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Poached by Rushen and Malew, her short shore-line sinks between the grandeurs Westward and the twisted rocks of Scarlett. Between hills and sea she has many pleasant places, of which Colby Glen is chief. The great name of Columbcille which the Church would have fastened upon her she has with becoming modesty rejected, and held to that of her baptist, Cairbre.

Ronnag, formerly Arronag, Aryhonick, Arystonick, etc., is a decayed district understood to comprise a dozen or so farms, which was formerly much more populous and thriving than it is to-day ; but it lacked that valuable aid to prosperity, a Fair, until in the 19th century a middle-aged resident with a sense of citizenship, Juan Illiam by name, saw what was needed. He therefore persuaded some of the women to set up stalls beside the only main road to attract the inhabitants of the rest of the parish and as many outsiders as possible. By his personal endeavours he maintained this unofficial function annually until he died, but no one had sufficient enterprise to carry it on afterwards. He is remembered as " Juan Illiam y Marghey," John William of the Fair.

It was in Ronnag, among many other places in the Kingdom, that they built a wall around the cuckoo to prevent his flying away and taking the summer with him.

Glion ny Craiee (so pronounced) extends from the Garey Mooar towards Ballahowin, North of Ronnag, and includes a stream and a bridge or culvert on the highway.

Lhingowl, " Confluence Pool," in the Ballachrink river, was the home of a colony of Glashtyns who worked on the farm. The Glashtyn Mooar Lhingowl is still famous locally for his strength and shagginess. There has evidently been some confusion here between the Glashtyn, a water-monster, and the hairy Fenoderree who, when the fit took him, would do three men's work for the farmer he favoured.

The Round Table, one of Man's three Round Tables, is a small mound or " fort " on Ballanorris near Ballabeg railway station, partly ploughed over at the end of the 19th century, but still standing well above the level of the field. Traditionally, it was a burial-ground.

Cronk Craine, Mount Gawne, contains a rhullick or ancient cemetery, and the name, though apparently signifying " Craine's Hill," may possibly have been Cronk Crawyn, " Bones Hill."

Sker Lheeah, " Gray Tidal-rock," is a reef of limestone at low-water mark about half a mile West of Balladoole House and on the North side of Pooylvaash.

Cronk ny Gamal is a hill and croft on Ballafoda, mentioned in the Lord's Rent Book.

The Dronagh is referred to in Thwaites's account of the Island as the site of a schoolhouse.

Thalloo ny Carnane, " Land of the Cairn," occurs among Isle of Man Charities for Arbory.


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