[From Slater's Directory, 1846]


LEZAYRE (or CHRIST-LEZAYRE) parish is in the sheading of Ayre and northern division of the Isle ; it is of considerable extent, being seven miles in length from N. to S and five in breadth from E.to W. The parish church is situate two miles west from Ramsey, on the south side of the main road-the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the crown. The northern part of this district is composed of fine rich land, and presents some respectable mansions to the eye of the traveller; the rest is mountainous and sterile, the most southern portion being occupied by the lofty Snafield, the highest elevation in the island, overlooking the surrounding sea, and embracing within its horizon the slopes of the neighbouring countries.

SULBY, the only village worthy of notice in Lezayre Parish, consists of a few houses ranged on the side of the main road to Ramsey, four miles west of that town. Here is a chapel belonging to the establishment. Two fairs are annually held at this village; one takes place on the 4th June the other on the 23rd July


Aspinall Mr. John, the Garey
Christian Miss Jane Eliz. Pooldooie
Christian John, Esq. (Deemster of Ramsey). Milntown
Christian Rev. William Bell, Vicarage, Lezayre
Collett Mr. John, C.P. Kella
Corlett Mr. John James Murray, Glentrammon
Curphey Mrs. Isabella, Ballakillingan
Curphey Mr. John, Baldromma
Hamilton Mr. Benedict Glentrammon
Harrison Mr.Thomas, Coolbane
Hayton Mr. John Wright, Hayton Hall, Lezayre
M' Whannell Mr. Lewellyn, Glunduff
Marsh Lieut. R. J. Cottage Mona
Martin Mr. Joseph. Druin House
Qualtrough Rev. John, Grange
Quilliam Mr. John, Ballakillingan
Teare Mr. John (C.P. for Ballaugh) Glentrammon
Villiers Mr. Frederick Henry, Ballcrea


Cain John, joiner, Sulby bridge
Caley Dauiei, shopkeeper, Sulby
Cannon Christian, schoolmistress, Sulby
Casement John, blacksmith,Churchtown
Cashin Wm. miller, Garratt's Mill
Christian John,cartwright, Glenmoar
Christian John, herbalist, Westaust
Corlett Hugh, mason, Glenmoar
Corlett Thomas, blacksmith, Sulby
Corlett William, cartwright, Bowring road, Lezayre
Cottier Thomas, joiner, Sulby
Cottier William, cartwright, Sulby
Cowle James, mason, Glenmoar
Cowley Dsuiel, shoe maker, Nappin
Cowley John, joiner, West Kella
Cowley Thos shoemaker,Ballaskella
Foyle James, mason, Coolbane
Gale Edwd. blacksmith, Sulby bridge
Gill Hugh, miller, Sulby Mill
Goldsmith Daniel,smith,sulby bridge
Goldsmith Robert, miller, Ballabroie
Joughin Hugh,parish clerk,Ballacrea
Kenney Elizabeth, publican, Sulby
Kenney John, blacksmith, Sulby
Kerruish Edmund, miller, Milntown
Killip John, shoe maker, Gabavolly
Killip John, shoe maker, Curraghi
Killip Nicholas, mason, Cleanaigh
Kneale Patrick,shoe maker,Clenraugh
Kneale William, shopkeeper, Sulby
Lloyd James, miller, Glenaldou
Lloyd Nathaniel & Co. starch manufacturers, CARRIN MILLS
M'Dowall John, master of parochial school, Lezayre
Quayle Wiliam,shoe maker, Sulby
Simon Dogherty, cartwright,Bowing road, Laxey [sic Lezayre ?]
Southward Thos. woollen manufacturer and dyer, Glenmoar
Teare Charles, blacksmith, near Regby gate


Caley Ann, Balanna
Caley Hugh, Ballamanagh
Caley John, East Ballacaley
Caley Thomas, Nanadale
Cartwright Thomas R. Ballagarrow
Carver Daniel, Moor hill
Clator John, Carrick
Conroy Robert,Nanadale
Corlett Isabella, Claddough
Corlett John, C. P. West Kella
Corlett John, Ballamanagh
Cottier John, Kerrow moar
Covin William, Carey
Cowle William, Grest
Cowley John, Cramnrag
Craine John, Ballamanagh
Craine Thomas, Ballamanagh
Crowe & Curphey, Ballacottier
Crowe Edmund, Eastaust
Crowe William, Narey
Favle John, Aray Kellew
Gill Thomas, Nanadale
Goldsmith Elizabeth, Ballaloole
Kelly Jane, Largaranay
Kenrade Hugh, Ballamanagh
Kenrade Thomas, Killa Briskey
Killip Thomas, Rock
Killip William, Curragh
Kissack John, Kerrow moar
Kneale John, Westaust
Kneale Thomas, Ballacowle
Kneen Ewan, Glenmore
Kneen John, Baillie
Lace Thomas, Curragh
Maynard George, Westaust
Milliechraine John, Cenody
Moore Ewan, Balladoole
Quayle John, Ballaskella
Quayle John, Cragvoar
Quayle Nicholas, Slawmanagh
Quilliam William, Ballabergey
Skillicorn Charles, West Ballacaley
Teare Robert, Vollau
Vandy Thomas, Ballachrink




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