[From Pigot's Directory, 1823]


THE most considerable Town and Seaport in the Island, is 10 miles N. E. of Castletown, 11 S. E. of Peel, 16 S. by W. of Ramsey, eight and a half from St. John's, fifteen and a half from Kirk Michael, eight from Laxey- seventy-two N. W. of Liverpool, forty S. W. of Whitehaven, seventy-five N. E. by N. of Dublin, and 144 S. of Greenock. This town is delightfully situated on a river and bay of the same name, fronting to the eastward. The harbour is accounted the best dry one in the Irish Sea, and admits vessels of considerable burden, the depth of water at tides being from fifteen to twenty feet. As this is the only port into which wines, spirits, and colonial produce are allowed to be imported, it is a place of considerable bustle. The streets are for the most part singularly irregular, crooked, and narrow, though they contain many excellent houses and inns. The general shape of the town triangular, and, in this respect, it has been compared to the Manks Arms, which are three legs, with the appropriate motto of "Stabit quocunque jeceris," referring to its insular situation regarding the three kingdoms. The principal public buildings of Douglas are St., Matthew's Chapel, near the Market-place, and St. George's at the western extremity of the town, near the Peel road, on a rising ground called the Hills ; this is the largest and neatest place of worship in the island. The parish church of Braddan is about two miles on the. same road ; the burial-ground contains an elegant stone monument to Lord Henry Murray, formerly colonel f the Manks Fencibles, At a little distance, on the road to Castletown, is the Catholic Chapel, of which the Rev. Mr. M'Mullen is the officiating priest. There are also meeting-houses for various denominations of Christians. Besides the national free school, in which are educated upwards of three-hundred children, private seminaries for the education of young ladies and gentlemen are numerous; the oldest of these is conducted by Mr. Christopher Imeson. The custom-house in the market-place was formerly the insular residence of his Grace the Duke of Athol. The herring-houses are attractive objects and, the fishing season, the fleet of the herring-boats is a gratifying spectacle. But the most prominent feature of Douglas is the beautiful stone Pier erected about twenty-three, years ago, at the expense of government, and at a cost of £22,000. This great beauty and attraction of Douglas, built under the direction of Mr. Stewart, is in length 520 feet, its breadth is 40 ; it is well flagged, and at the eastern extremity is a beautiful light-house. It is the resort of all the beauty and fashion of the place, and is frequently much enlivened by the gaiety and bustle occasioned by the arrival of steam-vessels and other packets with passengers. At low water the walk along the northern shore is extremely pleasant, and at high water the goodness of the sands and the unmixed purity of the water, render it one of the most agreeable bathing places in this part of the world. Bathing machines are provided by Mr. Thomas Dixon, of the British Hotel and others, and hot and cold, and shower and vapour baths are fitted up in a neat and comfortable manner by Mr. Geneste. The inns are good, and sufficiently numerous for the accommodation of their various visitors. Douglas contains public libraries, newsrooms, and billiard-rooms; dancing assemblies, card-assemblies, and other convivial meetings are not unfrequent, Boats for aquatic excursions, horses, gigs, and post-chaises, may be had at several inns on the shortest notice. Fort Anne, an elegant mansion formerly the property of Mr. Whaley, of Jerusalem notoriety, now the residence of the Hon. Deemster Christian, is on an elevated ground opposite to the pier; front this point is an excellent view of the harbour hour, bay, and town. About a mile to the northward, and close to the Strand is Castle-Mona, the princely mansion of his Grace of Athol. After crossing the bridge at the head of the harbour, the Nunnery presents itself, the residence of Lieut.-General Goldie, probably the best wooded, and the most agreeable estate in the island ; and a little to the westward is Pulrose, the property and residence of Mrs. John Moore. In the environs of the town are also many other agreeable seats. The manufactories, with the exception of the Messrs. Moore's for linen, are not considerable. The market, which is held early on Saturday morning, is well supplied with provisions, and fish may be had at a very reasonable price on almost every day in the week. The population, according to the last census, was 6,054 Athol, His Excellency, the Most Noble John Duke of, Governor in-Chief, and Captain General of the Island, Mona Castle.

POST-OFFICE.-Post Master Mr Grave. During the summer the Mail arrives from every second day-by the Royal mail steam Packets. During the winter months, they ply between Liverpool and the Island once a week, leaving Liverpool every Monday,and returning with the insular mail every Wednesday evening. The mails for Castletown Peel- and Ramsey are despatched immediately after the arrival of the packets, and return in time to be sent off with the Douglas letters to Liverpool. Persons expecting letters must call for them at the Post-office as they are not sent out to be delivered.


Adams Captain Saml. Shaw's brow
Allen Mrs. Catharine, Bibaloe House, Kirk Onchan
Allen Geo. Esq. Queen-st
Andrew John gentleman, Rose-cottage, Kiondroghed
Andrews Mrs Athol-st
Bacon Capt. Parade and Seafield
Banks Mr. Jas. sen. Gt. Nelson-st
Bean Mrs. E. South-quay
Bennett Geo. Esq. Athol st
Bissit Capt. James, South-quay
Brew Mr. John, Gt. Nelson-st
Bridson Miss Gt. George-st
Brown Rev. Robt. Chapel-st
Bumstead Rev. John, Methodist Minister, Gt. Nelson-st
Burnett Mr. John, Marine-terrace
Burrow Mrs. Fort-st
Burrow Mr. John, Fort st
Cameron Major, Athol-st
Campbell D. Esq. Marine-terrace
Cannal Mrs. Esther, Parade-st
Cannell Rev. John,Strand-st
Carrngton W. H. Esq. Moores-pla
Chambers Mr. Wm. Thomas-st
Charter Mr. Robt. Cambrian-place
Clague Dorothy, gentlewoman, North-quay
Clarke Mrs. Esther, Parade
Christian John, Esq. Deemster St. Ann's-fort
Colquit Captain, South quay
Corlett Mr. Robt. Athol-st
Cosnahan Lieut Michl. Fort-st
Cosnahan Mrs. Hugh, Athol-st
Cosnahan Mrs. gentlewoman, Fort street
Cosnahan Mrs. J., gentlewoman, Fort-st, & Lark-hill
Cover Rev. J. F. Athol-st
Craine Rev. Edwd. vicar of Kirk Onchan, Kindroghed
Cubbon Mr. Philip, Shore
Cubbon Capt. Thos. Fort-st
Curlet Mrs. Catharine, Duke-st
Douglas Alex. Esq. Queen-st
Drinkwater W. L. Esq. North-quay
Dunlop Anthony. Esq. Ellerslee, Marown
Durben Jos. Esq. Mount-murray
Edwards John, gent, Shaw's-brow
Fell Mr. Robt. Athol-st
Firth Mr. John, Kindroghed
Fryer Thos. gent. Shaw's,brow
Gain Capt. John, South-quay
Garnett Jas. Seddon, Esq. Belfield House
Gelling., Mrs, Margt. near the Quay
Geneste Lewis, gent, Duke,st
George Wm. gent Sea View-house, Kindroghed
Goudie John, gent. Custom-house, Quay
Halliday Lieut. Wm. Parade
Harrison Capt. Matthew, 4 Wellington-buildings
Harrison Capt. Woodbourn-lodge
Hartley Mrs. Jane, Athol-st
Hay Capt. James, Parade
Hayning Rev, Saml. Athol-st
Heywood Calcott, Esq. Glencruttery) Kirk Onchan
Heywood John Joseph Esq. Deemster, Bemahague
Hillary Sir Wm. Bart, Prospect hill
Hoop Mrs. M, Queen-st
Howard Mrs. Maria, Church-st
Hutchins Mr. James, Queen-st
Inglis Rev.,Alex. Athol-st
Jackson Mr. Richd. North-st
Jackson Mr. Richd. Thomas-st
Jones Captain, Athol-st
Kelly Mrs. Catharine Custom House-quay
Kelly Wm. Esq. Kirk Braddan
Kershaw, Wm. Esq. Mona-crescent, Shore
King Mr. John Chapel-row
Latham Robt. gent Fort-st
Lawrence Mrs. E Athol-st
Leadon Lieut. Wm., Thomas-st
Leigh Henry, gentleman., Parade
Logan Mr. John Duke's-lane
Matthews Francis, Esq. Athol-st
M'Crone John, Esq. agent to His Grace the Duke of Athol- Mona cottage
Mc. Mullen Rev.
Moore Mrs. Custom House-quay
Moore Miss C. Chapel-row
Moore Philip, Esq. Prospect hill
Moore Mrs. R. gentlewoman Fort-st
Morgan Capt, James, South-quay
Morrison Major, Church-st
Murray Captain, The Hills
Murray Capt, M. Fort-st
Murray Mrs. R. North-quay
Mutrie Captain, Parade
Nichols Major, Church-st
Oates Miss Elizabeth, Custom House-quay
Oliver Captain, Heywood-place
Ormston Mrs. Jane, gentlewoman, South-quay
O'Ryley Mrs. Athol-st
Pooley Henry, Esq. Bay-view-cottage, Shore
Power Ths. gentleman, Ellenbrook, Kirk Braddon
Prince Wm. gentleman Belle-view Cottage. Kindroghed
Quane Capt. John, Parade
Quirk James- Esq. high-bailiff Moores-place
Quirk Philip gent. South-quay
Radcliffe James, gent. Parade
Read Mary, Elizabeth, & H. gentlewomen, South-quay
Reeves Lieut. L. B. Athol-st
Rigg Mrs. Mary, Athol-st
Ritchie Mr. Alexander, Athol-st
Ritchie Miss, Athol-st
Roberts Elizabeth, gentlewoman, Castle-street
Rowan Robt; Esq. Thomas-st
Scott Mrs. C. gentlewoman, Custom House-quay
Shrewell Capt B. South-quay
Shrum Major, Spring-valley, Kirk Braddan
Simpson Philip, gent. Kirk Lonan
Skillicorn Mr. Jas. Kirk Lonan
Sowerby Mr. Wrn. Laxey Glen
Spittall John, Esq., near Athol-st
Stapleton Lieut,-General, North quay
Stapleton Rev. H. Moores-place
Stephens Mr. John, gent. Duke-st
Stewart Col. Robert, near Mona Castle, Shore
Stones Mrs. Mary, Parade-st
Stowell Mrs. Esther- Shaw's brow,
Tallen Major, Athol-st
Tapper Mr. John, Pebble Cottage, Shore
Tate Godfrey, Esq. C. P. Ballamainagh Beg- Kirk Lonan
Tennison Mr. Wm. Athol-st
Thomas Lieut, John, R. N. Kirk Lonan
Thomson Mrs. &- Miss- South quay
Tobin Major- Middle, Kirk Braddan
Tool Miss Catharine, Castle-st
Wanton Rev J. B. Prospect-hill
White Mr. Henry, Athol-st
Whiting Mrs. John-st
Wilson D. F , Esq. Farm-hill, Kirk Braddan
Wilson Mr. S. Hanover-st
Yates Miss, Athol-st
Younger Miss, Drumgold-st



Arden Charles- surveyor &c Hanover,street
Barrow Charles, organist at St, George's, Cambrian-place
Brown Rev. Robt master of the Douglas Grammar School, Chapel street
Brown Samuel surgeon, &c Duke-street
Burman James, surgeon and apothecary Custom-house-quay
Caine Mrs. H. academy for ladies, Heywood-place-
Christian John, Esq. deemster, St. Ann's-fort
Corlett Henry advocate, Custom House-quay
Cosnahan Richd advocate, Fort-street
Cowin James, coroner of Middle sheading, Douglas,
Cretney Jas. master of the Lancastrian-School, Athol-st
Dixon Wm. auctioner, broker,& general agent, Parade
Dutton Misses. seminary for ladies Athol-street
Garratt Philip, surgeon,Gt. George st
Gavin John Hawson, M. A. Athol-st, academy Athol st
Gelling J. C,. advocate Douglas
Geneste Charles, advocate, Duke-st
Head J. pass-master, Cambrian-pl.
Hector Robt, surgeon New Bond-st
Heywood J. J. Esq. deemster, Bemahague
Imeson Christopher, classical commercial, and mathematical academy Bath-place
Kewley Wm. advocate- Douglas
M'Kenzie James, officer of the fishery, Athol-street
May Edward, classical & mathematical academy, Bath street
Moore Philip, advocate, Douglas
Moore Wm. advocate,. Douglas
Oswald H. R. surgeon to the household, Market-place,
Quirk Jas. Esq., High bailiff; &c.
Quirk Js. jun- advocate, North-shr.
Rigg Mrs Jane, academy for ladies, Athol-st
Roper Wm. vicar-general & advocate.
Shields - M. D. propect-hill
Smyth Benj. & mathematical teacher, Drumgold-st
Smyth Mrs ladies Academy- Drumgold-street
Squires John N., surgeon [late house surgeon of the Windsor Royal Dispensary] James-st
Stephen Wm., advocate, Hanover-st


Collector (and receiver-general of the island) Robt, Stuart, Esq.
Collector's lst clerk, Mr: Robert M'Guffog,
Collector's 2d clerk, Mr. R. Charters
Comptroller, land-surveyor, and jerquer, Mungo Murray, Esq.
Comptroller's clerk. Mr E. Corlett
Landing-waiter, gauger, searcher., & coast-waiter, Mr. W. Chambers
Tide-surveyor, George Johnstone
Weighing Porter, Robt D. Clague
Tide-waiters & boatmen, Rt. Key, Thos. Curphey, John Colven, Jonathan Cain, Thos Cowley, John Smith, John Callow, John Moore


British Hotel, Thos. Dixon, [& Wine & spirit merchant] market place and Mona Hotel, Shore
Butchers' Arms Inn, & Commercial House (livery stables) Thomas Redfern James street
Cumberland Tavern, Martha Clerk, Moores-place
Eagle & Child, E Fielding (from Blackburn) Heywoods Place
Lancashire Arms, George Morris, Queen -street
Lancashire House,(brick) Richard Brown, Custom House quay
Lancashire Tavern Wm. Roberts James-street
Manchester Arms Tavern, Jams Lee, Duke Street
Plough Inn, Mrs Blake, Drury-la
White Lion & York Hotel (and wine and spirit merchant, livery stables &c) Matt Hanby, Parade
York City tavern, Sarah Meldau, Parade


Aikin Mrs. Mary (& boarding house) Parade
Bridson Frances, North-quay
Caine Mrs. Heywood-place
Callow George, Duke-st
Cannon Robt. Thomas's-st
Christian E. & J. (and boarding-house Heywood-house
Christian Elizabeth, New Factory-l
Christian Margt.- Athol Square
Cloke John; Hague farm Kirk Onchan
Clucas Wm. Heywood-place
Corlett Miss Ann, Drumgold-st
Cox, Philip, Bath-place
Drew Mary, near the Quay
Fargher Mrs. Esther, George-st
Gawne Mrs. James,st
Glendening Mrs. Mary, Thomas-st
Kelley Cath. Fort-st
Kenyon Mrs. Bigwell-st
Kerr Jane, Duke-st
Moore Isabella, New Factory-Iane
Oates Robt. Post-office-lane
Pearson Mary, North-quay
Quayle Thos. John-st
Quiggin Elizabeth, (and boarding house) Chapel-row
Robinson Mrs. Jane,Bond St
Scott Charles, North-quay
Simpson Mrs. Cath. Church-st
Trouloik Ann, Heywood-place
Waterson John, South-quay
Williams Mrs. Athol-st


The Manks Advt-, published every Thursday by Geo. Jefferson, Duke-st,.,
The Manx Patriot, every Tuesday in winter, and every Saturday in summer. by R. Curwin, Parade
The Rising Sun, every Wednesday, North-quay


Adams G. tinplate-worker, Heywood-place
Adams Morris, painter, plumber, & glazier, North-quay
Alexander John, butcher, King-st
Allen Archibald, baker, &c. King-st
Archer Matthew, watch & clock maker, Chapel-row
Armstrong John, spirit and wine dealer, Fairy-st
Ashley Ralph, farmer. Ballachrink, Kirk Onchan
Aspinwall Wm. watch & clock.maker, North-quay

Bailiff Abm. confectioner, &c. Duke-street
Banks Wm. grocer, draper & spirit dealer, Lord St.
Barrie Robt. baker & flour dealer, Post-office lane
Barry A. furniture-broker, Fort St
BATHS (public) Bath place
Bell John, vict joiner & carpenter, Chapel-street
Bibby James, vict, Parade
Blake Joseph, farmer & land surveyor, Drury-lane
Braid John, shoemaker, Kindroghed
Brew Patrick, blacksmith, North-qy
Brew Wm., tailor, North-quay
Bridson Thos, baker & flour dealer, James-street
Buckingham Geo, joiner & builder, Hanover-street
Burman James, surgeon, apothecary & druggist, Custom House quay
Burrow John, merchant, Fort-st.

Caddick Titus ironmonger, cutler & toy dealer, Strand-st
Caine Edward- victualler & tailor. Kirk Lonan
Caine James, corn merchant & brewer, Drumgold-st
Caine John, bookseller, binder. &c. Lord-Street
Caine Philip, farmer, Ballachrink Kirk Onchan
Caine Wm., grocer & spirit dealer, Cattle Market-st .
Carrn Owen, butcher, Heywood-pla
Cairne John, stone mason, near North-quay
Callow Arm, fancy repository, perfumer, toy & glass dealer, Custom House-quay
Callow Matthias, show-maker, Grt Nelson-street
Callow Thos. hat manufacturer- Lord street
Callow Thos. blacksmith,Strand-st
Calvin John, tailor. & draper, and newsroom & library- Duke-st
Cannell Christian grocer and flour dealer Church-st
Cannell Robt. tallow chandler and soap boiler, Great Nelson-st
Cannell Thos. vict. & blacksmith, Strand-street
Cannell Thos. flax dresser . Strand-street
Cannell Thos. vict. Duke-st
Cannon Michl. vict. Kindroghed
Carlow Wm. farrier, Kindroghed
Carran Wm. whitesmith near, Moores-place
Casement John, mill-wright, Laxey
Casson James, watch & clock maker, Lord-street
Cayley Robt. painter, &c. Great Nelson-street st
Christian Elizabeth & Jane, spirit dealers, grocers; hardware dealers, seeds, &c Duke-st
Christian John, grocer & spirit dealer, Strand-street
Christian Philip, shoemaker James st
Christian Thos. tailor and draper, Great Nelson-st
Clague Christopher, earthenware dealer, Strand-st
Clague John, ironmonger, King-st'
Clague John, hatter. King-st -
Clague John, Provision, flour and spirit dealer, Strand-st
Clague Ths. shoemaker, Frances-st
Clague Wm., glass & china dealer Duke-street ' ,
Clark John & Co. wine and spirit merchants, grocers & agents for the steam packet, Custom-House-quay
Cleator Thos. high constable, Spittle-place
Cloke John, farmer, near Kindroghed, Kirk Onchan
Clucas John-boot & shoemaker, North. street -
Clucas Margaret- milliner, dressmaker,& straw hat-mkr. Duke-st
Clucas Robt. shoe maker,Parade
Cochrane Robert, brewer, Northquay
Cole Edward, boot & shoemaker, Duke-street
Colley & Robertson, straw hat, &c. manufacturers, Duke-st
Comafford James, earthenware dealer, James-s-
Corkill Ellen, ale, spirit and flour dealer Bond-st
Corkill Isabella, flour dealer, Frances-street
Corkill Jane, vict. Manx Coffee House, Duke's-lane
Corkill John, vict. and shoemaker, Fairy-street
Corkill Peter, blacksmith, Kirk Onchan
Corkill Peter, boot & shoemaker, Frances-st
Corlett Edward, hair-dresser, perfumer, bookseller, & stationer, Duke-street
Corlett Henry, rope manufacturer, Strand-street
Corlett John, shoemaker, Church-st
Corlett M. vict. Hope and Anchor, Fairy-street
Cornack Alexander, wine & brandy merchant, Fort-st
Corran John, tanner and leather cutter, Strand-st '
Corran John, tanner and currier Drumgold-st
Corran Paul, tanner and currier, Thomas-st
Corran Wm. shoemaker, Duke-st
Coskill Ellen, vict. flour dealer, & shopkeeper, Bond st
Cottier & Kneen, cabinet makers, &c. North-quay
Cottier Thos. earthenware dealer, Hanover-st
Cottier Thos. grocer & victualler, Muckles-gate '
Cowell John, vict. James-st
Cowell Richd. vict. Drury-lane
Cowen Thos. grocer, seedsman, & spirit dealer, Lord-st
Cowen Widow, vict. Society-lane
Cowen Wm. painter_& earthenware dealer, Lord-st
Cowin James, joiner, &c. Laxey
Cowley Danl. cooper, Drumgold-st
Cowley Margaret, grocer & flour dealer, Lord-st
Cowley Robt. joiner, Post-office lane
Cowley Thos. shoemaker, Laxey
Cown John. Boot & shoemaker, Strand-street
Cox Samuel, farmer Ballachrink, Kirk Onchan
Craine Charles, tanner and leather cutter, King-st
Craine Daniel, hair-dresser, Great Nelson-st.
Caughan Andrew ship chandler, flax dresser rope, twine and, linen manuf. Duke-st
Craven Betsey, dress-maker, Post, office-lane
Crawford Wm. joiner, &c. Fort-st
Crebbin Lewis & George, wine and spirit merchants, grocers. seedsmen, &c. Chapel-row
Creer Wm. tailor,, Hanover st
Creer Wm. wheelwright, &c. Bridge
Cretney James, tailor, King-st
Croghan Philip, vict. and farmer, Kirk Lonan
Croughan John, baker flour dealer, Strand-st
Cubbon John, vict. Duke-st
Cubbon P. shoemaker, King-st
Cubbon Rbt. hair-dresser, James-st
Cubbon Robert, saddler, &c. Market-place
Cubbon Thos. vict. and blacksmith; Kindroghed
Cubbon Wm. hair-dresser,Parade-st
Curphey Edwd. cooper, North-quay
Curphey Isabella, milliner, &c. North-st
Curphey John, tailor, Athol st
Curphey Thos. brewer, Athol-st
Curphey Wm. shoemaker, King-st.
Curwin R. letter-press printer, Manx-Patriot Office, Parade
CUSTOM HOUSE, on the Custom House-quay, Market-place.

Davidson Cockran, brewer, Fort-st
Davis Wm. vict. Rose, Duke-st
Dawson Wm. vict. Welsh Coffee House, near, Bond-st
Dixon Wm.- coach maker, broker. auctioneer, livery stables, & all sorts of carriage, on the shortest notice, Parade
Dodgson. M.A. straw hat maker, Duke-street
Donaldson John, gardener to Lieut. General Goldie, Rookery .
Dougan Susanna. shopkeeper. nr. Chapel-row
DOUGLAS NEWS ROOM, (Subscription) New quay'
Duff Wm. & Jas. wine and-spirit merchants grocers, tobacco manufacturers, & provision dealers, Matket-plce
Duggan James, tailor, Gt. Nelson-st
Dyke Widow, vict. Welch Tavern Custom House-quay

Ellis George, paper maker, Laxey

Fargher Thos. vict. Waterloo Inn, Laxey
Fell Charles, vict. Strand-st
Fell M. A. straw hat maker,milliner, &c. Lord-st
Fell Robert, road surveyor, Kirk Marown
Fell Wm. painter, Plumber. glazier,& paperhanger North qy
Fielding E. vict. Eagle & Child Heywood-place
Forbes, David, wine & spirit merchant, grocer. tea dealer, and seedsman, new Bond-st
Forbes Edwd,timber and herring merchant, &c yard, Bridge-end
Foreman Isabella. vict Parade-st

Gamble John tailor,Strand-st.
Garratt Thos. wine & spirit merchant, brewer,grocer and seedsman, Duke-st
Gelling Edwd.& co. wine and spirit merchants, wholesale and retail grocers, seedsman, &c; Market Place
Gelling Jane, milliner, Post-office-La
Gelling John, joiner, &c. Post-office-lane
Gelling Paul, vict, Strand-st
Gelling Ruth, dress mkr. North-qy
Gelling Thos ironmonger. &c. Market place
Gelling Thos. flour dealer. Church-st
Gibbons John, cooper- North-st
Gick William,, boot & shoe maker , Thomas-st
Grandin S.J. dyer Big Well-at
Greaves Joseph, confectioner, billiards, &c. Duke-st
Grayson W. F. wine & spirit merchant, Old Bond-st '
Green Wm. wine & spirit merchant Parade
Greeves WM. chandler and soap boiler, Queen-st

Hampton Jos. hair dresser, Duke-st
Hampton Wm., butcher, Frances-st
Hanby Matthew- White Lion Inn & York Hotel livery stables,Parade
Harley Stephen, boot & shoemaker, Duke St
Harris John, shopman, Post-office-la
Harris John, shopkeeper Duke's-la
Harris Saml. wine &-spirit mercht., linen & woollen draper, tea dealer, &c. Custom House-quay
Harrison Wm. grocer, &c. Duke-st
Hastings Robt. brewer, Hanover-st
Hogg John, vict, Legs of Man, Custom House-quay
Hollingworth James,, livery stables keeper, near Moores Place
Holmes Henry, John and James, bankers & herring merchants, South-quay
Holmes Wm. baker, &c. Church-st

Jeferson George, bookseller, stationer, printer, & publisher of the Manx Advertiser & Isle Guide, & agent to the Globe Fire & Life Office. Duke-st
Johnson Henry,boot.& shoemaker, Custom House-quay
Joughan William, hat maker, Big well-street st

Kane Daniel, spirit and provision dealer & grocer, Parade-st
Kay Robt; custom house officer, Bond-st
Kayll John James brewer& malster. Castle-st.
Kelly Ann, schoolmistress, Duke st
Kelley Daniel, earthenware dealer, Lord-st -
Kelley Elizabeth. wine and spirit merchant, grocer and provision dealer, Duke-st
Kelley John, vict. Lamb & Flag, Custom House -quay .
Kelley John, farmer, Ballachrink, Kirk Onchan .
Kelley John Boot & shoemaker, Duke-st
Kelley John, farmer, Balldrin, near Laxey
Kelley Jos victualler, Manx-boat quay
Kelley Matthew, tallow chandler. &c. Chapel Hill-st
Kelley Philip, shoemaker, Post-office-lane
Kelly John, baker, Duke's-lane
Kelly John blacksmith, &c. Laxey
Kelly John, dealer in ale & spirits, Kindroghed
Kelly John, tailor, &c. Chapel-la
Kelly Matthias, soap boiler, Hanover-Street
Kelly Thos. vict. & shopkeeper, Strand-st
Kelly Thos. vict. nr. Chapel-row
Kelly Wm. woollen, &c. manufacturer, Union-mills, K. Braddan
Kenney Wm. dyer, South-quay
Kermode Ann, vict. Thatched House Tavern, Laxey
Kermode John, sail maker, Lord st, & North-quay
Kerr & Lewin, wine & spirit merchants, linen & woollen drapers, grocers, &c. James-st
Kerruish Thos. schoolmaster, near Laxey
Kewin & Douglas, brewers,Duke-st
Kewley Jas. shopkeeper, Duke-st
Kewley Patrick, bookseller, &c. Frances-st
Kewley Robt. butcher, Post-office lane
Kewley Thos. shoemaker, King-st
Kewn Thos. glover & breeches maker, New Factory-lane
Killey Geo. schoolmaster, Kindroghed
Killey Wm. brewer and tanner, Castle-street
Killip & Cain, wheelwrights, Kindroghed
Killip Thos. boot and shoemaker, Duke-st
King Wm. boot & shoemaker. Gt. Nelson-street
Kinley John, tailor, Laxey
Kinrade Thos. hat manuf. Queen-st
Kirk John, town crier, Duke's-lane
Kneal Danl. joiner, &c. Thomas-st
Kneale Jas. tailor, Duke-st
Kneale Thos. baker, &c. King-st
Kneen Thos. baker, Bigwell-st
Kneild John, painter & glazier, Drumgold-st

Lane Luke & Son, booksellers, stationer- public news room,and library, &c. Cambrian-place
Lawson Edward, baker & flour dealer, King-st
Lawson James, shoemaker, Drumgold-st,t
Lawton. George, flannel manufacturer, Laxey Glen
Laxey paper warehouse,North-qy
Lees James, vict. Manchester Arms, Duke-st
Leeson Thos. H. linen & woollen draper, hatter,. & silk mercer, wholesale & retail Duke-st
Lewin Marg. flour dealer- Frances st
Looney Wm. tailor, Post-office-la.

M'Meikin Thos. &. Co.- wine- and spirit merchants, grocers & provision dealers, Steam Packet Office, Pier
M'Taggert Jno. porter to his Grace the Duke of Athol Mona Castle Lodge
Magie Arthur, clothes dealer, James-street
Mailin David, shopkeeper. Laxey
Manx Patriot Office, Parade
Matthews Fran. merchant, Athol-st
Maxwell Thos. dyer, Kindroghed
Meads Ths, livery stables, John-st
Milburn Deborah, vict. Cumberland Arms, Laxey
Milburn Isaac, blacksmith, Big- well-street
Milburn John, turner, Laxey
Miller Robt. victr. steam packet, house, Duke's-lane
Moore A. & Co. chemists, druggists- drysalters & importers of London seeds, Market-place
Moore E.& Sons, linen, &c. manufacturers & bleachers, Duke-st
Moore James, merchant, manufacturer, & bleacher
Moore Mary Ann- grocer, &c. James-street
Moore Jno. Jas. tanner, Duke st
Moore John, baker & flour dealer, Drumgold-st
Moore Philip, vict, Black Lion, Duke-street
Moore Thomas, vict. and grocer, James-st
Moore Thomas, boot and shoe maker- Mucklesgate
Moore Thus, sail maker, Lord-st
Moore Thomas, vict. & boot and shoemaker, Queen-st -
Moore Thos. sail maker, Pier
Morton Charles, timber avid coal merchant, Fort-st
Mylchreest Danl. joiner, Strand-st
Mylecreest Jane, vict. Strand-st
Mylchreest Mary, shopkr. Duke-st
Mylchreest, Sarah, earthenware dealer, Lord-street
Mylrea Edwd. boot & shoemaker, Market-place
Mylrea Thos. tailor, N. Factory-la.

Neal Daniel, coal & earthenware dealer, Duke-st
Neal John, boot and shoe maker. Duke-street
News Room & Library, at John Calvin's, Duke-st
Nicholson -, miner, Laxey

Oates Robt. ship-carpenter, Postoffice-lane
Oliver Mrs, haberdasher and jeweller, Heywood-place

Perry John painter, Frances-st
Post-office: Post-office-lane
Pring Saml. auctioneer, Athol-st
Proctor John, butcher, Frances st

Quail,Thomas, blacksmith, -South-quay
Quail Jas. blacksmith, Laxey
Quayle John,, boot & shoemaker,Lord-street
Quayle Thos. blacksmith, South-qy
Quayle Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, John-st
Quayle William, butcher and vict., James-street
Quiggan Danl. flour dealer, King-st
Quiggin Wm. &. Robt. timber & slate merchants, Bridge end
Quine John; vict, Kindroghed
Quinney Robert victl and Wac)tlt 1 sibitho Bridge house
Quirk Edw. wheelwright, Church-la
Quirk Richd. shoemaker, Drumgold-street .
Quirk Thos. joiner, Lord-st

Radcliffe John, grocer and spirit dealer, Great Nelson-st
Redfern Geo. butcher, Duke-st -
Redfern Ths. butcher &c. James-st
Redfern Wm. sail maker and vict. Custom-house Quay
Roberts Wm. vict. James-st
Robinson John, Joiner, builder & millwright, Lord-st
Robinson, Margt. straw hat maker, Lord-street
Roe John, miner, Laxey
Roney John, hairdresser, James-st
Roney Roger, grocery spirit- and provision dealer, Duke-st

Sawrey John, grocer, flour dealer,, & wine & spirit merchants,Big-well-street
Scarff Martha, spirit dealr north-qy
Seddon Thomas, tin-plate worker Lord-street
Sharp Margt. shopkr. James-st
Sharp Robert, shoe maker, New Factory-lane
Shearwood Richard, nail, &c'tn-a- ker, 'King-street
Shepard Wm. glass and carthen-Y ware dealer, Duke-st
Simpson Matthew, brewer maltster, Laxey .
Skillicorn John, victualltr and brewer, Laxey-glen
Skillicorn Jas. baker,. Chapel-row
Smith Edwd. Gawne, linen and woollen draper and silkmercer, Duke-street
Smythe Benjamin, land-surveyor, mathematical teacher- Drumgold-street
Sowerey John, grocer
Spittall and Matthews, merchant of North..quay
Squires John, glazed hat manufacturer, King-st
Steam Packet Office, at J. Clark's, Custom House-quay, and at T. M'Meikin's, & Co., Pier
Stephens Philip, book--keeper, Heywood-place
Stephens Wm. tailor, Post-office-ln
Stevenson James, straw bonnet maker. Duke-st
Stevenson Wm. bakery &c. King-st
Stoole Ewing, tailor and shop- keeper, Post-office-lane
Stowell K. wine, &c. mercht.Fort-st
Stowell Wm. painter, plumber and glazier, Duke-street
Surveyor's Office, New Bond-st
Sutherland William, Farmer, Ballacaine, Kirk Onchan

Targett Matthias, joiner & sawyer, Laxey
Taylor John, vict. Coach and horses, Parade-st
Tear Daniel, butchery Duke-st
Teare Danl. butcher, nr-. North quay
TEATRE [amateur] Athol-st
Tickell Wm. bookseller, bindery stationer &c. Parade-st
Torrence &- Co, grocers and spirit merchants, Duke-st

Walker & Topliss, paper makers, Mill, Laxey glen
Walker Danl. far &c.Glenlaugh
Ward John, boot and shoe maker, King-street
Waterson Jno, tailor, &c. South-qy
Welsh John,, flour dealer, Drury-la
White John, iron monger,p Duke.-st
White Thomas, brewer and vict, Parade-street
Whitehead Saml. vict. Mucklesgate
Whiteside C. confectioner, Bond-st
Whitingham Richd. miller, corn merchant, maltster and brewer, Nunnery-mill
Williams Owen, seedsman, King-st
Wilson James & Co. linen and wollen drapers, Duke-st
Wood William, boot & shoe maker, James-st
Younghusband Joseph, hair dresser, James-st


CASTLETOWN every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, Wm. Corkill and James Johnson.

CASTLETOWN (foot carriers) David Quirk, John Gale and Son, and James Gordon, daily.

PEEL, James Stevenson, every aftern.

RAMSEY, James Redhead, a covered cart for passengers, and one open for the carriage of goods, daily.

MESSENGERS on horse or foot, to any part of the island, may be had on the shortest notice.

Carriages, Post-Chaises, Barouches, Gigs and Saddle-Horses, of a very superior kind, may be had on a Very short notice at Mr. Wm. Dixon's livery stables, and horse and carriage repository, on the Parade, and at Mr. Matthew Hanby's, the White Lion and York Hotel, Parade. Excellent pack and saddle horses at Mr. Thos. Redferns the Butcher's Arms, James-street

An elegant open carriage to and from the shore every hour in the day during the summer season, from Mr. Dixon's.



The Majestic, Captain Oman, and City of Glasgow, Captain Carlyle, Royal Mail Packets leave Liverpool every Monday and Friday morning about 10 o'clock, arrive at Douglas the same, evening early., and proceed to Greenock immediately on landing, and receiving the mail and passengers ; return m Greenock every Wednesday and Saturday morning early, and depart soon after for Liverpool.

The Albion Steam Packet, to and from Liverpool every alternate day.



Liverpool, the Duke of Athol, Duchess of Athol, Lady Elizabeth, Eliza, and the Douglas
Whitehaven the Triton Robt. Stuart, Two Brothers, and Happy Return.

Dublin, the Atalanta.


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