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ANDREAS is an extensive parish in the sheading of Ayre ; bounded on the north by the sea, on the east by Bride, on the south by Lezayre, and on the west by Jurby. It is about six miles in length from north to south, and four and a half miles broad from east to west. The land is mostly low and level, and the inhabitants are chiefly employed in agricultural pursuits. Most of the land is very fertile giving good yields of either cereals or green crops. The village is situated four miles W.N.W. from Ramsey, containing a few scattered houses and shops, and a large parish church capable of accommodating nearly 800 worshippers, dedicated to St. Andrew, from whom the parish derives its name. The living is a rectory in the gift of the Crown, and is held by the Ven, J. C. Moore, Archdeacon of Man.

The chapel of ease (St. Jude), situated at Ballachurry, is a handsome structure, and was erected by subscription in 1841. The living is a perpetual curacy in the gift of the Archdeacon, and worth about £100 per annum. There are also places of worship for the Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists in the parish.

When not otherwise designated the address is the village,

Allen Thomas, tanner, Ballavarry

Brew John, farmer, Ballacollum
Brew Thomas, farmer, Loughdrewagh
Brew Thomas, blacksmith St. Jude's
Brown John M., farmer, Gat-e-Whing; residence, Aust

Caine James, tailor, Lhen
Caine John, farmer, Ballarmartin
Caine John J., farmer, Braust
Callister John, farmer, Bridge
Callow John, butcher, Crouk-beg
Callow John J., farmer, Ballacurry
Callow Thomas, farmer, Ballathona
Casement John, farmer, Ballacorey
Christian Alfred, farmer, Braust
Christian John, farmer, Ballabane
Christian John, farmer, Ballaslig
Christian John M., farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian Mrs., farmer, Rye hill
Christian Nathaniel, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Christian Wm., farmer, Smeale
Christian Wm., bootmaker, St. Judes
Christian Wm W., farmer, Ballacurry
Clarke Thomas, junr., farmer, Ballaseyre
Clarke Thomas, junr., farmer, Sheakerrow
Cleaton Daniel, farmer, Ballakiel
Cleaton Thomas, farmer, Balla McSkelly
Clucas Robert, bootmaker, Ardonan
Colvin Cornelius, farmer, Ballacurry
Colvin John, farmer, Ballayockey
Corkill John, farmer
Corlett M West Craig
Corlett James, tailor
Corlett Robert, farmer, Craig
Corlett Robert, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Corlett Thomas, farmer
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballavastin
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballaclucas
Cormode Daniel, farmer, Leodest
Cormode James, farmer, Ballaclucas
Cormode John, farmer
Cormode Thos farmer, Ballakennag
Cormode Wm farmer, Ballaquane
Cormode Wm.: farmer, Ballabirragh
Cottier John, farmer, Ballavaeton
Cottior Thomas, butcher
Cowle Captn. Charles farmer, Ballabague
Cowle Miss M. A., farmer, Ballakancen
Cowley John, mason, Ballamegha
Cowley Thos., butcher, Ballacurry
Cowley Thos., farmer, Ballavoddan
Cowley Wm., farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Craine Daniel, tailor, Ballaclucas
Crebbin Mrs., farmer, Ballacrebbin
Crellin James farmer, Ballamartin
Crennell Wm., farmer, Close-e-Cleator
Curphey Edward, farmer, West Craig
Curphey Henry, farmer, Ballacollum

Dugdale Mrs., farmer, Smeale

Ellison Robert, farmer. Ballabeg

Faragher James, bootmaker
Faragher Mrs., farmer, Dhowin
Faragher Wm., farmer, Lhen

Gale James H, grocer, Ballalhen
Gale Wm, farmer, Ballacammaish
Garrett John, tanner, Dhowin
Garrett Wm, bootmaker, Ardoran
Garett Wm., farmer, Ballakinnig
Gawne John, farmer, Ballakinnig
Gawne Thomas, bootmaker
Gill George farmer,, Regaby-veg
Goldsmith Thomas, Grosvenor Inn

Hampton Adam, grocer, Ballahen
Harrison Thomas joiner, Ballacurry
Harrison Wm, joiner, Dhowin
Howland James farmer, Gat-e-Whing
Howland John, farmer, John-oien
Howland Wm, farmer, St, Judes'

Joughin John, farmer, Ballacrebbin
Joughin Wm., grocer

Kaighin Mrs., farmer, Dhowin
Kaneen Daniel, farmer, Ballasyre
Keig Mrs., farmer, Balla McSkelley
Kelly Mrs., farmer, Ballakiel
Kelly John, farmer, Ballakelly
Kelly John, farmer, Larivane
Kelly Philip, saddler
Kelly Philip, schoolmaster
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Ballawhane
Kermeen John, mason, Penfold
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Ballayockey
Kewin John J., farmer, Clooe-e-kewin
Kewin Thomas, farmer, Close Dark
Kewley Wm., farmer, Mullen lawn
Killip John, tailor, Ballaconnor
Killip John, farmer, Ballacollum
Killip Thomas, farmer, Ballakiel
Kilpatrick Joseph, farmer, Farrant's fort
Kinrade Thomas, farmer, Ballawanton
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Ballasteen
Kissack John, bootmaker, Leodest
Kissack Robert bootmaker, Leodest
Kneale John, farmer, Kerrowmoor
Kneale John, farmer, Dhowin
Kneale John farmer, Ballacurry
Kneale John, farmer, Ballalenna
Kneale Miss, Regaby veg
Kneale Thomas, mason, Ballabeg
Kneale Thomas, farmer, St. Jude's
Kneale Thomas, gardener, Glebe
Kneale Thomas S., butcher, Ballacross
Kneale Wm., grocer, Post Office
Kneen Edward, blacksmith, Craig
Kneen Miss, farmer, Craig
Kneen Philip, miller, Lhen
Kneen Robert, farmer, Ballavarry
Kneen Thomas, farmer, Smeale
Kneen Wm., farmer, Dhowin

Lace Charles, farmer, Ballagonnal
Lace James, farmer, Ballaclucas
Lace John, farmer, Dhowin
LaMothe Revd. Fredk., curate
Lemaitre F. E,, veterinary surgeon, Ohio cottage

Martin James, farmer, Knockdomey
Martin Robert, farmer, Ballamartin
McMahon Miss, Ballakaneen
Moore The Ven. the Archdeacon J. C.
Moore Mrs., farmer, Dhowin
Morrison James, farmer, Ballacottier
Mylecraine Thomas joiner, Close-e-Kee
Mylrea John, tailor, Ballacross
Mylrea Wm., blacksmith

Priestland Mrs, farmer, Glebe

Quayle John farmer, Regaby
Quayle John: farmer, Ardonan
Quayle John, mason, Ballawhane
Quayle. John, mason, Lhen
Quayle Wm., farmer, Ballacurry
Quairk Caesar, mason, Ballacross
Quirk Daniel, druggist, Ballasyre

Radcliffe Mrs. A., farmer, Ballacurry
Radcliffe Charley, mason M
Radcliffe Mm E., farmer, BallacuM
Radcliffe Fredk., tailor, Eden cottage
Radcliffe Mrs. J.9 grocer~ ~kie
Radcliffe John, farmer, B"vaE;ton
Radcliffe John, bootmaker, Gat-o-whing
Radcliffe John T., grocer
Radcliffe Richard, blacksmith, Greenhill
Radcliffe Robert farmer, Ballakiel
Radcliffe Thos, farmer, Balla
Radcliffe Thos, farmer, Ballacleator
Radcliffe Wm., overseer, Ohio cottage
Radcliffe Wm., farmer, Balluleg
Radcliffe Lace, senr. grocer
Radcliffe Lace, junr., saddler

Sayle Christopher, farmer, Close-e-Kewin
Sayle John, farmer, Ballavaeton
Sayle John J., farmer
Sayle Robert, joiner
Sayle Thomas farmer, Ballacottier
Sayle Wm., Bootmaker, Smeale-beg
Sayle Wm., farmer, Bdhthone
Shepherd John, cattle dealer, West Craig
Skinner Mrs., farmer, Ballacottier

Teare Daniel farmer, Braust
Tears Daniel, farmer, Ballaconnor
Teare Daniel Ballacollum
Teare John, blacksmith and farmer, Ballaconnor
Teare John, farmer, Ballakinnag
Teare John, farmer, Ballabane
Teare John, farmer, Dhowin
Teare John, farmer, Close-ne-Colly
Teare John, farmer, Oatland
Teare John, farmer, Ballakiel
Teare John, joiner, Ballaconner
Teare Philip farmer, Ballasayre
Teare Robert farmer, Ballaben
Teare Thomas, farmer, Guilcaugh
Teare Thomas, bootmaker, Dhown

Vondy Thomas, farmer, Ballayockey

Wilkinson Rev. J. S., St, Jude's parsonage


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