[From Haining's Guide, 1822]

Prefatory Remarks

This publication comes forth under the protection of a generous, enlightened, and independent public, without being shielded by a powerful name from the attacks of ill-natured critics, or recommended by those who have multitudes to beckon at their nod, waiting to perform their will.

The discussion of those political questions, which for years have agitated the kingdoms of Europe, has been carefully avoided, as being incompatible with the design of this work; and the sentiments which it contains are in perfect unison with the nicely balanced constitution of Great Britain, which is equally hostile to the oppression of the great, to the injustice of judges, and to the lawless licentiousness of the discontented, — which is the palladium of our civil rights and of our religious liberty.

The design of this work, is to furnish the numerous visitors of this delightful Island with a pocket companion, containing an accurate description of its venerable. antiquities and romantic scenery; a just delineation of the customs and manners of the inhabitants; a faithful narration of historical facts; and to present such a descriptive view of Mona, as may render the visit of strangers pleasant and interesting.

In the execution of this plan, the materials have been collected from various sources,have been new modelled, and in the structure reared, the due proportion of all the parts has been carefully preserved. It is frankly acknowledged, that many things have been omitted, and that others not interesting to visitors have only been glanced at ; but the reason is, that a large and impartial History of the Island is preparing for publication, in which these will be introduced, and fully discussed.

All personalities have been studiously avoided in this work, and the author has endeavoured to regulate himself by the golden rule — to do unto others as he could wish, in similar circumstances, that they should do to him.

S. H.



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