[From Pigot's Directory, 1823]


On the north-eastern coast of the island, and near the bay of the same name, is eight miles N. by E. of Laxey, sixteen from Douglas, sixteen from Peel by the shore road, eighteen and three quarters by St. John's, twelve from Castletown,through St. John's, and twenty-eight from Whitehaven on the opposite coast. The bay is spacious and secure from all winds not blowing directly on share, but the harbour, being much choked with sand, admits vessels of only small burden. Within sight of this place the French commander Thurot, after laying several places on the surrounding shores under contribution, received his defeat and death from the squadron under the command of Commodore Elliott. The Parish church of Maughold is about three miles to the southward. The streets of the town are well paved and clean, the court-house is neat; a handsome new chapel was built about five years ago, and there are two tolerably good inns. The principal trade, next to that in herrings consists in the exportation of agricultural produce and the importation of coals, lime, timber, &c.. There is no regular market held here, though the town is plentifully, supplied from a fertile neighbourhood. A great part of the fleet of herring boats belongs to this port, where they lie dismantled and laid up during the winter and spring. The population, according to the authorized census of 1821, was 1523.

POST OFFICE - Post Master, Mr. Joseph Christian. For particulars see Douglas

Baggot Mrs.
Baker Rev. Wm. Richard Independent Minister
Callow Edwd, Esq. Maughold-st
Christian Daniel, Esq.
Christian John, Esq. parochial surveyor
Christian John, Esq. collector of customs
Christian Thos Esq. Ballure
Christian Wm Esq. Maughold-st
Corlett John Esq. parochial surveyor Glentrammon, Lezayre
Corlett Rev Philip, minister St. Paul's
Corlett Thos. Arthur, Esq.high bailiff of Ramsey & advocate
Curphey Joseph, R. N.
Daniel Walter, Esq.
Joughin Mrs. Matigliold-st
Kissack Mrs Isabella
Kissack Wm. Esq Vice-consul for Sweden & Norway
Lace Mrs Jane
La Mothe F. surgeon, Maughold-st
Moore Misses
Mylrea Daniel, Esq.
Mylrea Thos. Esq.
Patterson Rev. - methodist minister
Reid Major
Tear Mrs. Margaret
Tillett Mrs. Elizabeth
Tillet Wm Esq.


Collector, John Christian, Esq.
Comptroller, landing-waiter, searcher & coast-waiter, Mr. William Callow
Tide-surveyor, Mr. Edmd. Gill
Tide-waiters & boatmen, Thomas Tearne, John Corlett, John Curphy, Robert Milburn & Edward Skillicorn


Heelis Hotel & posting-house (gigs, saddle horses,, cars, bathing -machines, &c. on the shortest notice) Josiah Heelis
Mitre Inn., M. Ride


Corlett Margery
Glaister Margaret
Guy Mrs.
Ivie Jane
Roskell John, Maughold,
Underwood Catharine


Boscow Nicholas, corn merchant ; house Lezayre
Brown Hugh coal merchant
Caley John, constable
Callow James, joiner & builder
Callow Wm. vict. & ship carpenter
Cannell John, hat manufacturer
Cannell Peter, tailor & draper
Cannell Thos. hat manufacturer
Cannell Thos. baker
Christian Cattiarine, shopkeeper
Christian John, collector of customs
Christian Joseph, post-master, vict & shopkeeper
Christian Philip Caasar, broker
Christian Thos. vict. & shopkeeper, Seven Stars
Christian Wm. victualler
Clague Jas. vict. &,blacksmith
Clark James, cooper
Clark Judy, vict. Yawl
Clark Thos. cooper
Cleator John, constable
Collister Margaret, spirit & timber merchant
Connor Hugh, tailor & draper
Corkill John, vict. and blacksmith, Horse Shoe
Corkill Wm vict.
Corlett Hugh, joiner
Corlett James, plasterer & stucco worker
Corlett John, tide-waiter
Corlett Margery. vict and lodging-house
Corlett Wm. vict.
Corlett Wm. boot & shoemaker
Cottier Wm. baker
Cowle Charles, shopkeeper and eartlienware,dealer
Cowley Daniel, brewer
Cowley Michiel, vict.
Cowley Wm. hair-dresser
Craine Henry, ironmonger
Crawford C. vict. & draper
Crawford Thos. victualler
Creer Charles. blacksmith
Creer John, baker
Criggall Margaret, shopkeeper
Crow Edward. tailor
Devoy Mrs. grocer & spirit dealer
Donaldson James, victualler, Hope and Anchor
Dougharty Philip, hatter
Douglas John, constable
Farghar Robt clerk of the parish
Garrett Wm. &,John, tanners
Gill John, joiner & builder
Gill Robert, vict. and cattle dealer, Plough
Glaister Margaret, lodging-house
Henderson Thos. shopkeeper and schoolmaster
Hendry Catharine, shopkeeper
Jouchin Charles, vict. & butcher
Kaighan John, corn-factor
Kaighan Mrs. leather dealer
Karran Philip, victualler
Kelly Edmund, hair-dresser
Kermode Elizabeth, victualler and shopkeeper
Kermode Misses straw hat manufrs
Kermode Thos. painter, plumber and glazier
Kerruish Robt. boot & shoemaker
Kewley, John, grocer and wine and spirit.merchant
Killip WM. stonemason
Kissack Charles, stonemason
Kissack John, flax-dresser
Kissack John, vict. & blacksmith
Kissack Wm. merchant.
Kneale Charles., saddler
Kneen Wm. brewer
Lace Esther, Painter, plumber and glazier
Lace John, joiner & builder
Lace John, saddler,
Leah Miles, druggist
Little Samuel, surgeon
M'Knight Ann, straw bonnet maker
Martin Edwd. boot & shoemaker
Monk John jun. timber and spirit merchant
Monk John, sen. Maughold-st
Moore Henry, druggist
Moore Wm. joiner and clerk of St. Peters
Muncaster John, watch and clock maker
Myers Henry, vict. and grocer, Herring smack '
Mylechreest Thomas.coroner of Garf sheading, &.saddler
Mylrea Daniel,brewer . ,
Olphert., John, mercer and draprr,
Petty Charles, vict. Three legs of Man
Porter Thomas, linen and woollen draper
Quayle John vict.& joiner,Water Dog
Quiggin Philip, boot and shoemaker
Quilliam John, farmer, Maughold,
Radcliffe Wm. grocer &c.
Radcliffe -, shopkeeper & schoolmistress
Redhead James, grocer & Douglas carrier
Roskell John, merchant
Sayle Thomas, vict.
Sayle Thomas, grocer, tobacconist: and spirit merchant
Stowell Wm. vict. and blacksmith, Horse Shoe
Voast Esther, shopkeeper
Ware Joseph, boot & shoe maker,
Wattleworth E,. victualler
Worthen Price, shopkeeper


see Douglas.

Conveyance by water

Vessels frequently ply between this port and Whitehaven ; but the most eligible passage to Liverpool, is by way of Douglas


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