[From Slater's Directory, 1846]


WHICH lies on the western shore of the island, in the shedding of Glenfaba, extends six miles from north to south, by a mean breadth of three from east to west. The parish church stands in the northern part of the district, one mile and a half south of Peel. Patrick Parish was connected with that of German till the year 1714, when a separation took place, and the present church was erected ; in the bishop is vested the patronage of the living, which is a vicarage. The district is mountainous, and (with the exception of the deep vales, which are fertile), totally unproductive to the agriculturist; but the minerals that it embosoms amply compensate for the sterility of the surface. The principal mines are those of lead, situate at Foxdale, and on the west side of South Barrule; they are wrought by the Isle of Man Mining Company, who employ about two hundred and fifty persons, and they produce from two hundred and eighty to three hundred tons of ore per month, which is shipped at Peel and Douglas for the river Dee. The beautiful waterfall of Glenmoy (or Glen Moij) pooling on the west coast, three miles south of Peel, is visited by most strangers.


Bennett Mr. J. G. Ballacosnahan
Blundell Mr. Thomas, Ballaepet
Dodds Mr. Charles, Ballacallin
Holmes Rev. Archibald, Vicarage
Looney Mr. Saml. Moore, Ash lodge
Quirk Mr. Richd. C.P. Rheabymoar
Petrie Mr. Peter, Raggatt
Radcliffe Mrs. Hannah, Gordon
Radcliffe Mr. Henry, Gordon
Richardson Mr. -, Ballamoar
Stephen Rev. George, Daulby


Callister Thomas Foxdale
Corris Thomas, Glen-may
O'Brien Charles, Daulby
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL,Village-Thos.Cosnahan, master


Creer William, Ballacarney
Cubbon Catherine, Glen-may
Gown Thomas, Trailjey
Gell William, Village
Kneen John, Village
Moore Thomas, Glen-may
Radcliffe Henry, Rionsheean


Bawdan Edward, agent for the Isleof Man Mining Company, Foxdale
Broadbent Jonas, corn miller and carder, Bailabrooie
Clague William, blacksmith, Village
Corris Thos, shopkeeper, Glen-may
Dawson Thos. blacksmith, Glen-nmy
Garratt Thomas, tailor, Cronk moar
Gell William, joiner, Village
Kennaugh Thos. joiner, Ballacaigher
Killey Philip, joiner, Glen may
Quayle Henry, blacksmith, Daulby
Quayle Wm. shopkeeper, Glen-may
Quirk William, joiner & cartwright, Glen-may,
Stevenson Thomas, corn miller, Glen-may


Bennett John Gen. Ballacosnahan
Brideson John, Balladha
Cadman Henry, Glenaspett
Callen William, Daulby
Clark John, Glen Rushes
Clucas Richard, Kionsirleau
Corrin Thomas, Knockaloebeg
Corris Edward, Ballabrooie
CottierJohn, Ballacottier
Curphey William, Ballaragher
Dodds Charles, Ballacallen
Fargher Charles, Ballergey
Fargher Clucas. Ballargey
Gell Caesar, Ballnalaghey
Gell Evan, Daulby
Gell James, Rheaby bag
Gell William, Ballalby
Halsall Thomas, Legven
Hewish Thomas, Daulby
Kay Charles, Daulby
Kay Thomas, Ballnalonna
Kennaugh John, Ballacool
Kennaugh John, Croak moan
King Thomas Ballaspett
Petrie Peter, Raggatt
Quane John, Ballacrink
Quayle Thomas, Ballaquayle
Quayle William, Glen-may
Quilliam John, Daulby
Quilliam John, Ballacurkey
Quirk John, Daulby
Quirk John, Trailjey
Quirk Margaret, Ballabennaa
Quirk Richard, Sheakherroo
Quirk Richard, Rheaby moar
Quirk Robert Chas. Knockaloe moar
Quirk Thomas, Daulby
Quirk Thomas, Craggan moar
Quirk William, Daulby
Radcliffe Henry, Gordon
Salmon Judith, Ballaquanc
Taggart Robert, Ballabaney
Teare Thomas, Daulby
Watterson Henry, Ballnalaghey
Watterson William, Ballacarkey


PARISH CHURCH, Knockalvemoar - Rev. Archibald Holmes
CHAPEL of EASE, Daulby-Rev. George Stephen
WESLEYAN METHODISTS, Daulby, Foxdale and Gordon




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