[From Pigot's Directory, 1837]


Michael parish is situate in the sheading of its name in the northern division of the island; it is five miles and a half in length from north to south, and four in breadth from east to west. Those portions of the district that margin the shore, and the northern tracts are fertile and well cultivated ; but the principal part is studded with lofty hills, that seem to defy the efforts of the agriculturalist at reclamation.

The village of KIRK MICHAEL is 16 miles north of north of Douglas, the like distance from Castletown,-, seven north east of Peel, and nine west of Ramsey; situate on the main road from the last-named town, not far from the seashore. At the south end of the village is a comfortable inn and a court-house -, in the latter the northern deemster and the vicar-general sits on the last Thursday of each month. The new parish church, dedicated to Saint Michael. and erected in 1835, is an ornament to the village; the crown appoints to the living, which is a vicarage: the church-yard contains the remains of many of the bishops ; the inscription on the tomb of Bishop Wilson, to the east of the church, is worthy of notice on account of its primitive simplicity. . Near the church gate is a high, square, runic pillar of blue. stone, covered over with singularly involved devices which tradition attributes to the honour of a Norwegian chief. About a mile to the east, on the road to Ramsey, is Bishops' Court, the episcopal residence of the head of the Manx church. A fair is held for cattle, and hiring servants on the 10th October.

POST, KIRK-MICHAEL, Receiving House at Jane Crow’s.—Letters to and from DOUGLAS, &c. are despatched and arrive (by foot post) every Monday,. Wednesday and Friday in summer, and every Tuesday-and Friday in winter.


Anderson Capt. John, Cooley lodge
Barratt Mr. D. D. Largyvrack
Brown Rev. Joseph, Vicarage
Cannell Miss Louisa, White house
Colquohoun Mrs. Elizabeth, Cronk Urleigh
Walker Quarton L. Errinville
Ward Right Rev. William, Lord Bishop, Bishop’s Court


Cain John, C.P.. Ballaskyr
Cannell John, Ballafageen
Daugherty William (and miller) Ballaquane
Nelson Patrick, Ballaranie


Cain John
Corlett John
Corlett John (Temperance)
Crow Jane
Gee W. Stacey (Crown & Mitre)
Quayle Charles (and hatter)


In KIRK-MICHAEL when not otherwise expressed.

Boyd William, nail maker
Brown Joseph,jun.deputy episcopal registrar
Cannell Christian, master of the parochial school
Cannell Thomas, tailor
Cannehl Thomas, saddler
Cannell Thomas, blacksmith
Cannell William, hatter
Christian Ann, dress maker
Clark Christian, joiner
Corken Henry, tailor
Corkill Elizabeth, milliner
Corlett Margaret, dress maker
Crow John, stone mason
Crow Thomas, stone mason
Gell Evan, brewer and wine and spirit merchant
Hadden John, grocer
Hannah John, shoe maker
Kelly Patrick, master of parochial school, Crank Urleigh
Kelly William, shoe maker
Kneale William, grocer
Maxwell John, joiner
Partridge William, farm steward Bishop’s Court
Quayle Robert, tailor
Quayle William, blacksmith
Reade Thomas, surgeon
Roney John, grocer
Skillicorn Philip, butcher
Skillicorn Thomas, joiner
Stewart John, butcher


To DOUGLAS, a Coach (from Ramsey)calls at the Crown and Mitre, forenoon (Sunday excepted) at eleven and evening at six in summer, and afternoon at one in winter; goes through St. John’s.
To RAMSEY, a Coach (from Douglas)calls at the Crown and Mitre every forenoon (Sunday excepted) at ten and afternoon at half-past five in summer, & every day at half.past twelve in winter; goes thro’ Ballaugh & Sulby.



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