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MALEW is a considerable parish in the Sheading of Rushen, comprising within its limits the town of Castletown and the village of Ballasalla. It is 8 miles long from north to south and 4 miles broad, is bounded on the east by Santon and the sea, on the west by Arbory, and on the north by Marown. and Patrick. The northern portion is mountainous and barren, the southern low and fertile The parish contains an area of about 12 square miles The chief river is the Silverburn, the western branch of which rises on the Barrule and the eastern on the Granite mountain ; the two streams unite above Ballasalla, and flow in a south-eastern direction to the sea The district round Castletown is one of the most fertile in the island, and contains many places of interest. At Ballasalla are the ruins of the far-famed Rushen Abbey, founded in 1098, and dissolved in the reign of Queen Elizabeth The population in 1881 was 2424 ; the incumbent is the Rev. Hugh S. Gill. In this parish are situated the Rushen Abbey hotel and gardens, the most unique in the kingdom, now in the possession of Mr. Wood ; the hotel adjoins the ruins of the abbey, the river Silverburn, stocked with trout, flows through the grounds ; the vineries cover 14,000 feet and produce the finest quality of fruit. Bottled fruits and jams from these gardens are eagerly sought for in every part of the kingdom.


Allen Wm. Henry, schoolmaster, Ballasalla

Bacon Captain John Joseph, Derby Haven
Bell John, farmer, Phildraw
Bellhouse Arthur, Derby Haven
Blackburn Charles, farmer, Billown
Blackburn Thomas, farmer, Billown
Bridson Elizabeth, Ballasalla
Bridson Bather, Ballasalla
Bridson James, farmer, Phildraw
Bridson James, farmer, Ballaglea
Bridson Jane, houseowner, Ballasalla
Bridson John, houseowner, Renshent
Bridson Matthias, Ballasalla
Bridson Richard, farmer, Close Lark
Bridson Robert, farmer, Silverburn
Bridson Robert, farmer, Close Lark
Bridson Thomas, farmer, Silverburn.
Bridson Thomas, farmer, Foxdale
Bridson Wm., farmer, Cordeman
Burrows Wm. R, The Creggans

Cain John, farmer, Ballergey
Cain John, farmer, Moaney Moar
Cain Margaret, houseowner, Ballasalla
Cain Robert, liomeeroft, Ballasalla
Cain Robert, farmer, Moaney Moar
Cain Thomas, farmer, Kerrowhiel
Cain Wm., farmer, Ballacubbon
Cannell Ann, Derby Haven
Cannell Esther, Derby Haven
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Kerrowmoar
Caugherty Robert, farmer, Cardeman
Clague Allen, farmer, Ballahick
Clague John,. farmer, Crossack
Clague Paul, farmer, Orrisdale
Clague Thomas, farmer, Orrisdale
Clague Wm., farmer, Ballahick
Clarke Isabella, houseowner, Derby Haven
Clucas John, Ballasalla
Clucas Matthias, Ballaglonney
Collister Charlotte, Ballagilbert
Collister John, farmer, Shenvalley
Collister John, farmer & houseowner, Crossack
Collister Wm, farmer, Ballajerei
Coleman Joseph, Derby Haven
Cooil Wm., farmer, windmill, near Castletown
Corkill Robert, highway overseer, Ballasalla
Corkill Wm., farmer, Moaney Moar
Corlett John James, miller, Ballasalla
Corlett Stephen, farmer, Clegcur Moar
Corlett Wm., homeowner, Renshent
Corrin Elizabeth, houseowner, Derbybaven
Corrin John, farmer, Red Gap
Corrin Joseph, farmer, Cronkrenney
Corrin Richard, blacksmith, Grenaby
Corrin Wm, farmer, Ballajerei
Corrin Wm., jun., farmer, Ballakewne
Corrin Wm., farmer, Moaney Moar
Corrin Wm., farmer, Kerrowmoar
Cowell Thomas, houseowner, Derbyhaven
Cowin Ann, Clegrower
Cowin Wm., farmer, Ballamodda
Craine Edwd., accountant, Four-cross roadø
Craine Thomas, farmer, Ballagraingey
Crellin Edward, farmer, Ballamodda-beg
Crellin James, farmer, Bullane
Crellin George Ridgway Harrison, bank-clerk, West Hill
Crellin John, Derbyhaven
Crellin Wm., carter, Rushen Abbey
Cretney Wm., farmer, Tossaby
Cringle John, fisherman, Red Gap
Cubbon Henry, baker, Red Gap
Cubbon Henry, butcher, Ballasalla
Cubbon John, farmer, Billown
Cubbon John, farmer, Billown-beg
Curry Esther, Ballasalla

Davies James, farmer Ballachrink

Fargher Edward, farmer, Ballaquaggin
Fargher John, farmer, Ballaquaggin
Fargher Joseph, farmer, Ballafarrant
Fargher Robert, farmer, Scarlett
Fargher Richard, houseowner, Renshent
Fargher Thomas, houseowner, Barrule
Fargher Thomas, farmer, Derbyhaven
Fargher Thomas, farmer,Church farm
Fargher Thomas, houseowner, Renshent
Fargher Thomas, jun., farmer, Ronaldsway
Fargher Wm., farmer, Knockbreck
Fargher Wm., farmer, Coolcam
Fayle Thomas, labourer, Red Gap

Gale Edward, farmer, Glenkim.
Garrett George, farmer, Ballamodda
Garside Robert, teacher in King William’s College
Gawne Edwin, farmer, Ballawoods
Gelling Daniel, schoolmaster, Ballasalla
Gelling Henry, houseowner, Grenaby
Gelling James, farmer, Ballasalla
Gelling Jane, farmer, Phildraw
Gelling Margaret, Harp inn, Four-cross roads
Gelling Richard, farmer, Portobollo
Gick Thomas, farmer, Glashen
Gill Rev. Hugh Stowell, vicar of the parish, Malew vicarage
Goodier Alice, North Star inn, Ballamoda
Goodier Wm., farmer, Ballamoda
Greetham Edward Roderick, Billown

Halben James, Ballasalla
Halsall Christian, farmer, Cordeman
Halsall James, farmer, Cordeman
Halsall Thomas, farmer, Cordeman
Hamilton Wm , joiner, Derbyhaven
Harrison Thomas, houseowner, Ballasalla
Hastie Agnes, landowner, Barrule
Hastie Morris, farmer, Barrule
Hudgeon Edward, Ballasalla
Hudson James, Ballasalla
Hyslop Frank, architect . and surveyor ,Derbyhaven

Jackson Mrs. M., Derbyhaven
Jamieson David, Barrule
Jefferson Thomas Elgie, Ballahott
Jefferson Wm. B., landowner, Ballahott
Joughin John, farmer, Ballakew
Joughin Wm., farmer, Ballakew

Kaiggan Mary, farmer, Ballavoddan
Karran Edward, farmer; Boetbaile
Karran Elizabeth, owner of house and grounds called Seamount
Kegg John, baker, Ballasalla
Kegg Thomas, Ballasalla
Kegg Wm., Ballasalla
Kelly Catherine, houseowner, Ballasalla
Kelly Henry, farmer, Gibdale
Kelly Elizabeth, farmer, Ballagraingey
Kelly James, farmer, Barrule
Kelly John, landowner, Clycur
Kelly John, farmer, Ballabridson
Kelly John, farmer, Gibdale
Kelly John, farmer, Moaney Moar
Kelly John, jun. farmer, Cronk-e-grenney
Kelly Robert, farmer, Ballahewne
Kelly Robert, Derbyhaven
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Gibdale
Kelly Wm., farmer, Ballachurry
Kennah Edward, farmer, Kerrowmoar
Kennah Wm., farmer, Ballagilbert
Kennaugh Robert, farmer, Moaney Moar
Kennaugh Thomas, Ballasalla
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballacreigan
Kennaugh Thomas, farmer, Ballatrollag
Kermode James, farmer, houseowner, Renshent
Kermode Thomas, homeowner, Ballaøll*
Kerruish Wm., farmer, Ballagilbert
Kinnish John, farmer, Ballacrosk
Kinnish Thomas, landowner, Mullinaragher
Kinrade John, Grenaby
Kinvig Benjamin, farmer, Ballasalla
Kinvig James, farmer,, Curlear
Kinvig John, publican, Whitestone Inn, Ballasalla
Kinvig Thomas, farmer, Glashen .
Kinvig Wm., farmer, Ballhane
Kirkbride Catherine, farmer, Ballamoda.beg
Kissack Wm., quarry proprietor, Derbyhaven
Kneale Henry, labourer, Red Gap
Kneale Robert, farmer, Ballachrink

Lace John, mining agent,Derbyhaven
Lace Thomas, houseowner,Renshent
Leece Samueli farmer Moanneý Moar
Leece Thomas, farmer, Close Lark
Lewin Thomas, smith Saint Marks.
Lowey John landowner, Ballasalla
Lucas Annie Elizabeth, landowner, Scarlett
Lupton Rev. Benjamin Joseph.Sollite, .land owner, St. Mark’s glebe
Lupton Matthew Henry,gentleman farmer, Saint Marks

Maddrell George, farmer, Grenaby
Maddrell John, farmer, Billown
McClements John, farmer, Ballaglonney
McDonald Wm., labourer, Ballamoda
Mitchell Miss, refreshment rooms, Fort Island
Moore Captain George, Great Meadow
Moore James Newell Kewley, retired farmer, Crossack
Moore Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Moore Thomas, landowner, Great Meadow
Moore Thomas, jun. , farmer, Great Meadow
Moore Wm., farmer, Ballasalla
Morrison Thomas, Ballachrink
Mylchreest Humphrey, farmer, landowner at Ballamoda
Mylchreest Margaret, Four-cross-roads
Mylchreest. Wm., farmer, landowner, Kerrowkiel

Nankiveil Thomas, farmer, Ballamoda

Oates Catherine, Ballasalla
Oates Wm. Hampton, Ballasalla

Pitt Peter, Ballaaalla
Pitta John, farmer, Ballasalla
Pleignier Victor, teacher in King William’s college, K.W.C.
Preston Charles, farmer, Knockbreck
Preston Margaret, landowner, Knockbreck
Preston Robert, shoemaker, Ballasalla
Preston Wm., farmer, Poolvash
Pyne Horace Seymour, teacher in King William’s college, West view

Quaggin John, farmers landowner, Thall.ovell
Quaggin Richd., farmer, landowner, Thall.ovell
Qualtrough Evan, stationmaster, Ballasalla
Qualtrough Wm., farmer, Billown
Quayle Ann, landowner, Kerrowmoa
Quayle Edward, farmer, Ballachrink
Quayle Cæsar, farmer, Cloughwilley
Quayle George, farmer, Ballasalla
Quayle James, farmer, Moaney Moar
Quayle John, houseowner, Renshent
Quayle John, farmer, The Gate, Malew
Quayle Thomas, farmer, Silverburn
Quayle Thomas, farmer, Whallay
Quine Robert, farmer, Ballanank
Quine Wm., miller, Qregg mill, Silverdale
Quinney James, farmer, Ballastrang
Quinney John, farmer, landowner, Ballastrang
Quirk Edward farmer, Ballagraingey
Quirk James, farm, Moaney Moar

Radcliffe John, farther, Cordeman
Radcliffe Richard, farmer, Ballachrink
Radcliffe Robert,farmer, also collector of lord’s rent and one of the moar of the parish, Black hill
Radcliffe Thomas, farmer, Saint Marks
Radcliffe Thomas jun, farmer, Knock-e-vriew
Redpath James, farmer, Ballavell
Robinson. John, high-road-man, Ballasalla

Sansbury John, Derbyhaven
Sansbury Joseph, farmer, Knockrushen
Sansbury Thomas, fisherman, Derbyhaven
Saunderson Charles, Horace, Ballasalla
Scarf Wm, farmer, Ballagilbert
Sherwood Anne, homeowner, Ballasalla
Shimmin Catherine, landowner, Ballaglea
Shimmin Edward, farmer, Grenaby
Shimmin Edward, Ballasalla
Shimmin James, Renshent John, farmer, Ballagary
Shimmin Richard, houseowner, Renshent
Shimmin Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Shimmin Thomas, farmer, Renshent
Shimmin Wm., Ballamoda
Shimmin Wm., farmer, Ballachrink
Shimmin Wm., Ballasalla
Shimmin Wm., farmer, Ballavoddai
Speakman Mrs., Derbyhaven
Speedie Alexander, farmer, Ballavarvane

Taggart Cæsar, farmer, landowner, The Gate
Taggart James, farmer, Moaney Moar
Taggart James, farmer, Raggey
Taggart John, farmer, Baliagilbert
Taggart Margaret, Clycur
Taggart Thomas, farmer, Ballaglea
Taggart Thomas, farmer, landowner, Karrowkiel
Taggart Wm., farmer, Clycur
Taggart Wm., farmer, Ballamoda
Taggart Wm., farmer, Ballagilbert
Taylor Alfred, manager, Rushen Abbey jam and preserve works & Rushen Abbey hotel, Ballasalla .
Tyson Cecilia, houseowner, Ballasalla
Tyson Elizabeth, Ballasalla .
Tyson Thomas, postmaster, registrar of births, marriages and deaths for the. parish of Malew, Ballasalla

Walters.Rev. Frank Bridgeman, principal of King William’s college, K.W.C.
Watterson John, farmer, landowner,. Ballarobin
Watterson John, farmer, landowner,Ballagilbert
Watterson Jonathhan, farmer, Croasack
Watterson Thomas,, farmer,Red Gags
Watterson Thomas, farmer, landowner,Phildraw
Watterson Thomas, farmer, Cly-ne-mona
Watterson Wm., landowner, Ballarobin
Watterson Wm., landowner, Crosaack
WOOD MATTHEW, proprietor of Rushen Abbey hotel, pleasure grounds and jam works, Ballasalla
Wright John P., artist, Ballasalla


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