[From Poems; by Rev Robert Brown, 1826]


THINK, sinner, of the endless pain,
Which, this short life once o'er,
Sin's wretched victims shall sustain,
Oh think, and sin no more.

Think of the pangs which, when below,
The suffering Saviour bore;
Sin was the source of all his woe,
Oh think, and sin no more.

Think how he left the world above,
Where angel hosts adore;
Think bow he died, unrivalled love!
Ob think, and sin no more.

Believe on. Him, His saving aid
With ceaseless prayer implore;
And when temptation's storms invade,
Resist, and sin no more.

Thus passing life's tempestuous tide,
Thou soon shalt reach the shore,
Where ever-blooming joys abide,
And saints shall sin no more.

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