[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


UNTIL two years ago was a small rural fishing village, situated on the western side of Poolvash Bay, within 4 miles of Castletown and 1 of Port Erin. It is now one of the most charming sea-side resorts, and may justly be considered the Colwyn Bay of the Isle of Man. The atmospheric conditions are much the same as Llandudno, and the mildness of the climate, even in mid-winter, is generally acknowledged ; the beauty and variety of scenery in the immediate neighbourhood is unsurpassed in any part of the Island, or in any part of the British Isles. In the immediate vicinity is the celebrated Calf of Man, being the most southerly part of the Island, with its majestic rock scenery, beetling crags, and rugged cliffs in all their wild desolate grandeur, while the Chasms offer to the astonished observer such a scene as will well repay any effort to explore them. The antiquarian may revel for hours here, ancient raditions cling to almost every spot, druidical remains cover the ground ; here is the Sugar-loaf rock and the Spanish head, where a portion of the Spanish Armada met its fate [sorry - nonsense, the nearest point was in Ireland], adjoining are the quaint old-fashioned villages of Craigneish, Fistard and Howe. Fishing is carried on to a considerable extent here, a fleet of upwards of 200 boats being almost daily employed. A new pier has recently been constructed for the protection of the fishermen, and a bill has just passed the House of Keys extending it, so as to enable steamers at any state of the tide to land and receive passengers and merchandise. The Port St. Mary Estate Company are rapidly developing the neighbourhood, miles of new streets are in course of ccnstruction, several plots of land have already been purchased with the view to an immediate commencement of building operations, and a scheme is in preparation for a daily service of boats, which will render Port St.Mary one of the most accessible watering places on the island. The Church of St. Mary is a neat building, where services are held at 10.45 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. ; Holy Communion on the second Sunday in each month at the morning service. Craigneish Church,; Sunday, 3 p.m. ; Thursday, 7.30 p.m. The Parish Church of Malew, 10.45 a.m. and 3 p.m. ; Rev. Blundell Brown, vicar, Rushen Vicarage; ! Rev. Frederick William Stubbs, West View, curate. The Wesleyans have also a place of worship here, the Rev. J. M. Browne, superintendent minister , also the Primitive Methodists There is an elementary school, of which Mr. Squires is head master, and Miss Kewley, mistress. There are also two good hotels, the Cliff and the Bay View, where the accommodation is excellent and the moderate ; there is also a good Temperance hotel. Some very comfortable apartments at a moderate charge may be obtained on the Promenade, or at Mrs. P. Costain’s, Sea Cliff house, High st Postal arrangements : Postoffice, Money-order, Telegraph, Savings' Bank and Insurance, Matthew Pollard, postmaster ; deliveries, 10.50 a.m. and 7.50 p.m.; despatches, 6.25 a.m. and 12.55 p.m. Mr. Thomas Qualtrough is harbour master Mr Thomas Shimmin, sergeant of police. Mr. John Watterson, station master. Mr. Thomas Collister, rate collector.



Anderson Mrs. Margaret, lodging house, West view

Bradshaw George, general draper, The Quay
BELL JOHN, private lodging house, The Brows, Promenade
Bell John, Waverley lodging house, High street
Bell John, fisherman, Rushen terrace
Bridson Miss, Port St. Mary house

CAIN JOHN, private apartments, Sunrise house, Promenade
Cain John, labourer, Mount Pleasant
CALLOW FREDERICK, hotel proprietor, The Cliff hotel, High st
Caren John, fisherman, Rushen terrace
Caren Wm., Four roads
Carine John, mariner, High st
Carine Thomas, fisherman, Lime st
CARINE WM, private apartments, Abbeyfield house, The Promenade
CAUDLE WM., foreman for the Port St. Mary Estate Company, Festard
Christian J., labourer, Lime st
Church Wm., plasterer, Mount Pleasant
Clague Thomas, butcher, High st
Clague Thomas, fisherman, Rushen terrace
CLAGUE Mrs. WM., select private apartments, High st
Clarke Mrs., Lime st
Clarkson James, plumber and gasfitter, Four roads
Clucas John, sailmaker, High st
Clugstone Margaret, Mount Pleasant
Clugstone Thomas, mariner, Lime st
Coffey Robert, carter, Lime st
COLLISTER ANN, private apart-ments, refreshment rooms, High street
COLLISTER ARTHUR, lic. vict. Cumberland inn, High st
COLLISTER HARVEY,family bootmaker, The Quay
COLLISTER JOHN, family baker and confectioner, High st
Collister John, greengrocer, High st
Collister John, baker and confectioner, High street
Collister John, fisherman, Lime st
COLLISTER THOS., secretary to the Waterworks Company, collector of rates, &c., Mount pleasant
Convery Edward, labourer, High st
Cooil Catherine, Mount pleasant
Cooil Richard, baker, High st
Coole Miss, Station ni
Coole Thomas, ironmonger, plumber and tinsmith, The Quay
Corlett Mrs., Clifton house
CORRIN CATHERINE, private apartments, Mona house, Station road
Corris John, miner, Mount Pleasant
Corris Wm., cardriver, Mount Pleasant
CORRIS Miss, Osborne lodging house, Promenade
Carrie Miss, The Promenade
Costain Mrs., Eushen terrace
Costain Jane, High st
COSTAIN PHILIP, grocer & mason, High st
COSTAIN Mrs. P., Seadiff house, private boarding establishment, High st
Costain Thomas, carter, Lime st
Cowell James, labourer, Queen’s place
Cowin Emily, High st
Cowin Hugh, rope maker, Lime st
Cowin Miss,. Lime st
Cowley Edward, fisherman, High st
Crebbin James, bootmaker, The Quay
Crebbin Wm., fisherman, Rushen terrace
Cregeen Henry, fisherman, Station rd
Cregeen Henry, fisherman, Rushen terrace
Cregeen John, miner, Rushen terrace
CRENNELL THOMAS, grocer and provision dealer and car proprietor Station rd
CUBBON EDWARD, shoeing and general smith, High st
CUBBON JAMES, select private apartments, Athol House, Promenade
Cubbon John, Mount pleasant
Curphey Charles, grocer, Quay st

Davies Mitchell, labourer, Lime st
Doran Hugh, mariner, Mount pieasant
Duggan John, tailor, Rushen terrace
Duggan Wm., joiner, Rushen terrace
Dumbell’s Banking Co.—Geo. R. H. Crellin local manager—High st

EASTWOOD THOMAS, painter decorator & paperhanger, Station road
Elliott Edward, master mariner,~Mount pleasant
Elliott Mrs., Lime st

Fisher Frank, watchmaker and jeweller High st
Fishermen’s Supply Association—Thomas Watterson, manager ; John Kinley, sales man—High st

Gale Edward, fisherman, Rushen terrace
Gale Edward, mariner, Lime st
Gale John, lodging house, West view
GALE and WATTERSON the Misses, Albion house, Station rd
Gale Wm., tailor and draper, High st
Gale Wm., master mariner, Lime st
Gawne Alfred, plumber, High st
Gawne Mrs., Mount pleasant
Gawne Henry, rope maker, High st
Gawne Wm. , grocer, The Peoples stores
Gelling Robert, timber dealer, High st
Gelling Robert, joiner, High st -
Gelling Wm. George, joiner and builder
Gorry Thomas, fisherman, Four roads
Graham Eleanor, High st
Greer —, shipowner, The Promenade
GRIBBIN EDWD., Bay View-family and commercial hotel, High st

HUDGEON JAS. CLAGUE family and shipping butcher, Hlgfi st
HUDSON JOHN, coal merchant, Lirne st
Hudson John, fisherman, Lime st
Hudson Joseph, coal merchant ~
Hudson Thomas, labourer, Ball&juesny
Hudson Thomas, joiner, Lime st

Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited— J. J. Sansbury, local manager—High st
Jones Eliza E., Four roads

Karran John, lodging hoisse, 2 Primrose terrace -
Kay Wm., labourer, Lime st
Kegg Richard, coal merchant, Rushen ter
KEGGEN SAMUEL, joiner and builder, Ballavrara house and Primrose house, Promenade
Kelly Catherine, Four Roads
Kelly Henry, fisherman, Rushen terrace
Kelly Henry, farmer, secretary and trustee of the Common Lands, Ballaquaney
Kelly Wm., Summerland house
Kermode John, labourer, High st
Kermode Robert K.; chemist, Summss’land house
Kermode Wm. clerk, Lime st
Kinley Thomas, master mariner, Lime st
Kissack Jas. M., The Willows,Chapel bay
Kneen Thomas, fisherman, Lime st
Kneen Thomas, joiner, Mount pleasant
Kneen Wm., farmer, Ballacreggan

Lace Daniel, grocer, High-st
Lawson Robert, farmor, Lime et
Lester Ann, grocer, Station i~d~
Lighthouse keepers—James Black, Neal McIntosh, John Laidlaw, Simon Fraser

Maddrell Ann Jane, High st
Maddrell Thos., shipping agent, Station ni
Malew, Mrs., Mount pleasant
McDonnell Jane G., High st
McMONNIES MARY,select private apts, Dunmona, The Promenade
McMonnies —, greengrocer, West view
Moore Mrs. A., Mount pleasant
MOORE EDWARD, joiner and builder, Bay View terrace
Moore Eleanor, confectioner, High st
Moore James, mason and builder, Primrose terrace
Moore John, builder
Moore John, grocer and general dealer, High st
Moore John, mason, Mount pleasant
Moore John, joiner, High st
Moore Richard, fisherman Lime st
Moore Mrs. Thomas, High st

Pethrick Annie, grocer, High st
Pollard Matthew, builder and postmaster, The Postoffice
Port St. Mary Estate Company — L. L. Vulliamy, secretary
Preston Wm., farmer, Rushen terrace
Prew Hy., watchmaker & jeweller, High st
Primrose Wm., Primrose terrace

Qualtrough Catherine, New Quay
Qualtrough Edward, grocer and net manufacturer, High st
Qualtrough Edward, High st
QUALTROUGH EVAN, joiner, builder and private apartments, Liverpool house, Promenade
QUALTROUGH JOHN JAMES, Sea Bank house, private apartments, Promenade
Qualtrough John James, bootmaker, High street
Qualtrough Joseph, boat builder, Bay View terrace
Qualtrough Mary, lodging house, High st
Qualtrough Mrs., Lime st
Qualtrough and Moore, general drapers, High st
Qualtrough Thomas, boat builder, High st
QUALTROUGH THOMAS, builder and contractor, Skybright house, The Promenade
Qualtrough Thomas, harbour master, High street
QUALTROUGH THOMAS, family butcher, The Temperance hotel, High st
Qualtrough Wm. Edward, grocer and wine merchant, The Quay
Quayle Catherine, Mount pleasant
Quayle Wm., blacksmith, High st
Quillin Mrs. , Rushen terrace
Quillin Wm. , joiner, New Quay
Quillin Wm., joiner, &c,, Gansey

Roberts George, hairdresser, High st
RUSHTON THOMAS H., painter and decorator, and toy dealer, Station road
Sansbury John Joseph, manager of the Port St. Mary branch of the Isle of Man Banking Company, High st

SHIMMIN JOHN, Avonmore house, boarding establisbment,Promenade
Shimmin Thomas, police sergeant in charge, Police station ~ -

SKILLICORN WM., family baker and confectioner, High st
SQUIRES ROBERT, head master, Port St. Mary Board School, School house
Stubbings Rev., The Quay
Stubbs Rev. F., curate of St. Mary’s, West view
Taubman Wm., joiner, High st

TAYLOR SAMUEL, mason and builder, Gansey
TURNBULL Mrs. JANE private apartments, The Quay
Walker James, engineer, Primrose terrace
Watterson John, station master and goods agent, Railway station
Watterson John, sailmaker, High et
Watterson Ann, High st
Watterson.Mrs., Lime st
Watterson Margaret, grocer, The Quay
WATERSON SAMUEL, baker, confectioner and mineral water manufacturer, High st
Watterson Thos., mariner, Mount pleasant
Watterson Thomas, manager, High st
Wilson Stenhouse, The Moorings, Promenade
Woodworth Samuel, bootmaker, High st


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