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ARBORY parish, in the Sheading of Rushen, extends about 6 miles in length from north to south, and 2 miles in breadth from east to west, It is bounded on the north by Patrick, and on the cast by Malew, on the south by the sea, and on the West by Rushen parish. The parish church is a small edifice situated about the centre of the parish, and 2½ miles west of Castletown. The living is a vicarage value, £160, in the patronage of the crown, and held by the Revd. C. T. Langton. The Wesleyans have chapels at Ballabeg and Colby Bridge; the Primitive Methodists have one also at the latter place It is supposed that the parish derives its name from Saint Cairbri, one of the early converts of St. Patrick ; Cairbri being doubtless corrupted into Arbory. The soil of the parish is generally good. and the farms well cultivated.

Bridson John, farmer, Balladoole
Bridson Robert, farmer, Colby
Bridson Thome, farmer, Claughvane
Bridson Wm., bootmaker, Ballabeg

Callow John, farmer, Ballabeg
Cannell Thomas, bootmaker, Ballabeg
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Bslacregeen
Cannell Thomas surveyor, Balladoole
Cannell Wm., mason, Balladoole
Cannell Wm., blacksmith, Balladoole
Cannell Wm., schoolmaster, Balladoole
Clague Charles James, farmer, Ballaclague
Clague Henry, farmer, Ballanorris
Clague James, boat builder, Colby
Clarke Wm., farmer, Baaquinney
Collister Thomas, farmer, Balladoole
Comish Henry, farmer, Balladoole
Comish John, farmer, Balladoole
Cooil John, bootmaker, Ardery
Cooil Richard, farmer, BaRakaighan
Cooil Thomas farmer. Ballaquinney
Cooil Wm., farmer, Balacomish
Corrin Edward, farmer, Balladoole
Corrin Richard, farmer and blacksmith, Ballabeg
Corrin Wm., farmer, Ballacrie
Costain Edward, joiner, Colby
Costain James farmer, Ballacrink
Costain James, joiner, Baabog
Costain John, farmer, Colby
Costain Thomas, mason, Blanghvane
Costain Thomas, Ballabeg
Costain Wm., smith, Colby
Crebbin Henry, farmer, Ballablack
Creer James, corn miller, Colby
Crellin Edward, farmer, Ballabeg
Cubbon Henry, schoolmaster, Ballabeg
Cubbon John , farmer,Ballaglonney
Cubbon John, bootmaker, Ballabeg
Cubbon Richard, blacksmith, Ronague
Cubbon Robert, farmer, Ballaguinney
Cubbon Wm., farmer, Ballaglooney
Cubbon.Wm., joiner, Colby
Curphey Mrs., grocer, Post Office, Ballabeg

Duggan Thomas, bootmaker, Ballabeg
Duggan Wm., farmer, Ballacomish
Duke Richard, farmer, Ballaoates

Elliott J., nailmaker, Colby

Fisher Thomas, farmer, Balladoole

Gale Wm., farmer, Ballachrink
Gawne John, farmer, Ballafadda
Gawne Thomas, farmer, Ronague
Geneste Captain Lewis, Ballakeighan

Hall Wm.,farmer, Ballafadda
Harrison John, farmer, Ballamoar
Harrison John, farmer, Colby
Keig John, farmer, Ballameanagh
Keig Thomas, mason, BaIIafadda
Kelly Henry, bootmaker, Ballachrink
Kelly Richard, farmer, Ballaguinney
Kennaugh James, farmer, Ronague
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Kennaugh Wm. Henry, farmer, Balladuke
Kermode Henry, farmer, Ballacubbon
Kidd James, farmer, Colby
Kinley John, farmer, Ballaclague
Kinley Wm., farmer, Cronkshynnagh
Kinvig Daniel, farmer, Ballafadda
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballaguinneý
Kinvig Richard, farmer, Ballaglonney
Kinvig Richard, King Orry inn, Colby
Kinvig Thos., farmer, Colby and Ardery
Kinvig Wm., farmer, Ballaguinney
Kneale Mrs., publican, Ronague

Langton Rev. C. VT., The Vicarage
Lawson Edward, farmer, Ballavarkish
Leeee John, bootmaker, Colby
Lowey James, bootmaker, Colby

Maddrell John, farmer, Ballamaddrell
Moore George, farmer, Ballacarin
Moore John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Moore John, parish clerk, Ballacrosø
Morrison Henry, mason, Ardery

Preston Win., farmer, Barradoole

Qualtrough Mrs., grocer, Colby
Qualtrough Wm., bootmaker, Colby
Qualtrough Wm., farmer, Eery stain
Quayle James, farmer, Gareymoar
Quayle John, farmer, Ballamoar
Quill Henry, bootmaker. Colby
Quill Wm., nailmaker Colby

Radcliffe James, farmer, Ballacannell
Shimmin John, tailor, Balladoole
Skelly Wm., farmer, Ballakelly
Skillicorn James, grocer, Colby
Stevenson Mr. Wm. B., Balladoole

Watterson Mr. H. J., Colby
Watterson Richard, farmer, Ardery
Watterson Stephen, postmaster, Colby
Watterson Thos., grocer, Ballabeg


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