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A large parish in Middle Sheading, is about five miles long; and four miles broad; is bounded on the north and east by the sea, on the west by Braddan, and on the north by Lonan. The village is pleasantly situated about two miles north-east from Douglas. The parish derives its name from St. Conaghan, and the church is dedicated to St. Peter. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Crown, and is held by the Rev. J. Howard. The Wesleyans have chapels in the village, at Abbey Sands [sic Abbeylands], and Ballakilmartin; the Primitive Methodists have also a chapel in the parish.

Alphabetical Directory

Alder —, farmer, The Grange
Appleby Charles, ship steward, The Village
Ashburner John, Sunnyside
Ashton Emma, innkeeper, Prince of Wales hotel

Bell James, farmer, Glencrutchery
Bridson Wm., Enamona
Burtinshaw Henry, teacher of music, The Village

Cadman Walter, farmer, Howstrake
Cain Charles, joiner, The Village
Cain John, farmer Ballachrink
Cain Robert, Sea view
Cain Wm. J., farmer, Mullinacorrin
Caley Thomas A. baker, The village
Callow Mrs., Hawthorn villa
Callow Philip, joiner, The Village
Cannell George, gardener, The Village
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Kerrowdhoo
Cannon Edward, The Village
Castell James, farmer, Glencrutchery
Caveen James, farmer, Lower Ballacottier
Christian James, farmer,Bagode
Christian John, farmer, Bagode
Christian Wm., labourer, The Village
Clague Thos farmer, Ballakaighin.
Clarke James, labourer, The Village
Cleator John, farmer, The Village
Cleland John, farmer, Cornrinnie
Clucas George Henry, tailor, Church rd
Clucas Robert, labourer, The Village
Collister Wm., Board School teacher, The Village
Cowell Alexander, fanner, Beamahague
Cowley John, joiner, The Village
Cowley John C. joiner and builder, The Village
Cowley Isabella, The Village
Corkhill Edward, farmer, Bagode
Corkhill Jane, The Village
Corkhill Thomas, farmer, Ballig
Corkish Edward, labourer, The Village
Corlett Eliza, grocer, The Village
Corlett Mrs. John, The Village
Corlett Wm., farmer, Ballakaighin
Corrin Mrs., The Village
Corrin Daniel, cowkeeper, The Village
Corrin James, baker, The Village
Corrin Wm., baker, The Village
COWIN JOHN C., family baker, The village
Cowin John, farmer, Hiilbury
Cowin John, farmer, Ballachnink
Cowin R., farmer, Sulby farm
Cowin Wm., farmer, Clypse
Craine John, labourer, TheVillage
Creer Christina, The Village
Creer John, farmer, Clypse
Creer Philip, farmer, Bibaloe beg
Creer Robert, blacksmith, The Village
Cretney Joseph, Ballameanagh
Cubbon Thomas, The Priory
Cubbon Mary, Greenflelds, The Village
Cubbon Wm., labourer, The Village

Dale George, herb beer manufacturer, The Village
Daly James, St. Cathenines, The Village
Dean John, farmer, Brownswood
Dickinson Wm., advocate, Ashfleld
Donaldson Wm., farmer, Glencrutchery
Done Samuel, farmer, Hague
Douglas Was., farmer, Ballacain

Faragher Mrs., The Village
Fargher Was., blacksmith, The Village
Fitzsimmons Mrs., The Village
Freeth Colonel, Ballabruie house

Gale Alexander, mason, The Village
Gale Robert, farmer, Ballakilmartin
Gale Isabella, charwoman, The Village
George John, coal agent, The Village
George Rev. Edward B. Mayfield
Gilmore Wm., farmer, dornrinnie
Gorry Thomas, farmer, Bagode

Hamilton Mary, Gienvear
Heron George C., Parkfleld
Hodson Evan, labourer, The Village
Howard Rev. John, vicar of St. Peter’s, The Vicarage
Howland James, labourer, The Village
Hull Wm., The Village
Hunt —, Eaglehurst

Jones Gilbert M., farmer, Slegaby

Kaighin Chas. Cowley, general smith, The Village
Kaighin John, farmer, Ballachrink
Keig John, tailor, The Village
Kelly James, farmer, Ballagawne
Kelly James, farmer, Bibaloe moar
Kelly James, farmer, Stranaby
Kelly John, labourer, The Village
Kelly John, The Village
Kelly Robert, joiner and wheelwright, The Village
Kelly Mrs. Ross, The Village
Kenney Catherine, The Village
Kermeen Isabella, The Village
Kermode John, labourer The Village
Kermode Margaret, The Village
Kimbell Catherine, The Village
Kissack Mary, The.Village
Kneen Thomas, advocate, Glencrutchery

Lewin John, gardener, The Village
Lewin Robert, farmer, Ballarghy
Lewin Thomas, collector of school rates, The Village
LEWIN WM. JAMES, parochial surveyor, grocer and postmaster, The Village

McClure John, farmer, Kippell hotel
Melville John, labourer, The Village
Moore Isaac, tailor, The Village
Moore Joseph, farmer, Honey hill
Morrison Was., labourer, The Village
Morton John, chandler, Glenrosa

Oates James, labourer, The Village
Oates John James, farmer, Cronkeybury
O’Hare John, Bellevue house

Poland George, nurseryman, Wellington nursery
Poole James, Willaston
Poulter Fredk. C., teacher of music, The Village

Quaye Wm., farmer, Steneby
Quayle Miss, The Village
Quayle Mrs. Thomas, The Village
Quilliam Jane, The village
Quin Nicholas, Forrest cottage
Quine Ellen, The Village
Quine John, farmer, Cornrinnie
Quine John, farmer, Ballig
Quirk Louisa, dressmaker The Village
Quirk Robert, farmer, Ballagawne

Raddliff Mrs., laundress, The Village
Radcliffe George, mariner, The Village
Roberts C., farmer, Cronknamolla
Rylance Henry Tudor, Sunnyside cottage
Rylance Hy. Tudor, jun., Onchan Nursery hotel, bowling and pleasure grounds

Sayle Benjamin, gardener, The Village
Shimmin John, farmer, Ballacreetch
Simpson Charles, Brook lodge
Skillicorn John labourer, The Village
Skillicorn John, gardener, The Village
Skillicorn John, mason, Church rd
Skillicorn Robert, mason, The Village
Spittal James, advocate, Laureston
Stafford James, labourer, The Village
Stewart James, fisherman, The Village
Sutherland James M.,bank manager,Clifton

Taggart John, farmer, Ballanarde
Taylor James, licensed victualler, Mann Arms hotel, The Village
Todd Sarah E, laundress, The Village
Trow Wm, Woodland Towers

Wallace Thomas, gardener, The Village
Walpole Spencer, His Excellency Lieut.Governor, Government House
Walton Wm., labourer, The Village
Wood George, mariner, The Village


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