[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


Ballaugh parish is situate on the north-west coast of the island, in the sheading of Michael. It is bounded on the east by Lezayre, on the south by Michael parish, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Jurby. In length from north to south it is about five miles, and from east to west about, three miles. The village is pleasantly situated on the main road between Peel and Ramsey, and on the long road between Douglas and Ramsey, distant seven miles from Ramsey, nine from Peel, and nineteen each from Douglas and Castletown. Here is a station on the Manx Northern Railway. The northern part of the parish is level and fertile; the southern mountainous and barren, containing Slieau Chairn, 1533, and Sloeau Dhoo, 1139 feet above the sea level. The name of the parish is derived from bg a village, and lough, a lake -"The Village of the Lake;" as formerly a large lake was comprised in the parish, but it has since been drained, and now forms some of the most fertile land on the island. The parish church of St. Mary is a handsome and commanding structure, capable of accommodating 600, erected in 1832. The living, a rectory, value £344, in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Wm. Kermode. The Wesleyans have two chapels in the parish and the primitive Methodists one.

Boyde John, butcher
Boyae John, farmer, Cronkould
Boyde Philip, parish clerk. Ballaterson
Boyde Wm, mason, Ballavolly
Boycle Wm., bootmaker, Carmodil
Browe John, joiner, Glenshoggel
Bridoon M-. grocer, Close Taggart
Brooke John, Esq., M.H.K., Crenkould

Caine John, tailor
Caine Wm, grocer
Caley Thos., joiner, Ba%volly
Callister Thos., joiner, CarratL
Callister Thom, tailor, Poldoih cottage
Callow John. grocer, Dollagh moor
Cavendish Thos, farmer, Ballaterson moor
Clarke Thos., farmer, Ballavolly
Clarke Wm,. farmer, Ballarosha
Cleator Wm, farmer, Broughjairg moor
Corlett Daniel farmer, Cronkould
Corlett Daniel Thos., farmer, Corvalley
Corlett James, farmer, Croukould
Corlett Jephtha, farmer, Broughjairg
Corlett John, farmer, Ballanaddin
Corlett John, farmer, Dollagh-beg
Corlett John, mason
Corlett Thos., farmer Close-e-Corvalley
Corlett Thos. Ed., farmer, Ballakinnag
Corlett Thos. Wm., farmer, Carmodel-beg
Corlett Wm., bootmaker, Cronk
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballaterson
Corlett Wm., farmer, Curragh
Corlett Wm., farmer, Glenshoggil
Corlett Wm., joiner, Glen
Cowle Thomas, boot maker
Craine John Thos., farmer, Broughjairg
Craine Mr. Thos., Brookvilla
Cunningham Evan, carrier and general dealer, Crawyn
Curphey Robert, farmer, Ballacain

Daugherty Wm., farmer, Ballacurn

Faragher Wm., corn miller, Crawyn

Gawne John, farmerg Ballacorage
Gawne Philip, grocer, Ballacorage
Gawne Thomas, grocer, Ballamona
Gell Mr. John J., M.H.K., Carmodil moor
Green Thos. WM., farmer, Ballacurn

Hughes Richard, Northern Railway Hotel


Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Close Rhenny
Kaighin Wm., farmer, Close-Nellan
Kelly Mrs E. farmer, Dollagh moor
Keig Thos., farmer, Ballamona
Kermeen Robert, carrier, Broughjairg
Kermode Revd. Wm,, The Rectory
Killip Thos., farmer, Crawyn
Killip Wm., farmer, Scrundale
Kennish Edward, grocer, Ballacorage
Kinrade Thos., joiner
Kneen Wm., saddler

Lace Charles, blacksmith

Martin John P., miller, Ballacrosha
McVinnie Jas., farmer, Glen
Moughtin Thos., farmer, Ballacurn kiel
Mylecraine Philip, farmer, Glen
Myleoraine Thos., farmer and manure agent, Ballamoor

Quayle Edward, tailor
Quayle James R., bootmaker
Quayle John, mason, Currah
Quayle Robert, butcher, Ballacorage
Quayle Thee., joiner
Quayle Wm., farmer, Ravensdale
Quayle Win. E,, joiner and grocer

Roberts Wm., tailor, Ballacum-kiel
Rowe Frederick, farmer, Ballaterson

Sayle John, farmer, Alpine house
Shimrain Philip, farmer, Corvalla
Shimmiin Wm., farmer, Glen
Steven Miss, Ballamoor
Steven John, coroner

Taylor Dr. John, Ravensdale
Teare John, farmer, Ballaneddin
Teare Philip, grocer
Teare Robert, tailor
Teare Then., blacksmith, Ballakinnag
Teare Thos., bootmaker, Ballacrosha
Teare Wm., postmaster

Watterson John, schoolmaster


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