Fane's Plan of Castle Rushen, circa 1760


A - The gateway where trials of jail delivery are made

B - Entry with 3 gates and 2 port entries to the old castle called the Inner Ward

C - Court Yard or Area of the Inner Ward

D - Five Turrets on the inner rampart carried up solid from the ground to the foot of the parapet and then carried 9 feet upon corbels with Pavillion roofs and fire place spacerin each which are used as Offices. First for the General Receiver, 2nd Clerk of the Rolls; 3rd Water Bailiff 4th The Steward; 5th a watch house for the Patrol Guard.

E - A Long room over the gateway in the great tower where the court of Chancery is kept.

F - Vaulted rooms called the Treasury where the Lord's money is locked up.

G - Inner Rampart 9 feet thick and 25 feet high

H - Great Hall 25 feet High

I - Chapel

K - Plumbers foundry

L - Carpenters work house

M - Smithy

N - Kitchen

O - Lodging 3 Story high

P - Outer Rampart 10 feet thick of stone and lime and 2 feet high on the outside Sloped like a steep Glacis and 12 feet high on the inner side in which there are several lodgements.

Q - A Tower

R - A Ruinous Tower

S - A Tower at present a Pigeon house

T - An old wall that joins these two towers R,S to the square tower V.


M.-Fane's Plan of Castle Rushen, circa 1760



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