[From Short History of Transactions in the IoM (or 'Blue Book'), 1825 

No 10



At a Court holden at Peel, the 2d October, 1821. WHEREAS Thomas Shimin was brought into Court charged with being engaged in a Riot, in the said town, on the evening of yesterday ; and the said Thomas Shimin did, in the said Court, conduct himself in a riotous manner, and did assault, strike, beat, and wound, Robert Moore, a witness, when giving testimony against him ; and also strike, assault, and abuse the Constables, and Peace Officers, and the Coroner of Glanfaba, when endeavouring to keep the peace, so as to render it impossible to proceed with the business of the Court ; and did, with force and violence, make his escape from imprisonment by beating the said Coroner. The said Thomas Shimin, for such his violent, rebellious, and lawless Conduct, is fined Fifty Pounds, and ordered to be apprehended and imprisoned in solitary confinement in Castle Rushen, for Twelve Months ; and before releasement, that he enters into a Bond, with two sufficient Sureties, in the penal sum of Five Hundred Pounds, that he shall and will keep the peace, and be of good behaviour towards all his Majesty’s subjects, and conduct himself as becometh all peaceable subjects in the several Courts of Justice of this Isle; and pays the said Fine. T. GAWNE.

To the Chief Constable of Peel, and all whom this may concern

I hereby suspend the Execution of the written Judgment. Castle Mona, Dec. 21, 1821. ATHOLL;

Chief Constable of Peel, and all whom it may concern.


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