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IS a large parish in the Sheading of Garff, including within its its limits most of the town of Ramsey. It is bounded on the. east by the sea, on the south by Lonan, and on the west and south by Lezayre. It is about 4½ miles long from north to south, and about three miles broad from east to west. A considerable portion of the land being mountain is almost barren and incapable of cultivation, but the low lands are very fertile. The church, about three miles south-east from Ramsey, is dedicated to St. Maughold; the living is a vicarage, in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Henry Gratton White. The Wesleyans have chapels at .Port-e-Vullen, and Cardle-Wore, and the Primitive Methodists at Ballagarey. Dhoon Glen Hotel and pleasure grounds are situate in this parish, and are well worth a visit.

Allison Andrew, gentleman farmer, Ballacraggan

BAILIE, D., farmer and hotel proprietor, Dhoon Glen’s hotel and pleasure grounds, The Dhoon
Black Wm., tenant farmer, Lewague
Brew Catherine, landowner, Filau and Ballatarson
Brew Mrs., owner of Balldroma and Ballakilley
Brew John, farmer, part of Lewague and Baltarson
Brew John, farmer, part of Bailtarton
Brew John and Wm., farmers and butchers, Claughbane
Brew Wm., owner of jawt of Ballajora
Bruce Alexander, managing owner and receiver, Cornah, Milntown and Barony, residence at Douglas

Callow Tlornas, owner of part of Ballakegbeg
Callow Thos, Moar and Maughold Lunatic Aylum rate collector, school rate collector and poor rate collector for Ramsey, 2 Ballure road
Callow Wm., farmer, Cardleveg
Callow Wmowner of part of Corony
Caley Wm., proprietor, Ballagorry beg
Christian Dora and Jane, owners of Balladroma .
Christian Jane, farmer, Wes Balltason
Christian John, farmer and butcher, part of Intack Nos. 16 and 19
Christian Wm Edward, farmer, Filau and Baltarson .
Clague.John, farmer, Teenscarry
Clucas Miss, owner of Ballacraggan and Ballasag
Corkill Mrs.,farmer, part of Ballachrink
Corkill Edward, owner of Intack 14
Corkill James, blacksmith, Ballasloe
Corkill James, farmer, Intack 14
Corkill John, farmer,. Ballasloe
Corkill John, farmer, Ballajora
Corkill John, farmer, Ballagilley
Corlett Edward, farmer, Tajlloomitchell
Corlett John Jas, lic. vict., Slewlaigue inn
Corlett John, farmer, Balagorry beg
Corlett John Daniel, owner of part of Treenskarry
Corteen Edward, general overseer of the Isle of Man
Corteen Robert, farmer, Tajllooqueen
Corteen Thomas, tenant farmer and mason, Ballacorteen.
Corteen Wm., farmer and mason, part of Ballacorteen
Cowin Chas, farmer and butcher, Cleanaigue
Creer Wm., tenant farmer, Ballaskeg moor
Crellin James, tenant farmer, Balldroma
Cretney Wm., owner of Regnab
Cubbon Ed., farmer and butcher, Rhooun

Drinkwater Sir Wm. Leece, owner of Marghar-e-Kew
Dumbell Alured, owner of Ballafayle and Ballaskeg

Faragher John, farmer, Ballakilley
Fargher Robert, owner of Ballacorteen

Gelling Catherine, farmer, Intack 56
Gelling James, farmer and butcher, Perkmoor
Gelling John James, miller, tenant of Cornah mill
Golden Miss, Filau
Green Wm., Filau

Hampton Was., farmer, part ef Ballasag
Harrison Rev. S. N., owner of Ballagilley and Lewaigue
Haslam Wm. Hulgar, captain of the parish of Maughold, chairman of the School Committee
Hawley Wm., hotel proprietor, Glenmona hotel and pleasure grounds, Glenmona Hinds Mrs., owner of Balltason
Howarth Edward, schoolmaster, Central school

Joughin Robert, farmer, Regnab

Kay George and Co., brick and tile manufacturers, Fileu
Kelly John, tenant of part of Coroney
Kelly Robert, farmer, Dhoon
Kelly Robert, farmer, Intack 37
Kennish Elizabeth, Ballachrink
Kennish Evan, farmer, Crowcreen
Kennish Patrick, farmer, Ard
Kermeen Ann, farmer, part of Ballabarna
Kermeen Jane, farmer, Intack 13
Kermeen Robert, farmer, Ballagilley
Kermeen Wm., tenant farmer and mason, Crowcreen
Kermode John, landowner, Ballajora
Kermode Robert, farmer, Staffland
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Treenskarry
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Intack 14 & 15
Kermode Wm., farmer and bootmaker, Staffland
Kermode Rev. Wm., rector, Ballagh, owner of Claughbane
Kerruish Edwd, farmer, and member of the School Committee, Cardlevoar
Kerruish Edward and Jane, owners of Treenskerry
Kerruish Edward, farmer, The village of Maughold
Kerruish Edmund, farmer, Ballasholague
Kerruish Jane, Clifton
Kerruish John, farmer, Balldroma
Kerruish John, farmer, member of the Pooil-e-Velt
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Ballastowell
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Ballafayle
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Margharbraek
Kerruish Sarah, farmer, Ballasloe
Kerruish Wm, owner of part of Balldroma and Ballajora
Kerruish Wm. James, farmer, Ballilin
Kewley John, farmer, Dhoon
Killey James, farmer, Ballachrink
Killip Chas. and Jane and Was.
Kermeen owners of Ballaskegbeg
Kermeen Elizabeth, tenant farmer, Ballafayle, and owner of Ballaskegbeg
Kermeen Thomas, parish clerk, and owner of the Glebe, Clarke’s Glebe
Kinrade Wm., farmer, part of Ballachrink
Kissack Mrs., farmer, Regnab
Kissack John, farmer, Regnab
Kneale Hugh, tenant farmer, Ballure
Kneale John, farmer, Barule & Treenakarry
Kneale John, farmer and hotel proprietor, Queen’s hotel, Ramsey

Lee John, owner of Craignamolt
Lloyd Humphrey, landowner, Filau
Looney Ed., quarry proprietor, Claughbane
Looney Edward, owner, Filau
Looney Evan, farmer, Intack 96
Looney John Jos., farmer and landowner, part of Ballasloe, Ballachrink,. Ballagory moor, Crow Creen, and of Intack 82, and Margher-e-Kew
Looney Robert, farmer, Ballagifley
Looney Wm., farmer, owner of Ballaskeg. and Ballagilley
Lowey Francis, tenant farmer, Ballajorey
Lucas Was., farmer, Lewaigue

McAnally Samuel, car proprietor, Filau
McCormick James, farmer, Ballagoiry beg
McCubbon Wm., tenant farmer, Tajllooqueen
Maughold Setting quest—Edward Corteen, Robert Cortean, John Kerruish, Thomas Callow—appointed April, 1888
Moore Isabella, Ballabarnah
Moore John, tenant farmer, Coronaly
Moore John.Robert, farmer, Ard
Moore Wm. F., owner of Park Llewelyn
Murray John Thomas, farmer, Crowcreen

Parker Robert, farmer Marghar-e-Kew
Pearson Samuel, Rhenny

Qualtrough John C., schoolmaster, Dhoon
Quayle John, farmer, East Balltason
Quayle Robert1farmer, Ballillin
Quayle Mrs. Thos., farmer, East Balltason
Quilleash James, farmer, Dhoon
Quilleash Thomas, farmer, Dhoon
Quilleash Wm., farmer, Dhoon

Radcliff Enos, farmer and gardener, Filau
Radcliffe John, farmer, Ballasloe
Richardson km.,Lewaigue

Sayle Was., farmer, Staffland
Skillicorn Margaret, farmer, Dhoon
Skillicorn Caesar, tenant farmer and part of Intack 14

Trustees of the Impropriate Fund, owner of Ballakilley

Ward Was. Henry, owner of Coroney and Coroney mills
Watterson Robert, miller, Coroney mill
White Rev. Henry Gratton, vicar of Maughold, The Vicarage .


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