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WHICH lies in the sheading of Ayre, forms most northern part of the Island. It is three miles and a half in length from north to south, by a mean breadth from east to west of about two miles. The church is four miles and a half north of Ramsey; the living is a rectory in the gift of the crown - the Rev. Daniel Nelson is the present incumbent. There are besides three methodist chapels in the parish. The surface is level. with a few gentle elevations. The point of Ayre, the most northern part of the parish and of the island, stretches out to a considerable distance into the sea, and is very dangerous to shipping; and would be more perilous but a light-house, (one hundred and six feet in height), which affords assistanceto mariners navigating this part of the coast. An annual fair for cattle is held on the 12th of February. Population in 1841, 1,153 ; in 1851, 1,053.

The Post Town for this parish is RAMSEY


Christian Mr. Thomas, Village
Cowell Mr. John, Lamb hill
Kermode Mr. Thomas, Bay Cottage
Nelson Rev. Daniel, Rectory
Teare Mr. Walter, Nassau Cottage


Allen Ropert. shoe maker, Kirkbride
Boyde William, smith, Village
Christian Catherine, Village
Christian John, joiner, Village
Christian John, joiner, Village
Cowell Ellen, shopkeeper, Kirkbride
Ferguson John, smith, Dogmill
Joughin Benjaniin M. surveyor, Powlushty
Joughin Robert, tailor, Ballachrink
Kneale John, sumner, Glentruant
Pass Richard, master of parochial school, Village
Sayle John, parish clerk, Kirkbride
Teare Isabella, shopkeeper, Village


Cain William. Ballachrink
Caley Philip, Kionlough
Calley William, Greenland
Campbell John, Thurot Cottage
Christian Charles, Ballafayle
Christian John, Ballacallow
Christian Thomas, Ballaherd
Christian William, Ballabeg
Christian William, Ballakey
Christian William, Ballayonaigue
Corkill John, Ballacree
Cormode Daniel, Curraghbeg
Cowell John, Glentruant
Cowin Charles, Ballakesh
Crow Hugh, Ballamoar
Crow John, Ballachrink
Crow John, Ballakilmain
Garrett John, Ballagenney
Garrett John, Glascoe
Goldsmith Thomas, Ballabin
Hardy William, Kionlough
Joughin Daniel, Cronkbane
Joughin Daniel, jun,. Ballaquark
Joughin Mark, Ballawannell
Joughin William, Port Cralstil
Kay Evan, Crosby
Kayll Mary Ann, Citten,Orry's bank
Kelly Charles, Ballakilmain
Kelly Thomas, Bailavarkish
Kelly Thomas, Shellag
Kelvin Charles, Ballakesh
Kelvin John, Ballakilley
Kneale James, West Kimmerah
Kaeale John, Ballagarrett
Lace Thomas, Kerroo Doo
Lace Thomas, jun. Grenaby
Quarryie John, Balinveir
Quarryie Walter, Ballaskilley
Quayle Jane, East Kimmeragh
Taggart Paul, Ballalhergey
Taggart William, Ballacowll
Tear William, Ballscreggn
Teare Daniel, Ballaskelly
Teare Wm. Ballacondyr
Voundy William (& overseer), Ballacottier


PARISH CHURCH .Rev. Daniell Nelson
METHODIST(Wesleyan)CHAPELS, Village and Glascoe
METHODIST (Primitive)CHAPELL, Village


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