Jurby parish, in Sheading of Michael, forms the north western extremity of the island. It is bounded on the south by Ballaugh ; on the cast by Andreas and Lezayre, and on the north and west by the sea; and is about five miles long from east to west, and 2 miles broad from north to south. The land is level, and for the most part fertile and productive. The church of St. Patrick occupies a delightful situation on an eminence about a quarter of a mile from Jurby point, and distant about eight miles from Ramsey. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Bishop, and held by the Revd. J. Ballamy. The Wesleyans have two chapels, one at Jurby and the other at Sandy gate.

Bellamy Revd. Joseph, vicar, Summer hill
Brew Miss, grocer, Sandy
Brew Daniel, joiner, Ballahasney
Brew Wm., farmer, Ballacurry

Caine John, farmer, Ballamoor
Caley John, farmer, Ballachrink
Caley Thos., farmer, Ballabrink
Callister Mrs., farmer, Cashel-lough
Callister John, farmer, Ballaconley
Cannell Wm., farmer, But Na
Cashin John, farmer,
Christian John, grocer, Ellan
Christian John, farmer, Ballaworrey
Christian Philip, farmer, Ballacurry
Christian Wm., grocer, Sandy gate
Christory John James farmer, Sandy gate
Christory Mrs., farmer . .
Clarke Daniel, farmer, West Nappin
Clarke John, farmer, Ball&rgeen
Clarke Mrs., farmer, Sartfield
Clarke Wm., farmer, Bretney
Clarke Wm., farmer, West Nappin
Cleator Wm., senr., farmer, West Sartfield
Cleator Wm.East Sartfield
Clucas John, farmer, Ballachrink
Collister Wm., farmer, Willow grove
Corkill John, farmer, Ellan
Corkill John, farmer, Ballavarran
Corlett John, farmer, Barrag
Corlett Miss, farmer, Loughan
Corlett Robert, farmer, Cooildhoo
Corlett Thomas, farmer, Golane
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballig
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett Wm., farmer, Rhendboo
Cormode John, farmer, Ballig
Cowley John, farmer, West Bretney
Creer Wm., farmer, Ballacaine
Crye Wm., farmer, Rhendhoo
Curphey Mathias, farmer, Crort freer

Faragher John,corn miller, Callane mill
Faragher John, farmer, Cronkbreck
Faragher Wm., farmer, Cronkbreek
Farrant Wm., Esq., M. H. K, J.P., Ballamoor

Gale Wm., farmer, Cronkbreek

Joughin John Thos., blacksmith, post office, West Nappin

Kaighen Humphrey, farmer, Cashel-lough
Kaighin Mrs., farmer, Ballamoor
Kaighin Robt., farmer, Thie-vane
Kelly Christian, farmer, Ellan
Kelly John, Esq., M. H. K., farmer, Ballabasney
Kelly Robt., farmer, Ballameanagh.
Kennish John, bootmaker, Ballachrink
Rewin John, farmer, Sandy gate
Kewin Wm., farmer, Ballacurry
Killey Wm., farmer, Kerroo-croie
Killip John, farmer, Ballaaalla
Killip Thomas, farmer, Ballacrye
Kinrade John, farmer, Ball"la
Kiismok Daniel, joiner, Sandy gate
Kissack John, bootmaker, Loughan
Kissack John, farmer, Ballamoor
Kinsack Thos., farmer Ballamoor
Kneale John, farmer, Loughdho
Kneale Thos., farmer, Ballasalla
Kneen John, farmer, Ballagarra
Kneen John, blacksmith, Loughan
Kneen Mrs., farmer, Ballamenagh
Kneen Richard Ed., horse dealer, Ballachrink

Lawison James, farmer, Kerroo
Lawson Wm., tailor, Loughan

Moughtin John, tailor, Ballacurry
Moughtin John, tailor, Kerroo-Kneale
Moughtin Thos., grocer, Ballaworrey
Mylcraine Mrs., farmer, Loughdhoo

Quay Mrs., farmer, Ballacurry
Quayle John, bootmaker, Kerroo-Kneale
Quayle John C., bootmaker, Sandy gate
Quayle Wm., tailor, Loughdhoo
Quayle Wm., farmer, Kerroo-Kneale

Teare John, farmer. Ballachrink
Tears John, farmer, Loughan
Tears Thos., farmer, Loughan
Teare Wm., farmer, Kerroo
Teare Wm., farmer, Laohrout

Vondy Wm., farmer, Ballafletcher

Wade John, farmer, Ballavarran


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