[From Short History of Transactions in the IoM (or 'Blue Book'), 1825 

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Copy of a Correspondence between DEEMSTER GAWNE and JOHN LLEWELLYN, Esq. Secretary to the House of Keys.


Ballagawne, 30th August, 1822.

SIR,--Understanding that the House of Keys have it in contemplation to present some Memorial or statement of his Grace the Governor in Chief's conduct during his residence here last winter, in which it is intended to bring forward a private conversation that took place between his Grace and me. -If such be the case, I beg that it may be clearly under. stood that any statement of the kind, or any mention of my name in such Memorial is totally without my permission, and unsanctioned by me,---and that I most solemnly protest against my name being used in any such paper.

I perfectly recollect Thomas Quayle, Esq. calling on me and shewing me a sketch of some' Memorial or Documents the House of Keys intended to present, in which my name was used in a statement of an attack made by his Grace on me, and I perfectly recollect telling him, that whatever passed between his Grace and me on the occasion referred to by the Keys, it was afterwards amicably settled, and that, therefore, I did not wish any thing further should be said on the subject-and I expressed my surprise now the Keys came to hear of it, as I never mentioned the circumstance, save to a few confidential friends : besides that, the statement there made was not the fact. To which Mr. Quayle replied, that I was not a party complaining, and, of course, had nothing to do with the. matter. As I was at the time exceedingly unwell, the conversation dropped, and I was 6 hopes the matter would be given up. But should it not, may I beg mat you will lay this before the House of Keys, and have that part of it expunged. I have the honor to remain

Your obedt. Servant, -, (Signed) T. ,GAWNE.

John Llewellyn, Esq. Secretary to the Honorable the House of Keys, &c. &c. .&c. , " SIR.


Castletown, 12th Sept. 1822.

SIR,-Your Letter of the 30th August only reached me late at night on the 4th instant. I have now the honor to inform you, that . I have this day laid the same before the Keys, who desire me to say, that the paper to which you allude was subscribed and forwarded from this Island before the receipt of your letter to me; but if the same was now within the power of the House to amend, they do not conceive that sufficient reasons are assigned for making any alteration therein, nor do they think that you have such a controul over their actions, as a public body, as to enable you to say that you protest against your name -being made use of in such paper, and to require that the part referred to be expunged. I have the honor to remain, &c. &c:


Hon. Deemster Gawne, &c. &c.



SIR,-I do not pretend, nor do I wish, to have any controul over the actions of the Keys as a public body: but I will always aver, that I have a right to protest against my name being used in any document of theirs, when annexed to misrepresentation or misstatement of facts, This I believe to be the case, in the paper referred to in my letter of the 4th instant,* and I must confess, that I am at a loss. to know what stronger reason can be assigned for requesting an alteration in a paper, than that of its containing misrepresentation particularly of a private conversation between individuals Had it been public or official, I must submit : but private will ever maintain the publication of it against the consent of the parties unfair. I have the honor to remain

Your obedt. Servant, (Signed) T. GAWNE, John Llewellyn, Esq. &c. &c. &c

[To this letter no answer was received.]

*This ought. to be 30th August.


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