[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


Population, 53,558; Acres, 180,000; Income of the See, £2,000; Benefices, 31; Curates, 14; Church Sittings, 17,210.

Bishop —Right Rev. John WARRING BARDSLEY, M.A.

Archdeacon — Rev Joshua Hughes-Games.

Proctor of Clergy at York Convocation — Rev. W Kermode.

Bishop’ Chaplains — Rev. W. Hawley, Vicar of Michael; Rev. H. S. Gill, Vicar of Malew; Rev. E. B. Savage, Vicar of St. Thomas’.

Examining Chaplains to the Bishop—Rev. Joshua Hughes-Games; Rev. E. W. Kissack, B.A., Rector of Bride; and the Rev. B. B. George, M.A., Vicar of St. George’s.

Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop—Rev. Stephen Wynne Hughes-Games. surrogates for Granting Marriage Licences Rev. H. S. Gill, M.A., Malew, 1871; Rev. George Paton, Maughold, 1877; Rev. James George Williams, Peel, 1881; Rev. W. T. Hobson, M. A., Incumbent of St. Barnabas’; and the Rev. J. E. Beauchamp George, M.A., Incumbent of St. George’s, Douglas, 1887.


Dean—Rev. BENJAMIN PHILPOT CLARKE, Vicar of Marown.

The district’ comprises the parishes of Braddan, Onchan, Marown, and Lonan. Population, 24,758, represented by 12 members in the Diocesan reference, viz., Braddan.. ..James Spittall. Douglas— St. Matthew’s, G. Cottier; St. George’s, A. N. Laughton and J. W. Clinch; St. Barnabas’, E. L. Watts and O. Cannell, B.A. ; St. Thomas’, T. O. Callow d J. Deardon Onchan - .S E. Broadbent. Marown. A. Ring. Lonan--Hugh Stowell. Laxey—John Callow.

Braddan -..Rev Frederick James Moore. Curates—Rev Richard Jois and Rev. Frank Tibbits.

St Matthew’s -Rev Thomas Arthur Taggart.

St Georges......Rey John Edward Beauchamp George. Curates — Rev Edward Bachelor Russell and Rev. Joseph Frederick Griffiths. Barnabas Rev William Thomas Hobson. Curate—Rev. Benjamin Radcliffe

St Thomas’ - Rev Ernest Bickersteth Savage. Curate—Rev. Leopold Henry 3ruh

Baldwin__Rev Richard Jones. han__.fl John Howard; rown__Rey. Benjamin Philpot Clarke. ‘n—Rev. James Siely Wilkinson. WY—Rev. John Morris Spicer.


Dean—Rev. H. S. GILL, Vicar of Malew.

The district embraces the parishes of Malew, Arbory, Rushen, and Santan., Population, 10,427, represented by 8 members in the Diocesan Conference, viz., E. J. Dickson (Major-General), W. H. Cudd, J. F. Gill, J. G. Boucher, T. M. Dodd, James S. Gell, H. E. Gelling, W. Wood. Malew Rev. Hugh Stowell Gill. Curate—Richard Denman Dean.

King William’s College—Rev. Frank Bridgman Walters and Rev. John Brookes Vernon Penfold.

St. Mary’s, Castletown—Rev. Edward Ferrier.

St. Mark’s (Chapel of Ease to the Parish Church of Malew)—Rev. Benjamin Joseph Sollit Lupton.

Arbory—Rev. Charles Thomas Langton. Curate—Rev. John James Davies. Rushen—Rev. Bh~idelI Crown. Curates—Rev. David Melbourne Jenkyns, and Rev. Frederick William Stubbs.

Santon—Rev. Robert Airey. Curate— Rev. Archibald Edward Clarke.


Dean—Rev. WILLIAM KERMODE, Rector of Ballaugh. Peel district comprises the parishes of Ballaugh, Michael, German, and Patrick. Population, 10,454, represented by 8 members in the Diocesan Conference, viz., G. A. Adams, H. T. Graves, J. 0. Crellin, J.P., P. M. C. Kermode, T. Cain, W. H. Kitto, J. Quayle. (One vacancy).

Ballaugh----Rev. William Kerniode, rector. Citrate—Rev. Walter De Vere Skrine.

Michael—Rev. William Hawley. Curate—Rev, James Saunders Gardner.

German-.---Rev. James George Williams. Curate—Rev. Job Edwards.

St. John’s—Rev. John Corlett.

Cronk-y- Voddy —Rev. Hugh Kinred.

Patrick—Rev. Hugh Coleman Davidson. Curates—Rev. Alfred Edward Jarvis Makepeace, and Rev. Wm, Henry Brocklebank (to officiate at Dalby).

Foxdale—Rev. Eustace William Cochran.


- Dèan—Rev. E. W. KISSACK.

The district comprises the parishes of Kirk Bride, Andreas, Maughold, Lezayre, and Jurby, with a population of 10,339, represented in Diocesan Conference by 8 members, viz., W. H. Haslam, E. M. Taubman, J. W. Wood (surgeon), C. H. E. Cowle, J. C. La Mothe, R. E. Garrett,~ General Brereton and R. Corlett.

Bride—Rev. Edward William Kissack, T.C.D., B.A.

Andreas—Rev. Joshua Hughes-Games, rector, 1886. Curate—Rev. Stephen Herbert Wynne Hughes-Games, B,A. Diocesan inspector of schools. -

St. Jude’s (Andreas)—Rev. Thomas Redfern Kneale, M.A.

Maughold—Rev. Henry Grattan White, T.C.D.

St. Paul’s (Ramsey)—Rev. George Paton. Curate—Rev. C. Kewley, B.A.

Dhoon (Christ Church)—Rev. Stephen Nathaniel Harrison, B.A.

Lezayre—Rev. Arthur Alexander Bridgman. Curate of Lezayre, with charge of St. Stephen’s, Sulby—Rev. William Purdon Blakeney.

St. Olave’s (Ramsey)—Rev. William Morris, M.A.

Jurby—Rev. Joseph Bellamy.


Douglas—St. Mary’s of the Isle, Hill street—Revs. Edmund Walsh, Thomas O’Byrne and John Miller. Castletown—Supplied from Douglas every Sunday. Peel—In Patrick street, supplied from Douglas. Ramsey-—Rev. Robert Gillow.


Douglas—Victoria street, Well road, Rosemount and Salisbury street-— Rev. S. Lord (Chairman of the Isle of Man district), Revs. J. S. Edman, H. Hoole, and J. Hirst (supernumerary). Ramsey—Revs. J. Hothersall, J. E. Harlow and I. Armstrong. Castletown—Revs. F. J. Browne and J. Wagstaffe. Peel—Revs. R. S. Maynard and A. G. Wilkinson.


Douglas—Rev. Edward Troughton, 1 Oxford street.


Douglas—Wellington Street—Revs. John Hall and David Tuton (sup).
Loch Parade—Rev. H. Carr. Rev. William Whilby, 20 Oxford street.
Castletown—Revs. S. Stubbings and J. Openshaw (sup). Peel—Rev. R. Whiteway, 8 Stanley road. Ramsey—Rev. B. Ayres.


Douglas—Finch hill—Rev. David Inglis, B.A.


Douglas—Finch road—Rev. J. Forrest, M.A. Ramsey.—Waterloo road—Rev. W. A. Cathcart.


Douglas—Unitarian Congregational Church, Circular road—Rev. R. B. Birks.


Douglas—Rev Thomas Kneen and Miss J Campbell Ramsey—Rev W. Radclife


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