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IN the Sheading of Glenfaba, is six niiles long and about 3~ miles ‘ a bread. It is bounded on the east by Marown and Malew, on the south by Rushen and Malew, on the west by the sea, and on the north by German. The Parish Church is a small structure, situated about one mile from Peel, and held by the Rev. H. C. Davidson.
There are also places of worship for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists. The Foxdale Mines are in this parish, and afford employment to a considerable number of the inhabitants. Population in 1881 was 2810.


Bell Thos., tenant farmer and agricultural implement dealer, Close Leece
Bell Wm.,. owner of part of Ballamoar
Bowden Eleanor, owner of Ballamenaugh
Bowden John, accountant, owner of Ballacarney
Brocklebank Rev. —, chaplain of Dalby Chapel-of-Ease
Brocklebank Thos., tenant farmer, Borraine

Callin Richard, blacksmith, Lower Foxdale
Callin Wm, owner of part of Ballacallin
Callister Danial, joiner, &c., Glenmaye
Callister John,. joiner and wheelwright, Ballanass
Callister Samuel, owner part of Kenodhoo
Callister Thomas, constable, Foxdale
Cannell George, parochial surveyor, Patrick
Cannell John Quirk, owner, Glenneedle
Carran John, owner of Creglea farm
Carran Wm. , Owner of part of Glenrushen
Cashan Thomas, butcher, Glenmaye
Caugherty Thos., tenant farmer, Knockaloe moar
Christian Eward Henry, tenant farmer,Ballacosnahan
Christian Edwd. Thos., owner of Ballacallin
Christian Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacain
Clark Wm., owner of part of’Glenrushen
Clarke Josiah, lic. vict.,near Patrick church
Clucas John, general grocer, Foxdale
Clucas Thomas, tenant farmer, Ash lodge
Clucas Wm., tenant farmer, part of Knockaloe beg
Cochrane Rev. —, chaplain, Foxdale
Collister Matthias Ambrose, schoolmaster, Parochial schools, near Patrick church
Corkill John, blacksmith, Glenmaye
Corlett Philip, tenant farmer, Ballavargher
Coole Wm. Henry, grocer, &c.,. Glenmaye
Corrin Robert, J.P., owner of Knockaloe moar and Knockaloe beg
Corris John, owner of part of Balladhaa
Corris Thos., owner of part of Treljah
Corris Wm. , owner, Glenneedle
Cottier Mrs. John, owner part of Glenrushen
Counsell Mrs.; Foxdale inn, Foxdale
Cowley Ann, tenant farmer, Knockaloe beg
Creer Daniel, tenant farmer, Ballacallin
Crellin John, owner of part of Ballahutchin .
Crellin Thos., tenant farmer, Mullen-e-cly
Cringle John, owner, Ballachrink
Cringle Thos., miller and corn dealer, Glenmaye mills
Cubbon John Cæsar,owner of Ballalhergy
Cubbon Thos., owner of part of Ballacallin
Cubbon Wm., tenant farmer, Ballalagga

Daugherty Elizabeth, owner part of Gordon
Davidson Rev. Hugh Coleman, vicar of Patrick, The Vicarage
Delaney Catherine, grocer, &c.,St. John's Patrick
Dodd David, owner of part of Knockaloe

Ellison Wm., boot and shoemaker, Knock moar

Fargher Thos., tenant farmer, Ballahutchin
Fayle Cæsar, miller and corn dealer, Mullen-e-cly mill

Gell Catherine, owner of Rheaby beg
Gell Henry, owner of part of Ballalagga
Gell James, owner, Kerrokiel
Gell Radcliffe, tenant farmer, Ballaquane
Gell Walter, gentleman farmer, Ballelby
Gell Wm., owner of Ballelby, Ballaquane and part of Ballachrink
Gelling Wm., of part of Ballavargher
Griffiths Thos., Waterfall inn, Glenmaye

Hallsall Wm., owner of part of Kenokiel
Hinds James, tenant farmer, Ballalhergy
Hudson Chas., owner of part of Ballacalin
Hudson Thos., head master Foxdale Boys school

Isle of Man Mining Company, owners of Foxdale and Cornelley Mines

Johnson John, miller & farmer, Ballamoar
Joughin John, tenant farmer, Dhorlish Cashen

Kaye John, tenant farmer, Ballakerky
Kelly Isabella, owner of part of Raggatt
Kelly Thomas, clerk, School Committee
Kelly Thos., owner of part of Balladha .
Kelly Thomas, refreshment-house keeper Glenmaye
Kelly Thos., tenant farmer, Raggatt
Kelly Wm., owner, Knockmoar
Kennaugh Chas, tenant farmer, Ballalherg
Kennaugh James, butcher and farmer Glenmaye
Kennaugh John, owner of Knockmoar and Ballalonney
Kennaugh John, owner, Kerrodhoo
Kermeen John, tenant farmer, Ballahutchin
Kermode Henry, owner, Treljah
Kermode John, owner, Kionslieu
Killey Edwd., manager Foxdale Co-operative stores, Foxdale
Killey James, tenant farmer, Raggatt
Killey Thos., tenant farmer, Ballanass
King Miss, Ballamoar
Kitto Capt Wm Henry, Isle of Man Mines Co., Foxdale mines, Ballamoar
Kitto Capt. Wm., manager, Isle of Man Mining Co., Foxdale mines
Kneale James, mason, Ballavargher

Lace Moses, butcher and farmer, Foxdale
Laughton Alfred Nelson, Esq., M.H.K owner of Easy Cushlin
Leece Samuel, tenant farmer, Ballabenna
Leece Thos., owner, part of Knockmoar

Makepeace Rev. Jarvis, curate of Patrick
Maley —, railway station master and post office keeper, Foxdale
McDonald A. J. G., owner of Ballacosnahan
Moore Cuss., owner of part of Rheabmoar
Moore John, owner, Knockmoar
Moore Joseph, tenant farmer & fisherman, .Knockaloe. moar
Moore Wm., owner of part of Kerrodboo
Moore Wm., owner, Borraine
Mullagan John and Jas., owners of Siieu-whallan
Mylchreest Capt, Thos., owner of Glenaspet

Peters Wm., car proprietor, Ballavargher

Quane Stephen, owner part of Ballachrink
Quayle Geo. Parsons, owner of Ballabenna and Peel hill
Quayle Henry, miller & farmer, Glenmaye
Quayle James, tenant farmer,. Glenneedle
Quayle John, grocer and general dealer postoffice keeper, Glenmaye
Quayle John, owner of part of Ballavargher
Quayle Thos., owner of Ballaquayle
Quayle Wm., owner of Ballatroie and Ballaspet
Quayle Wm., tenant farmer, Ballacarney
Quilliam Jane, owner of part of Gordon and part of Ballakerky
Quilliam Thos., blacksmith, Glenmaye
Quilliam T., owner of part of Ballahutchin
Quirk Evan, owner, Ballanass
Quirk John, tenant farmer, Creggan moar
Quirk John, owner, Kerrodhoo
Quirk John, tenant farmer, Shenvailey
Quirk - Misses, owners of part of BaMneallin
Quirk Capt Richard, J.P., owner of Ballacain and Rheaby moar, captain of the parish
Quirk Thos., tenant farmer, Creggan moar
Quirk Thos., tenant farmer, Rheaby moar and part of Gordon
Quirk Wm., owner of part of Ballacallin
Quirk Wm~, tenant farmer, Ballachrink
Quirk Wm., tenant farmer, Balladha, owner of part of Balinchrink
Quirk Wm, joiner and wheelwright, Glen-maye
Quirk Wm., grocer, &c, Glenmaye

Radcliffe Wm., tenant farmer, Eary Cushlin
Radcliffe Wm., owner of part of Arreey
Richardson B., owner of Ballamoar
Robertson John S., ownm of Close Leece
Robinson Peter,owner of Glenrushen

Senogle., Moses, Central Hotel, St. Johns
Shimmin Wm. Henry, butcher, Foxdale

Taggart Robert, owner Ballbenna
Teare Daniel, tenant farmer,, Slieu Whallan
Teare Edward, owner, Eary
Teare.W. Edwd.,sailmaker, Glenfäba house

Watson Elizabeth, owner of part of Knockaloe moar
Watterson John, owner, Ballalagga
Watterson Wm.,owner of Ballakarky
Whittaker George, accountant, Foxdale
Williams Capt E.,, Isle of Man Mining Co.,Foxdale mines


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