[From Pigot's Directory, 1837]

Andreas Parish

Is four miles in length from north to south and about two and a half in width from east to west; situate in the Ayre sheading, in the northern part of the Island - the parish church being four miles and a half north of Ramsey. This parish is principally under cultivation, as it is mostly low or level land; but it comprises no village worthy of description. The church was rebuilt in 1800, and contains seven hundred sittings; the living is a rectory in the gift of the crown: without this ediface is a handsome marble font (in a former age the property of Phillip I. of France) presented to the parish by Mr. Corlett. Near Ballacurry is a quadrangular encampment, generally supposed to have been constructed by Cromwell's troops during the parliamentary war. An annual fair is held in the parish on the 11th of December.

Gentry and Clergy

Allen Mr. Thomas, Ballavarry
Christian Mr. Jno. Murray, Ballacross
Dodd Mr. Richard. Ballaradcliffe
Drury Rev. William (curate) Village
Hamilton Mr. George, Glebe
Kneale Mr. John, C.P. Regaby Hall
Kneale Mr. John, Ballabeg
Philpot the Venerable Archdeacon, Benjamin, M.A. Brawse
Sayle Mr. Thomas, Craig
Teare Mr. William, Ballawhane


Brown James, Brause
Cleator William, Ballalane
Corlett Robert, Dock
Cowle Charles, Ballakaneen
Kee Daniel, Loudas
Kneale John, Ballabeg
Kneale Patrick, Ballacaner
Kneale William, Regabybeg
Martin, John Tear, Smeale
Moore William, Ballavoddan
Quarry James, Ballavoddan
Radcliffe Charles, Croganer
Radcliffe Charles, Knockane
Radcliffe George, Crogane
Sayle John, Gilcagh
Sayle William, Larivane
Teare William, Ballakenna


Cannell John, Ballacross
McConchie Thomas, Lhanmoor
Moore John, Smeale
PAROCHIAL, Andreas - Caroline Page mistress
PAROCHIAL, Village - John Cannell, master
Teare Caesar, Kerroo Garroo

Shopkeepers & Traders

Cain John, publican, Ballaradcliffe
Cannell Jane, shopkeeper, Ballaradcliffe
Corlett John, turner, Andreas
Garett Wm. blacksmith, Andreas
Kneen William, blacksmith, Craig
Radcliffe James, joiner, Ballacross
Radcliffe James, joiner, Andreas
Radcliffe William, joiner, Andreas
Sayle Daniel,shopkeeper,Ballacurry
Teare Jane, shopkeeper, Closekee
Teare John, publican, Closekee
Teare Thomas, blacksmith, Llaga
Teare Thomas, joiner, Andreas

Places of Worship

PARISH CHURCH, Glebe - the Venerable Archdeacon, Benjamin Philpot, rector


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