[From Psalmyn Ghavid]

Psalmyn Ghavid



Bannit ta’n dooinney shen ta chea
Veih olk dy-chooilley raad;
Nagh vel lurg coyrle mee-cnrauee shooyl
Ny soie ayns stoyl ny craid.


Agh mooarane taitnys t’eh dy ghoaill
Ayns ynric leigh e Yee;
T’eh jannoo ‘churrym jeh ‘sy laa
As smooinaght er ‘syn oie.


T’eh goll-rish billey soit rish awin,
Ta bishaghey as gaase;
Skeayley ‘vanglaneyn trome lesh mess,
B ghuilley kinjagh glass.


Agh vouesyn ta mee-arryssagh
Ta’n vaynrys vooar shoh freilt;
T’ad goll rish coau sheebit lesh geay
Er fei ny cruinney skeaylt.


Ayns briwnys kiart ta faagit mooie
Ny kimmee kyndagh treih;
T’ad eebrit magh veih nooghyn Yee,
As sheshaght crauee sleih.


Son Jee ta moylley raad e Noo
As leagh mooar ver eh da;
Agh eh ta geiyrt da raaidyn camm
Ta cherraghtyn dy-bra.


HOW blest is he who ne’er consents
By ill advice to walk;
Nor stands in sinners’ ways, nor sits
Where men profanely talk.


But makes the perfect law of God
His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,
And meditates by night.


Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,
With timely fruit does bend,
He still shall flourish, and success
All his designs attend.


Ungodly men and their attempts
No lasting root shall find;
Untimely blasted, and dispers’d
Like chaff before the wind.


Their guilt shall strike the wicked dumb
Before their Judge’s face;
No formal hypocrite shall then
Amongst the saints have place.


For God approves the just man’s ways
To happiness they tend;
But sinners, and the paths they tread,
Shall both in ruin end.


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