[From J. J. Kneen - Personal Names, 1937]


abb., abbreviation
acc., according
AD., Archdeacon
add., additional
AF., Anglo-French
AG., Attorney-General
AI., Anglo-Irish
AL., abbeylands
AN., Anglo-Norman
Angl., Anglicize, -ation
AS., Anglo-Saxon
ASc., AngloScottish
asp., aspirated or lenited
B., Barony
b., born
Berks., Berkshire
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Bp., Bishop
Br., Brythonic
Bret., Breton
Bucks., Buckingham
bur., buried
C., Celtic
c., circa
Cath., Cathedral
cf., Compare
ch., church
Ches., Cheshire
Cn., Castletown (Mann)
co., county
coll., colloquial
comp., comparative
Corn., Cornish
corr., corruption
CP., Captain of the Parish
CR., Clerk of the Rolls
Cumb., Cumberland
d., died dat., dative
dau., daughter
des., descendant
dep., deputy
der., derived from, derivative
dial., dialectic
dim., diminutive
Dm., Deemster
Ds., Douglas (Mann)
Du., Dutch
dub., dubious, doubtful
ecl., eclipsed or nasalized
Ed., Edward, King
Eng., English
esp., especially
f., feminine
fol., folio
Fr., French
Frank., Frankish
G., Goidelic
gen., genitive
Ger., German
Gloucs., Gloucester
Goth., Gothic
Gov., Governor
Gr., Greek
Hants, Hampshire
HB., High Bailiff
Heb., Hebrew
Hen., Henry, King
i.e., id est, that is
ind., indenture
infra, below
Ir., Irish
It., Italian
JP., Justice of the Peace
K., House of Keys
Lancs., Lancashire
Lat., Latin
leg., legendary
Lincs., Lincolnshire
lit., literary
LL., Lord's Land
m., masculine
mar., married
ME., Middle English
mod., modern
Mx., Manx
N., Norman
NHants., North Hampshire
no., number
nom., nominative
Northumb., North umberland
Norw., Norwegian
nr., near
N., S., E., W., North, South, East, West
obs., obsolete
OE., Old English
OF., Old French
OG., Old German
OL, Old Irish
OM., Old Manx
ON., Old Norse
p., pp., page, pages
perh., perhaps
pers., personal
Pl., Peel
pl., plural
p.n., place-name
pronun., pronunciation
q.v., which see
R., Receiver
RD., Registry of Deeds
Rect., Rector
Reg., Register
RG., Receiver General
Ric., Richard, King
RO., Rolls Office (Mann)
Rob., Robert, King
Ry., Ramsey
S., Saint s.a.,
sub anno, under year
SAL., Steward of the Abbeylands
Sc., Scots Gaelic
sg., singular
SH., Steward of the Household
SM., Steward of the Mines
s.n., occurs in a surname
soc., society
Som., Somerset
Sp., Spanish
Staffs., Staffordshire
Suff., Suffolk
supra, above
SVC., Strangers' Volunteer Coy.
Tent., Teutonic
trans., translation
V., Vicar
v., vide, see
var., variation
VG., Vicar-General
vol., volume
W., Welsh
Warw., Warwickshire
WB., Water Bailiff
Westm., Westmorland
Worcs., Worcestershire
Yorks., Yorkshire


( - ) Repetition
( ) Over a vowel indicates nasality
(' ) Acute accent indicates stress
(>) Reduced to
(G) Reduced from
( * ) Hypothetical form


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