[From Castle Rushen, Armitage Rigby, 1927]


The late Lord Raglan, during his tenure of the office of Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, was peculiarly interested in the venerable fortress which had been the residence and the chief charge of so many of his predecessors.

To explore its structure, to elucidate its history, to repair and restore, and to remove the unsightly and incongruous additions of a time comparatively recent, was a task which he carried out with, it will probably be agreed, a great degree of success.

In this labour the author of the present work was employed until his untimely death in 1910, and the record left by him gives the result of his unique experience in the course of restoration.

The book, though nearly ready for publication when he died, must, unfortunately, lack his final revision, and a closing chapter or chapters, in which the author would have completed his discussion of the date of the building, and probably added a general summary of his conclusions, remained unwritten. Mr. R. F. Dodd, who was his pupil, and associated with him in his Castle Rushen researches, has however contributed a final chapter, as well as notes which were lacking, on the plans (H 1, 2, and 3) of the drawbridge. For this my thanks are due to him; also to Mr. F. L. Heslop, of Liverpool, and to Mr. Wm. Cubbon, of the Manx Museum, who has assisted so materially by suggestions with regard to the form of the work, revision of the plans, and various other matters relative to publication. I am particularly indebted to Mr. A. Knox for the beautiful designs of the cover, title page, the initial letters and tail-pieces. Fane's plan is inserted by kind permission of the Manx Government, in whose Guide to Castle Rushen (by Mr. J. E. Douglas) it appears. The original is in the Manx Museum.

Finally, my thanks are due in greatest measure to Mr. P. G. Ralfe, who with infinite patience and care has prepared the work for the Press.

This record of my husband's work at the Castle, which to him was truly a labour of love, is dedicated to his memory.

E. M. RIGBY. 9th August, 1927.


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