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ARBORY is a fertile parish in the sheading of Rushen and southern division of the island bounded on the east by the parish of Malew, and on the west by that of Rushen; it is about six miles in length from north to south, and two in breadth from east to west. 'The church, which is situate near the centre of the parish, is two miles and a half north-west of Castletown; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the crown. The parochial school which is at Ballaclague, has an endowment of about £8 per annum.There are also chapels for the Primitive and Wesleyan Methodist. Two ancient small churches, in ruins, and several druidical. remains, are in this parish. There are three annual cattle fairs-the first held at Ballabeg on the 22nd of June,the second at BALLABEG, on the 28th of October, and the third at COLBY, on the 6th of December. Population in 1841, was 1615, and in 1851, 1593.

COLBY is a small rural village, nearly one mile west of the parish church, and three miles north-west of Castletown. In 1833 the Wesleyan methodists. erected a chapel at Colby Bridge, and in the same year the primitive methodists raised another place of worship at the same place.

The Post Town for Arbory Parish is Castletown


Cain Mr. John, Ballalcaighin
Carreg Mrs. Dorothy, Ardery
Dawson Mattw. Esq. C.P. Bell Ahbey
Gelling Rev. Alexander, Ballabeg
Maddrell Mr. John, Ballamaddrell
Quirk the Misses Eliza & Margaret Parrville
Woods Mrs, Charlotte, Balladoole House


Cannell William, Balladoole
Curphey Julm, Ballabeg
PAHOCHIAL SCHOOL, Ballaclague-Robert Kewley, master


Costain Edward, Ballabeg
Creggren Thomas, Colby
Cubbon Henry, Colby
Kneale -, Ballakindrey .
Ratcliffe William,Ballabeg


Cannell John, cartwright, Colby
Cannell Richard, shopkeeper, Colby
Clague James boat builder, Arbory
Clague John,stonecutter,Balladoole
Clague Richard, butcher, Ballabeg
Corrin Richd. blacksmith, Ballabeg
Costain Edwd. cartwright, Ballabeg
Costain Edward, cartwright, Colby
Costain Edward, smith, Ballabeg
Contain Jas. cartwright, Ballaclague
Costain James, meson, Colby
Contain John, shoe maker, Balla-garmick
Contain William, mason, Colby
Contain William, smith, Colby
Creer John, corn miler, Colby
Cubbon Richard, smith, Ronague
Cubbon William, cartwright, Colby
Duke Wm. parish clerk,Ballachrink
Elliot Mary, shopkeeper, Colby
Elliot William, nail maker, Colby
Faragher William, smith, Arrystain
Kegg John, grocer, Colby
Qualtrough Richard, grocer, Colby
Quill William, nailer, Ballagarmin
Skillicorn James, hatter, Colby
Skillicorn James, shopkeeper,Colby


Bridson Henry, Ballagarmin
Cannell John, Ballacroggeen
Carreg Dorothy, Ardery
Clague Henry, Ballanorris
Clague William, Ballaclague
Coole John, Ballagawne
Corrin Thomas, Kraft
Costain John, Ballachrink
Cubbon Jane, Ballaglonney
Cubbon John, Ballayelse
Cubbon William, Colby
Dawson Mary Ann, Friary
Drake Richard, Balladuke
Fisher Joseph, Balladoole
Kegg John, Artistine
Kermode Henry, Colby
Kinvig Thomas, Arristine
Lawson John, Ballaourkislh
Moore John, Ballacross
Moore John, Claughbane
Qualtrough William, Ballakilogue
Qualtrough William, Cronkmoar
Quiggin Thomas, Ballavarkish
Radcliff James, Aristine
Taggart Robert, Ballacubbon
Watterson John, Ballacraie
Watterson Thomas, Ballagurmin
Welch John, Ballacagin


PARISH CHURCH Ballabeg-.-Rev. Alexander Gelling, vicar
METHODIST (Primitive), Colbybridge
METHODIST (Wesleyan), Colbybridge and Ballabeg


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