[from Manx Place-names, 1925]

Parish of (Kirk Mary) Ballaugh.

1231 Bull Pope Gregory IX Ecclesia Sanctae Mariae de Ballalaughe
1505 Bishop's Charter Ecclesia Sanctae Marine de Balylagh
1648 Blundell Kirk Mary Ballaugh
1706 Dioc. Reg. Eccles. Paroch. de Sta. Maria de Ballilagh
1712 Dioc. Comm. Book Eccles. Paroch Sti. Maria de Ballaugh
  Manx Skyll (Moirrey) Balley ny loghey

THE church and parish are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The patronal fair was held on August 26th, (O.S. Aug. 15th) the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, called in Manx, Laa'l Moirrey toshee, or 'Mary's chief feast-day.'

The parish of Ballaugh, or, as anciently called, Kirk Mary of Ballaugh, is bounded on the E. by Kirk Christ Lezayre, on the S. by Kirk Michael, on the W. by the sea, and on the N. by Jurby. In length from N. to S. it is about five miles, and from E. to W. about three miles. The area of Ballaugh is 6085.842 acres.

The modern village of Ballaugh is situated on the main road between Peel and Ramsey, but the old village nestles near the old parish church not far from the shore.

Part of the Bishop's Demesne is in Ballaugh, and the boundary of this parish and the parish of Kirk Michael passes through the Chapel of St. Nicholas at Bishop's Court.

Neither the Abbot of Rushen nor any of the other Barons of Mann, with the exception of the Bishop, held lands in this parish.

v. Derivation of Ballaugh under names.


Ardrenk, Treen
1515, 1643 Man. Roll Lost.
Ir. Ard rinnace, `hill of dancing,' which was a great pastime in the olden days. Rinnce has been lost in Manx, and daunse, from Eng. dance, substituted.
Now the Forester's Lodge.
Arij Cottiman.
1703 Man. Roll 'Cottiman's shieling.'
Ballabeg [].
1643 Man. Roll idem.
1785 Manx Soc. XIV „
the 'Little farm.'
Ballacain, Treen [].
1515 Man. Roll Balycane
1643 ,, ,, Ballacaine
'Cain's farm' (Ir. Mac Cathdin). In 1515 we find William McCane involved in a suit against another tenant, but his holding is not set down. In 1643 Adam Caine held part of Glen Doo. Both of these were probably descendants of the original holder.
Ballacain [].
'Cain's farm.' Formerly intack.
Ballacooiley [].
1643 Man. Roll Balla ne quooley
1703 ,, ,, Ballakoilaij
1751 Dioc. Reg. Ballnahooilea
Mx. Balley ny cooilley, 'farm of the nook or corner.'
Ballacorage [].
1515 Man. Roll Dunran and Fynlo McQuarrag
1643 ,. ffinlo Corraige
1703 John Corraige
„ Ballacorraige
'McQuarrag or Corraige's farm ;' now Craige. (Ir. MacConcharraige).
Ballacrosha [].
1643 Man. Roll Ballacroshey
'Cross farm.' One of the quarterlands o£ Ballaterson treen with which it is almost identical in meaning.
Ballacrye [].
1515 Man. Roll Gibbon McCray
1643 Jo. Cry
1703 ,, .. Wm. Cry
„ Ballacry 'McCray or Cry's farm' (Ir. MacRaith).
Ballacurn, Treen [].
1231 Bull Pope Gregory IX Ballacure
1515 Man. Roll Balycurryn
1703 ,, Ballacurne
'Curry, McCurry or O'Curry's farm.' In 1515 the wife of Hugh McCurry had the Mill of Scrondall and also part of the treen of Ballacurn. The treen of Scron dall adjoins Ballacurn. McCurry and McCurghy were common Ballaugh names in the 16th century and probably long before. They are both derived from the Irish personal name Comhraidhe or O Comhraidhe. The development of the final n in the later forms of the place-name is due to the nasalization of the first vowel being thrown forward on to the second. Comhraidhe is pro-nounced Curry, with the vowel u strongly nasalized, which eventually became Curryn and Curn. Similar examples are found in the Manx language and also in Manx place-names, thus Cornama in Kirk Malew, now Cordeman; Ardona in Kirk Andreas, now Ardonan, etc. Documentary evidence shows that the Bishop's Demesne was enlarged at a very early date by taking in the treens of Brough Jiarg, Ballacurn and Ballafageen ; most of which later reverted to the king. Two quarterlands of Ballacurn are still an integral part of Bishop's Court, and probably small portions of Brough Jiarg and Balla-fageen (Kk. Michael).
Ballacurnkeil [].
1643 Man. Roll Ballacurne begg
'Narrow or small (Mx. keyl) Ballacurn.'
Ballacurn Mooar.
1643 Man. Roll Ballanalargy, q.v.
Ballakinnag [].
1643 Man. Roll Ballakenny
1783 Dioc. Reg. Balla kinny
'Kinnag or McKenag's farm' (Ir. MacCoinnigh). Fynlo and John McKenag in the treen of Dromrew-agh, Kirk Michael, in 1515. v. Ballakinnag in Kirk Michael.
Ballakoig, Treen
1515 Man. Roll Balyskebag
1643 ,, ,, Balyskebag -
1703 ,, Balla keog
1737 Dioc. Reg. Ballakaig
This is a coast treen, and the second element probably represents Scand. skipavik, 'ship creek,' which has disappeared through erosion. v. Ballaskeg in Kirk Maughold.
Ballamona, Treen []
1515 Man. Roll Balymony
1643 Ballamony
1689 Manx Soc. XIV Ballamoaney
'Turf or peat farm.' Two quarterlands, Ballamona Mooar and Beg.
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Balley ny liargee, 'farm of the slope.' Now Ballacurn Mooar.
1643 Man. Roll Ballamore Mx. Balley mooar, 'great farm.'
Ballaneddin [].
1643 Man. Roll idem
Mx. Balley yn eddan, farm of the stream.' Feddan, 'a whistle, pipe, etc.' ; in place-names means 'a narrow stream running in a deep channel like a pipe.'
Ballateare's Meadow.
1643 Man. Roll John Tear
1703 ,, ,, Teare
Ballaterson, Treen [].
1515 Man. Roll Balytersyn
1643 „ Ballatersin
„ ,, Higher & Lower B'terson
1792 Manx Soc. XIV Balla Tessin
'Farm of the cross or crozier.' This treen is close to the Bishop's demesne. v. idem in Kirk Marown and Kirk Maughold.
Ballathoar [].
1643 Man. Roll Ballentore
1766 Manx Soc. XIV Bal ne Toar
Mx. Balley yn tour, 'farm of the bleach-green.'
Ballaugh [].
1798 Feltham Balaff
For other old forms see introduction to parish.
Balley ny loghey, 'homestead of the lake.' This home-stead or small community was on the shores of Dufloch. v. Dollagh Mooar.
Ballavolley, Treen [].
1515 Man. Roll Balyvall
1643 Ballavally
Mx. Balley yn vollee,'farm of the road' (bollagh). Old road leading into through the Curraghs.
1643 Man. Roll
'Top or crest of the old road' (bollagli).
Bare na Ellan Renny.
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Bayr yn ellan rhennee, 'road of the ferny isle.' Curragh district.
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Bayr ny neayn, 'road of the lambs.' Eayn eclipsed in gen, plural.
Bayr ny pollagh.
1869 Highway Accounts. Polly Road
'Road of the pools.' From the Dollagh to the Polleys.
Bayr ny thunnag or Baarney thunnag.
'The road or gap of the duck.'
Bishop's Court.
1595 Durham Corte
The Bishop's residence on the boundary of Ballaugh and Kirk Michael.
Bishop's Curragh.
1766 Manx Soc. XIV.
Mx. Curragh yn A spick, [knrax an jaspitj].
Bishop's Demesne.
Lands in Ballaugh and Kirk Michael attached to Bishop's Court.
Bishop's Glen.
Part of the Bishop's Demesne. The stream is the boundary between Ballaugh and Kirk Michael.
Bollagh, The [].
An old road through the Curragh. v. Gob y volley and Slieau Volley.
Bollagh Jiarg, The [].
'Red road.' An old road leading from Bishop's Court to the parish church of St. Mary.
Boayl ein, 'spot of the birds.' Several crofts on Brough Jiarg.
Brooinyn glassey [e].
'Green brows.' Nr, Forester's Lodge.
Brough Jiarg, Treen [].
1515 Man. Roll Broctarge
1643 ,. Brough Jarge
1783 Dioc. Reg. Brooghjarg
Mx, Broogh jiarg, 'red brow.' On the sandy coast.
In 1703 Lower and Higher B.J. It may also be noted that the Norse borg often becomes, by metathesis, brough in the Hebrides and elsewhere, and there is a fort of the borg (Gael. dun) type on the N. boundary of Brough Jiarg.
Cabbal Ronnican.
1826 Manks Advertiser
Probably St.Roincheann mentioned in the Martyrology of Donegal. 'Roincheann's chapel.' Now corrupted into Cabbal rullickey. On Bishop's demesne.
Caine's Common.
1703 Man. Roll
"Gilbert Cain, Shoemaker, z1d. intack in Caine's Common."
Carmodil, Treen [].
1515 Man. Roll Carmedall
1643 Carmodall
1703 ,, ,, Carmodell
1754 Manx Soc. XIV Carniddle
In the 1515 form the reading is doubtful, it may be Carmedall or Carnedall. Old mills on the stream suggest Stand. Kverudrdalr, 'mill water dale.' v. Cardle in Maughold.
Carmodil Glen.
Between Carmodil and Ballamoar.
Carmodal's Curragh.
1703 Man. Roll
"1703 ffinlo Craine of Carmodal more."
Carn Sharragh Bane.
'Cairn of the white foal.' "A huge block of white quartz in the mountains near Druidale." (Mx. Names), v. Sharragh bane.
Cashtal Lough.
'Castle of the lake.' Site of cairn.
Castle, The.
Mx. Cashtal lajer, [kaftfal lagar].
'Strong castle.' Tumulus on Cronk Ould.
Chibbyr claddagh.
'Well of the river-meadow.' Ballaterson.
Chibbyr Ferish.
'Fairy's well.' v. Close Ferish and Logh Ferish.
Chibbyr glass.
'Clear or sparkling well.'
Chibbyr lheiy. [].
'Calf's well.'
Chibbyr ny tree bane [] .
'Well of the white end or boundary.' South of Ballaugh village.
Chibbyr Phariek.
'Patrick's well.' Tradition says that St. Patrick fell from his horse here, and drank from the well before resuming his journey over the mountain load, On the side of Slieau Curn.
Chibbyr Voirrey [].
'Mary's well.' To be seen at low water, opposite Ballakoig.
Chibbyr y Chiarn.
'The Lord's well.' On the mountain E. of the road to Montpelier.
Clagh vane.
'White stone.'
Clark's Close.
1643 Man. Roll Wm. Clarke
1703 ,, ,, Close Clark
„ „ ,,Clark's Close Cley curry.
1703 Man. Roll Cley curry
„ Wm. Stephen ne Cleay Mx. Cleigh curree, 'hedge or fence of the marsh.'
Close a Callow.
1643 Man.' Roll 'Callow's close.'
Close a Captain.
1643 Man. Roll
'Close of the captain (of the parish),'
Close a vona.
1643 Man. Roll ti
'Close of the turf-pit.'
Close Ballacally.
1703 Man. Roll John Cally
'Close of Ballacaley.' "John Cally of Ballacally, Kk. Christ Lezayre."
Close Ballacorage.
1703 Man. Roll v. Ballacorage.
Close Conning.
1703 Man. Roll 'Rabbit's enclosure.'
Close Cordias.
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Close cor jiass,'close of the south hill.' (Ir. Cordeas)
Close Corrin.
1703 Man. Roll 'Corrin's close.'
Close Craine.
1703 Man. Roll 'Craine's close.'
Close Cronstall.
1703 Man. Roll
'Close of Cronstall.'"1703 Ewan Christian, Cran-stall, Kk. Bride."
Close e Coriage.
1643 Man. Roll ffinlo Coraige
1703 ,, .. Close e Coriage
'Coraige's close.' v. Ballacorage.
Close e Cowley
1703 Man. Roll 'Cowley's close.'
Close e Gell.
1703 Man. Roll 'Gell's close.'
Close e Kelly.
1703 Man. Roll 'Kelly's close.'
Close e Kessage.
1643 Man. Roll 'Kissack's close.'
Close Emell.
1643 Man. Roll 'Emily's (flimil) close.'
Close e quackin.
1643 Man. Roll
'Quackin or Quaggin's close.'
Close e Quaile
1703 Man. Roll
'Quayle's close.' "1643 Ro. Quaile of Kirk Conchan.'
Close Ferish.
'Fairy's close.'
Close heese.
1803 Par. Reg.
'Lower close.' Ballabeg.
Close Mean.
1790 Par. Reg. 'Middle close.'
1703 Man. Roll Closemore
1783 Dioc. Reg. Close Moar
'Great close.'
Close Moughtin.
1703 Man. Roll 'Moughtin's close.'
Close na Tunagg.
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Close ny thunnag, 'close of the duck or ducks.
Close ne Chibbrough.
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Close ny chibbyragh, 'enclosure of the well.'
Close na Cregga.
1703 Man, Roll
'Close of the rock' (ny creggey).
Close ne mony.
1703 Man. Roll 'Enclosure of the turbary.'
Close Renny.
1703 Man. Roll idem. 'Ferny close' (rhennee),
Close Reij.
1703 Man. Roll 'Lord's close' (rea).
Close Taggart.
1703 Man. Roll 'Taggart's close.'
Close Woods.
1703 Man. Roll 'Wood's close.'
Close y vollee.
1643 Man. Roll
Close Avalley
1737 Dioc. Reg. Close y Volly
'Close ot the road.' v. Ballavolley.
Coan Woie.
1754 Dioc. Reg. Konbwiooe
1766 ,, if Coan Woie Mx. Coan buigh, 'yellow hollow.'
Coar Cross.
1652 Par. Reg.
It is difficult to say what may be the meaning of toar in some place-names. As an adjective it means 'pleasant or odd,' as a noun 'a hollow,' and sometimes 'a hill.'
Conney mooar.
'Great gorse or furze.' Formerly used for firewood.
Cooill ny bingey.
1869 Highway Accounts Cool ny binghey 'Corner of the jury,' (or pennies; ping, gen. pingey), Lands for which 1d. was paid were called penny lands or pieces.
Cooill ny goayr.
'Nook of the goats.' Ballacrye.
Cooill y chatt.
Nook of the cat.' (wild?)
Corvalley [].
1643 Man. Roll idem.
'Odd farm.' v. idem in Kk. Christ Rushen.
Cottery Plate or Gaafher.
1715 Dioc. Reg.
A.W. Moore says that Cottery Plate is Cottier's flat. Gaafher is obscure. Field name on mountain-side, between Ballaugh and Lezayre. It begins the boundary on rough uncultivated land.
Craig bane y Billvilly.
'The white rock of Bill (the son of) Billy.' A circle of white stones.
Crawyn. [].
1643 Man. Roll Carlane.
This seems to be a peculiar metathetic corruption of the older form. v. Killane River
'Withered place.' v. Creenaugh in Kirk Arbory.
A field near the river.
Creg ny caillee.
'Rock of the hag.' A spur of Slieau Curn.
Croit Bill Paarick.
1804 Par. Reg.
'The croft of Bill (son) of Patrick.' Field on Ballabeg
Croit Boddagh.
'Boyd or Boddagh's croft.'
Croit Horn Ralfe.
From a man named Tom Ralfe Callister on the Bishop's demesne.
Croit ny goshen.
The latter element is obscure, but may be cosh the dative form of tass, pluralized. 'Croft of the feet or ends.' Joins Ballaterson.
Crongan o.
'The grandson's hillock.'
Cronk ailey.
'Hill of fire.' "A tumulus from which three cists have been taken." (Mx. Names).
1703 Man. Roll Cronkan, Knockan
1761 Dioc. Reg. Crongan
1792 ,,
1800 Eccles. Doc. Crongan, the
'Little hill.' "John Mylvorry found dead on the mountain called the Crongan, 1792."
Cronk armyn.
'Hill of arms (weapons).' Tumulus.
Cronk beg.
'Little hill.' Tumulus.
Cronk Glass.
'Green hill.'
Cronk skeilt.
'Cleft hill.' Tumulus.
Cronk Ould. [].
1643 Man. Roll Knock Oale
'Owle's hill.' This surname is found in Kk. Maughold and Kk Patrick in 1511-15.
Cronk unjin.
'Ash hill.' Tumulus.
Cronk y chlagh vane.
Hill of the white stone.' Tumulus with white stone on it.
Cronk y sthowyr. [] .
'Hill of the staff.' Tumulus.
Crot na Slate.
1703 Man Roll
'Croft of the slates.' (sclate).
Crott a Kneen or Crott a Green.
1643 Man. Roll Jo. Kneen
1703 „ „ Wm. „
'Kneen's croft.' 1515, McNyven (Ir.MacNaoimhin).
Crott Carratt.
1643 Man. Roll 'Carratt or Garrett's croft.'
Crott Cly Curry.
1703 Man. Roll
'Cly Curry croft.' v. Cley Curry.
Crott e Grazy [].
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Croit y ghreasee, 'croft of the cobbler.'
"John Cowle for small parcel in this Treene (Balla koig) called Crott e Grazy of 12d rent now taken away by the sea."
"John Cowle of the Hill near the Church" (the Parish church of St. Mary."
Crott Gubbon,
1703 Man. Roll `Gibbon or Gubbon's croft.'
Crott ne coning.
1703 Man. Roll
Crott ne coning
1754 Dioc. Reg.
Criot ny Cunning
Mx. Croit ny conning, 'croft of the rabbit, or rabbits.'
Crott e Quark.
1757 Dioc. Reg.
'Quark's croft.' Part of the church glebe.
Curragh Aspick [].
'Bishop's mire.'
Curragh acyr [].
'Acre mire.'
Curragh Illiam.
'William's mire.' Deemster's Road.
Dollagh Mooar and Beg [].
1376 Chronn. Man. Dufloch
1643 Man. Roll Dowlough
1703 ,, ,, Dollagh
'Black lake.' This was one of the greater lakes of the Curragh district.
Dolley, The.
Part of the Dollagh whereon are some of the houses of the old village which clustered round the parish church of St.Mary. Here also is a triangular green plot between the river and the highroad where Ballaugh fair was held on the festival of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
Dubbey mooar.
'Great pool.' At the mouth of the Doo. Probably a remnant of the ancient lake.
Doo The.
Probably contracted from Awin doo, 'black river.' Ballaagh river has its source on Slieau Doo,flows through Glen Doo, and at one time probably flowed into Dufloch or Logh Doo.
Durlish Cubon.
1703 Man. Roll Durlish Cubon
1746 Dioc. Reg. Durlish Yhobben
1756 Dorlis Gubon 'Cubbon's gap.'
Ellan a voddij.
1643 Man. Roll Ellan a voddij
1754 Dioc. Reg. Ellan y voadey
Mx. Ellan y voddee, 'isle of the dog.' In the Curragh.
Ellan Squeen [].
'Squeen island.' Where Squeen joins Brough Jiarg
Ellen e Callow.
1703 Man. Roll
'Callow's isle.' In the Curragh.
Faaie Claddee.
1786 Par. Reg.
'Marsh fiat or green.' Batlabeg.
Faaie Rob.
1804 Par. Reg.
'Rob's flat.' Dollagh beg.
Faaie Kitchen or Kitchen Park.
Ballamona Beg.
Faaie ny Cabbal [].
'Flat or green of the chapel.' On Ballamore, a little way up the glen.
Ffaij Clery.
1743 Dioc. Reg.
Mx. Faaie Cleree, 'clerk's flat.' "Clerk's glebe lost, supposed to be ffaij Clery." -Extract from Diocesan Visitation.
Forrester's Lodge.
1703 Man. Roll
"The fforrester's Lodge of 13/4 no composition made for the same being in the Lord's hands for the use of the fforrester's."
"The Foster or his Deputy ought to go forth on St. Collume's Eve through the Forest, and to ride to the highest Hill Topp within the Isle of Mann, and there to blow his Horne thrice, the same done then after to range and view the Forrest." (Mx. Statutes 1504.)
Frowde's Road.
1869 Highway Accounts Old Church to the Birragh.
Garey Meen [].
1643 Man. Roll
Gary Ween
'Fine or small shrubbery.'
Giat Bill Gawne.
'Bill Gawne's gate or road.' Field on Ballabeg.
Giat Hom Ned.
'Tom (son of) Ned's gate or road.' Field on Ballabeg.
Glaick [].
1643 Man. Roll Glack
'A small hollow.' Lit. the hollow of the hand.'
Glan Shellagh.
1643 Man Roll 'Glen of willows.'
Glion ny gounee.
1760 Par. Reg.
'Glen of the stripper or young cow.'
Glen Dhoo.
1643 Man. Roll Glan Dow
1759 Dioc. Reg. Glion Doo 'Black or dark glen.'
Glen Shoggle.
1643 Man Roll Glen Shogell
1729 Dioc. Reg. Glan Shoggel
1759 ,, ,, Glion Shuggil ' Rye glen.' (shoggyl).
Gob y volley [].
1733 Man. Roll Gob a volley
'Mouth or point of the old road.' Part of the mountain called Slieau Volley which is opposite the bollagh, q.v.
Groit ny gurrin.
Probably a corruption of Croit Corrin, 'Corrin's croft.' Inclose, The.
Keeill Moirrey [].
'Mary's church.' Site of, on Carmodil beg
Karroo doo.
'Black quarter.' Knockan.
1703 Man. Roll 'Hillock.'
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Laggan, 'a hollow.'
1703 Man. Roll
'White hollow.' "In the mountain."
Lane of Close avalley.
1643 Man. Roll
Leaney Ballacroshey.
1643 Man. Roll 'Ballacroshey meadow.'
Leany begg.
1643 Man. Roll 'Little meadow.'
Leany keal.
1643 Man. Roll Narrow meadow.'
Leany volley.
1643 Man. Roll
'Meadow of the road.' v. Ballavolley.
1867 Wood
Mx. Lieh kerroo, 'half quarterland.'
Loghan Ferish.
'Fairy's pond.' Ballacrye.
Loughan Ruy.
'The red pond.' The great elk was taken out of this pond in 1819.
Lough Caine.
1643 Man. Roll Wm. Caine 'Caine's lake.'
Lough Dhoo.
'Black lake.' v. Dollagb.
Lough ne greeagh.
1720 Dioc. Reg.
Mx. Logh ny greagh, 'lake of the stacks.' Containing small stack-like islands.
Magher ny clagh [].
'Field of the stone.' Bishop's Court.
Magher y clover.
''The clover-field.'
Part of Ballacoraige on which the old parish school-house (built by Rev. James Wilks) stands.
Nai ghorrm.
1766 Dioc. Reg.
Mx. Yn aaia ghorrym, the blue flat.'
Nascoin [].
1754 Dioc. Reg. Nash Cawin „
,, Niaskawin
1761 Nash Yhoan
This is obscure. Moore (Mx. Names) derives it from yn eas coon, the narrow waterfall,' but this is doubtful as there is no fall here. The first element may be Ir. ais, 'a small hill.' Ir. An ais chumhang the narrow hill.'
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Yn ellan, the island.'
Nellan More.
1643 Man. Roll
Mx. Yn ellan mooar, the great isle.' In the Curragh.
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Yn ellan rhennee, the ferny isle.' In the Curragh.
Nellen Carratt.
1703 Man. Roll
"Wil. Killip e Nellen Carratt," W.K. of Carrett's (Garrett) isle (yn ellan).' In the Curragh.
Purt, The.
v. Purt y candas, in Kirk German. The land at the top of Glen Doo, between the mountains at the head of Ballaugh Glen.
Quid ne binney or Kud na pingy.
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Cooid ny pingey, 'part or portion of the penny.' One penny rent.
Rest Road, The.
1869 Highway Accounts "Ballaugh Glen to the Rest Road."
1703 Man. Roll
Roddagagh, 'moor gall.' A plant used for dyeing purposes. A place where moor-gall grows.
Scrundal, Treen. [].
1515 Man. Roll Scrondall
1643 ,, ,, Scrandall
1739 Dioc. Reg. Scrodle
The first element in this name is very corrupt. The original name was possibly Scand. Skágardalr,'wooded dale or glen.'
Scrundal Mill.
1515 Man. Roll Scrondall Mill
1703 „ Scrandall „
Sharragh Bane [].
1703 Man. Roll Sharraugh bane
1754 Dioc. Reg. Sharragh bane
'White foal.' Name of a rock, from which a small estate takes its name, at the S. end of the parish.
Slieau Curn [].
'Mountain of Ballacurn,' q.v.
Slieau Volley [] .
1703 Man. Roll
'Mountain of the road.' v. Gob y vollee
St. Mary's Church.
The parish church. v. Introduction to parish.
St. Mary's Glen.
From an ancient church. v. Keeill Moirrey.
Squeen [].
1643 Man. Roll Squeene
Scand. Sviða-n, the woodland cleared for tillage by burning.'
Thalloo Balley.
Farm land or plot.' On Glaick.
1703 Man. Roll
Mx. Thie claddee, 'marsh house.' "Jo. Cowle of the Hill near the Church (Parish) for a cottage of 6d called Tycloaddy."
Whetston Hill. 1627 C.R.P.
v. Ballawhetstone in Kirk Malew. Where the day and night watch were kept for the parish of Ballaugh.


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