasalla
Kennaugh Wm., farmer, Ballagilbert
Kermode Christian, farmer, Ballawallon
Kermode Thomas, joiner, Ballasalla.
Kewin Henry, blacksmith, Ballamoda
Kinley John, Plough inn
Kinnish John, farmer, Ballacrock -
Kinrade John, schoolmaster, Grenaby
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballachrink
Kinvig Thos. and Wm, farmers Balthane
Kneen John, farmer, Silverburn

Leece Samuel, farmer, Rheast

Maddrell George, farmer, Grenaby
Maddrell John, farmer, Grenaby
Maddrell Thomas, farmer, Ballashimmin
Moore George, farmer, Great meadow
Moore Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Moore Thomas, Esq., J.P., Billown
Moore Wm., farmer, Great meadow
Mylchreest Humphrey, farmer, Ballamoda
Mylchreest Robert, farmer, Billown
Mylchreest Wm., farmer, Kerrowkiel
Mylrea Philip, schoolmaster, St. Mark's

Oates Wm., blacksmith, Ballasalla

Pitte John, farmer, Ballasalla
Preston John, farmer, Grenaby
Preston Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Preston Wm., farmer, Redgap

Quayle George, farmer, Ballasalla
Quayle James, farmer, Moaney moor
Quayle John and Wm., farmers, Kerrow moor
Quine Robert, farmer, Ballanank
Quine Wm., flour merchant, Cragg mill

Radcliffe Richard and Robert, farmers, Black hill

Sansbury James, farmer, Derby haven
Sherlock John, farmer, Ballasalla
Shimmin Edward, bootmaker, Ballasalla
Shimmin Edward, farmer, Ballabeg
Shimmin John, farmer, Ballagarey
Shimmin Robert, gardener, Ballasalla
Shimmin Thos., farmer, Ballachrink
Shimmin Wm., farmer, BalnakWey
Smailes James, Derby Arms Inn, Derby haven

Tagg James, farmer, Ballamoda
Taggart John, farmer, Ballagilbert
Taggart Wm, farmer, Ballamoda
Thelwall Lieut, Colonel E. D., Ballasalla House
Tyson Thomas, registrar and postmaster, Ballasalla

Watterson John, farmer, Ballagilbert and Ballarobin
Watterson Thomas, farmer, Kerrowkiel
Wilson John, stationmaster, Ballasalla


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